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WIP There is No Reconciliation by Stormbringer951 -T - Terminator:TSCC

Discussion in 'Television and Movies' started by Othalan, May 30, 2012.

  1. Othalan

    Othalan High Inquisitor

    Oct 4, 2007
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Title: There is No Reconciliation
    Author: Stormbringer951
    Rating: T
    Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure
    Status: Unclear- Its been almost a year since the author has updated anything.
    Fandom: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Pairings: Mild John/Cameron (nothing "on-screen" yet)
    Summary: Post-Born to Run. John and Cameron are trapped in an unfamiliar future. In the present, the modern-day Resistance and Kaliba prepare to mobilize as Connor and Skynet's respective plans draw closer to fruition.

    An interesting and suprisingly well-written take on what has become a fairly cliche setting in the SCC fandom. It takes a slightly more realistic view of teenage John Connor being stuck in the future. Unlike most fics of this sort, he's not a wangsty failure that can barely fight his way out of a paper bag, nor is he an instant super-soldier that slaughters hordes of Terminators. He's inexperienced at actually fighting the machines, and it shows, but he's also well trained and adapts quickly.

    The author gets kudos from me for showing the conflict in the present in a new way. Present day Skynet and Resistance both are a hodge-podge of operatives from different timelines, and the Resistance has a major advantage over Skynet:
    (mild spoiler)
    The Terminators and Grays in the present are working to create Skynet without arousing suspicion that would undermine or delay their cause. They can't afford a stand-up fight, and it's shown that the losses they've taken and attention attracted from the Connors' actions in the show have actually put them under quite a bit of pressure. With that in mind, ramming the Zeira Corp building with that drone prototype comes off as an act of desperation rather than a calculated masterstroke.

    My main gripe with this fic is the time-jumps (not the literal kind). They are frequent and can be jarring at times, especially toward the most recent chapter, where
    we go through all the buildup of 16y/o John learning the ropes and just about to start showing what he can do, then BAM, 26y/o John, now a seasoned veteran arrives in the past/present to continue trying to prevent Skynet's creation. It's unclear if the Author intends to flesh out the interregnum or not. Hopefully he does, 'cause as it stands, it's a pretty shitty transition.

  2. Dark Syaoran

    Dark Syaoran Golden Patronus Admin

    Jun 4, 2005
    Some more feedback on this story from people who have read it would be much appreciated.