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Starcraft II Mod' Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming and PC Discussion' started by Jormungandr, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Jormungandr

    Jormungandr Prisoner

    Jul 26, 2010
    Merry ol' England
    So, I've spent some time learning the ins and outs of the Starcraft II map editor - overly complicated as fuck and needlessly so, by the way.

    Nothing too indepth, like Galaxy or trigger coding, but mostly the Data part of the editor - units, abilities, etc.

    Because Blizzard have come down with a major case of retardism when they released Heart of the Swarm, the campaign dependencies overwrite the multiplayer values.

    Basically, you want a nice, fancy Lurker or Torrasque for your vanilla multiplayer gameplay? Lol-nope - it ain't going to happen, because the moment you add the campaign dependency? The stuff you see in single-player, and I mean everything, overwrites the multiplayer/ladder assets.

    So, in order to get that Torrasque or Lurker, you have to either make a new map or mod' file; use a third-party tool to rip the files (model, textures, sounds - everything associated with the unit) and then manually re-implement it from scratch, like you would a new/custom unit.

    TL;DR? If you want to go to Point B from Point A, you have to go through several dozen, long-winding country roads - just to basically cross the fucking street.

    Anyway, this thread is here for three things: updates and feedback for mod's/maps I'm going to slap together; discussion of other, fun/popular modifications/maps on Battle.net; the arrangement of a few DLP games.

    My ultimate goal is a mod where lore units/abilities, cut alpha and beta content, and discarded concepts are re-implemented into a usable and somewhat balanced form - expanding the default multiplayer tech tree, if you will.

    (If you've been on iRC when I've ranted, you know what I'm talking about).

    But for now, I'm starting on relatively small projects on the grand scope of things, to learn as much about the Editor as possible.

    First project up? A mod package (which means it can be uploaded with any melee/ladder map) called Mercenaries III.


    Mercenaries III.​

    Here's the general outline:

    If you've played the original Starcraft/Brood War maps 'Mercenaries' and 'Mercenaries II', you'll know what to expect.

    The concept is a natural one for this game - especially given the nature of the merc's you can hire in Wings of Liberty.

    Initially, the game starts off like a normal terran ladder game - you build SCVs, get a supply depot and barracks up, start honking vespene gas...

    And then you can 'buy' contracts from a Command Center which unlocks mercenaries, for a hefty price in minerals and gas.

    This allows you to bring down drop-pods of mercenary troops, for a price, when you've built the corresponding structure required for its normal counterpart (such as a Tech-Lab/Factory for Siege Tanks/Siege Breakers).

    The expense is because these mercenaries are meant to augment your own troops/the gameplay, and not overtake their role.

    You can also buy, from various special interest groups and corporations, different upgrades and technologies - like equipping your Siege Tanks with Maelstrom Rounds or Shaped Blast rounds.

    These come in two categories: general and advanced.

    General upgrades can be minor buffs, such as the C-14A rifles or C20A rifles giving an advantage to your Marines and Ghosts.

    Advanced upgrades can drastically alter the units role, and how it's used by a player.

    The catch? You often get a choice of 'A' or 'B', and once you've chosen, you cannot buy the other for the duration of the game.

    This also applies to mercenary contracts.

    For example, you can either hire the War Pigs, buffed Marines, or the Skibi's Angels, elite medics.

    I'm also toying with the idea that once you've, say, hired the Devil Dogs over Hammer Securities, the default Marauder is replaced by the Firebat, for example. (Greater customization?)

    The War Pigs would be a good choice for a player focusing on damage, while the Skibi's Angels would be good for general army support.

    Should you hire Warhounds or Goliaths?

    Players have to make their choices carefully - this also allows them a great deal of leeway when it comes to customizing their armies.

    I'm going to be modifying unit and portrait textures, too - it's not really too hard, since they're just minor edits and texture swaps with their default counterparts (to enhance their aesthetics).

    Here's a current roster of the available mercenary units. I'm still fleshing out upgrades and technologies.

    (Also, going to be some interesting new lore I can come up with, in regards to the 'new'/'prior Mercenary map/mod' mercenaries.


    War Pigs - Marines.
    Skibi's Angels - Medics.
    Hammer Securities - Marauders.
    Devil Dogs - Firebats.
    Sons of Gilda - Griffon Fighters.
    Sif's Maidens - Valkyrie Missile Frigates.
    Spartan Company - Goliaths.
    Siege Breaker - Siege Tanks.
    Hel's Angels - Vikings.
    Dusk Wings - Banshees.
    Death Heads - Reapers.
    Sons of Ragnarok - Thors.
    Block B - Vultures.
    Outback Hunters - Hellions.
    "Tosh's Goons"/Project Shadowblade - Spectres.
    Schezar's Phantoms - HEV-Rifle equipped Specialists.
    "Unholy" Tara's Stalkers - Wraiths.
    Martin's Marauders - Warhounds.
    El-Kang's Horde - Science Vessels.
    Hale's Commandos - Ravens.
    Karnage's Diamondbacks - Diamondbacks.
    Jenn the Vivacious - Assault Dropships.
    Screaming Skulls - Cybercats.
    Prospector - SCV.
    Kel-Morian Pirates - Pirate Frigate/Carrier.
    Jackson's Revenge - Battlecruiser.
    Celestial Guard - "Marines".
    Lunar Guard - "Marines".

  2. Jormungandr

    Jormungandr Prisoner

    Jul 26, 2010
    Merry ol' England
    So, I finally managed to create an Extension that contains all of the Campaign Data, while also keeping the default melee gameplay preserved.

    I'm finally getting off my ass and working on Mercs III. Reposted from SB:

    So, yeah. What are your thoughts on the concept?