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System spec thread

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by Midknight, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Wildfeather

    Wildfeather Seventh Year Prestige

    Oct 18, 2007
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    Alright guys, it's building time, looking for some advice for a computer for my wife. I'll link all the parts and you guys see how I did for staying in the budget/ getting good deals. We still need to get a monitor, keyboard and mouse for her so we're trying to keep the budget pretty tight. She will mostly be browsing the internet or playing WoW with me.

    Hard Drive (wife doesn't need an SSD, not sure a hybrid is worth it or not)
    (wife's choice of course)

    I used the recommendations from this article but downgraded the video card. Looking to order in the next few days or so in order to get it ready for Christmas.
  2. Krieger

    Krieger Minister of Magic DLP Supporter

    Oct 12, 2009
    Decent build but I would argue the value of the SSD. Upgrading mates and family members old computers, the first thing they all love is the boot time and how fast an SSD in everyday use is. Whenever someone asks to upgrade a old computer the cheapest and fastest option is usually just chuck in a SSD, I would never consider building a comp now without a SSD, even a budget one. If your wife needs massive amounts of storage for whatever she will be using the comp for than go SSD + HDD combo.

    8gb of memory is more than enough for everyday use now and mostly everything you'll do, but considering going 16gb for that little bit of futureproof. If she games than I would definitely consider 16gb.

    So yeah, definitely recommend the SSD and for the memory get 8gb now and you can always add more later if needed.
  3. Fenraellis

    Fenraellis Chief Warlock

    Dec 29, 2007
    In the Comfy Chair
    Okay, my current computer is about seven years old(!!), so I'm building up a PC right now during sale time(missed the Ryzen 2700X + cooler deal for $250, so it's back at $360, but the 1700X for $100 off at $200 is still available), and this is what I tentatively have:

    -- The monitor will actually be $50 less if I can pick it up from a local-ish(about hour and a quarter drive) Office Max, for $189. The guy on the phone claimed they have "like, five of them," but wouldn't hold any for myself or my friend.
    -- The case is not the exact model, any recommendations here are also welcomed in general, but overall, I'm imagining about $30-$50, based on what I've been browsing.
    -- A mouse will likely be around $45. Not mandatory, but not a bad idea to get it along with everything else at this time. A friend recommended this model: (I just use a completely basic optical mouse at this time)
    -- Need to get new ear pads for my headset, at $15 for the pair, but the headset is still working great otherwise.

    Critiques? I imagine the graphics card may get the most recommendations, but I may be wrong. Some of the items(CPU Cooler, and certain other alternatives, such as an 8GB RX580) have their sale prices ending within about 3 hours, so I would appreciate if I could get a quick look-over. Most of the stuff has their sale pricing continuing for a few more days.

    Currently the total build is at around $1200 (plus any applicable taxes). I'm willing to go up to around $1500 or so at most.

    Unfortunately, the $200 Ryzen 1700X went out of stock, and it's back to $250, so I'll probably just bump up to the 2700X for $350, with cooler included. Real shame I missed the deal for that same 2700X for $250, due to the sale randomly ending around 10p.m. Central. on Monday.
    Also went up to RX580 for $50 more.

    [Second Edit]
    Went ahead and completed the purchase, including a similarly priced case and two extra fans to fill in some optional slots(three of five are pre-filled). Just need to get Windows and the peripherals now. All in all, an extremely nice upgrade from my current computer.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
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