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Theogony by Darth Marrs - Worm/God of War

Discussion in 'Trash Bin' started by DarthBill, Mar 6, 2021.

  1. DarthBill

    DarthBill The Chosen One DLP Supporter

    Mar 31, 2006
    Title: Theogony
    Author: Darth Marrs
    Rating: T
    Genre: Fantasy & Adventure
    Status: In-Progress
    Library Category: Worm
    Pairings: None
    Summary: "I was born almost three thousand years ago in the city of Sparta, born of a mortal woman and Zeus the Aegis Holder, the King of Olympus. I am a god. Your mother was born over three thousand years ago to Njord of the Vanir, and Nerthus, the River Goddess of the Northlands, and she was a goddess. And you, Taylor, are a goddess also." Being a god carries a terrible responsibility.
    ff(dot)net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13576158/1/Theogony

    Danny and Anne Hebert are gods and so is Taylor. Anne is still dead. Danny is Kratos from God of War. Apparently there is a shadow war going on between Scion and the old Gods. Taylor is kind of a Mary Sue, but I have enjoyed the story so far.
  2. omega_93

    omega_93 Muggle

    Jul 16, 2019
    Oh boy.

    This story is utterly stupid, with so many nonsensical plotlines it boggles the mind. It's like the author was intentionally trying to be annoying, which makes its popularity all the more confusing and an indictment of the Worm fandom at large.

    The premise is okay, I guess. It's not without potential. Danny being Kratos is weird, but I've seen weirder, and there's something intersting there in having this ancient greek god interact with the Worm setting. It even has a few funny moments just from the way Danny talks, though I'm not sure if they're intentional or not. Unfortunately, it then turns around and dives right into fanon crap, and in the last chapter I read it hadn't stopped.

    From Glory Girl attacking Taylor for no reason, to Armsmaster being a robot, this fic has it all. Characters making stupid decisions, such as showing up to a potentially dangerous person's house while having literally no plan? Yup. The PRT just accepting it when Taylor claims her dad's not a parahuman when he just caught a punch from Supergirl Jr without batting an eye? Why not. (Worth noting Taylor also believes this--despite the fact she punted Glory Girl through a wall--because she's an absolute buffoon in this story). Kranny simultaneously being a complete unknown in the city and the guy who managed to scare a major gang leader into leaving the Dockworkers alone at the same time? You got it, and there's so much more I can't be bothered to get into.

    Oh wait no, there's something hilarious I had to point out.

    He'd never lied to her. She couldn't think of a single instance where he ever intentionally told her an untruth.
    He's hidden the fact he's a greek god from you for your entire life, you fucking cretin, you raging imbecile, you mouthbreathing idiot. Though how you managed to miss it with the way he speaks is beyond me.

    Writing: The prose is boring. It's not offensively bad since it at least has passable SPAG, but nothing sticks out in my mind when trying to recall if there were any nice lines. Kranny's dialogue is utterly ridiculous and no one ever reacts to it in the slightest. It makes some modicum of sense since he's supposed to be Kratos, but it just goes unremarked on. For reference, this is his first line in the story:

    "Are you ill, child?"

    And Taylor never realises there's more to this man than the head of hiring for the Dockworkers Association? Ffs.

    Characterization: Awful. Taylor is an idiot in this fic, as previously mentioned, and she just doesn't question anything. Not why she can suddenly talk to animals (as in, growls at them and stuff, doesn't talk to them and they understand her), not why nothing changes in their hideout while a year supposedly passes, not why their garden still had food in it after said year, not why they even went on the run from the PRT in the first place if they are NoT PaRaHuMaNs. Kranny's characterization is kind of funny, but mostly in an unintentional way, I suspect. Aside from the casual mention of how he massacred some Native Americans, iirc? That was an interesting choice on the author's part. And of course Taylor just completely brushed it off, because she's an idiot and a psychopath.

    Plot: stupid. Yes, even the Scion vs Gods thing.

    Worldbuilding: I couldn't find it in myself to care about it after the trash this fic offered up in the first few chapters.

    Weird: Taylor's fifteen(?) and she refers to Kranny as Daddy a lot. I hate it.

    Even weirder: An abundance of creepy stuff as you'd expect from Darth Marrs, which I'm not gonna go into.

  3. Republic

    Republic The Snow Queen –§ Prestigious §– DLP Supporter

    Sep 1, 2010
    Germany occupied Greece
    High Score:
    The author opines that Kratos wears a fedora.

    That is all.
  4. Anarchy

    Anarchy Half-Blood Prince DLP Supporter

    Dec 12, 2009
    the usual darth marrs crap that you either like for some reason, or loathe beyond all else
  5. Lion

    Lion Denarii Host DLP Supporter

    Jul 8, 2009
    That place
    Anarchy hit the nail on the head. Darth Marr's stories are generally pretty bad, but they're more readable than most of the Worm fics. I've been reading this one just because there are like three other active worm fics that are any good. 3/5 because it's just okay. Nothing about it is exceptional in anyway.
  6. dudeler

    dudeler High Inquisitor

    Dec 21, 2015
    High Score:
    Mostly this. If I hadn't read OPs rec, I would have thought the first chapter to be a set-up for a crack fic. The dialogues are so bad, they are funny, Taylors inner monologues are just bad. In most other fandoms I would give it a 1/5, but since the standards in this fandom are so low, I can justify a 2/5.

    Why is the worm fandom so prone to like shitty fanfiction?
  7. Silly

    Silly Third Year

    Oct 12, 2015
    High Score:

    Like most Darth Marrs fics, this fic is quite lengthy and is readable enough to keep you distracted when you have nothing better to do. I'm not going to claim that this is some literary masterpiece or anything, but it's a perfectly reasonable guilty pleasure fic if the subject matter happens to interest you.
  8. TheWiseTomato

    TheWiseTomato Prestigious Tomato ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Nov 11, 2009
    High Score:
    Some people write fanfiction because they want to improve as a writer and a pre-existing audience is one way to do that. Some people just like to write and appear to have no interest in improving. Darth Marrs is the second type. They have a good grasp on things like where to use commas or apostrophes, but a compelling plotline...nah.