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Warlock Hunt - signups

Discussion in 'Graveyard' started by KaiDASH, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. KaiDASH

    KaiDASH Auror DLP Supporter

    Oct 6, 2010
    -Warlock Hunt: A Mafia Variant-

    designed by KaiDASH, with special thanks to many people @ sirlin.net including garcia1000, Sotek, ChocoPi, Arkaal and others

    This is a signup thread. (signups are open)

    This is a 23 player game. I will also take some reserves, so I can replace people who do not meet the minimum activity requirement.

    I expect people who sign-up to this game to be able to dedicate some amount of time towards playing it. Lurkers or people who just post one-liners aren't fun for anybody, and will be replaced.

    You must use QuickTopics to play in this game. There is further information about QuickTopics later in this post. If this is not acceptable to you, do not sign up.

    I will also make an Observers QuickTopic if there are a few people interested in it, so PM me if you are.

    The following people automatically have a spot, should they wish to take it, for whatever.

    Lutris, Merrill_II, Vira, MattSilver, Fiat, Kensington, Zeitgeist, Ashaya, Irene, klackerz, lungs, Palindrome

    Game will start on tuesday or wednesday, since I want some time for 1. SW to move along and 2. Question time re: the setup.

    If you're new or otherwise inexperienced, you may PM me to opt out of the following roles: Priest, Mad Scientist, Enchantress, Rogue Warlock and Thrall

    If there aren't enough players for whatever reason, probably go with a tinyhunt based ruleset!


    Oh no, bad guys are here! Let's deal with bad guys by killing people.

    Warlock Hunt is a game in which the Innocent majority tries to root out the Witch minority that is hidden among them. Everyday, the entire town - witches and innocents alike - discuss matters, and eventually, by majority vote select a target to Lynch, in an effort to kill all the witches. Each Night, the Witches plot, and select a target to Nightkill by plurality vote... and the Angels select a target to Protect, also by plurality vote. In all votes, you may vote to target yourself, or not to do anything - both are treated as normal ballot options. When only one side remains, or is logically certain to eliminate all opposition, that side wins.

    When a player survives a kill attempt, the attempt on their life is revealed, but the cause of their survival is not. Furthermore, neither role nor faction alignment of a player is revealed on death.

    Oh, and also ... there's a Rogue Warlock ready to destroy everyone if you let slip too much information!

    The Roles

    The Town

    The Town wins when all anti-town factions are dead

    - Each Night, Check target player

    - You know the identity of the Priest​

    - You are informed of the Angel's Protection target.​

    - If the Lynch vote is deadlocked or no-lynch, you may determine the Lynch target. A Judge Lynch will kill the Enchantress. For the purposes of Necromancer/Detective, this counts as a Day Kill.​

    - You may Kill a target at Night if there were two consecutive mislynches (on consecutive days). After a possible Vigilante Kill (whether used or not), the mislynch counter resets to zero.​

    - You may die to Save any player the Witches Kill​

    - You may die to immediately determine the Lynch target, so long as a majority has not been reached. This will kill the Rogue Warlock unless he has immunity to death from a successful Soulsteal.​

    - At Night, you may Dance to inform all players the next Day that 'the Dancer Danced'.​

    Mad Scientist:
    - Each Night, you may select two people and find out if they are on the same faction or not. You can't select yourself or someone you have previously selected.​
    Note: If you check a Witch and a Warlock, the result is DIFFERENT

    - You survive the your first death, unless it is caused by a Soulsteal.​

    - You cannot die (except to the Assassin or DoB) during the Night Phase. This effect stops when only one Witch remains.​

    - You see the Roles of all players killed during the day. You always find out who the DoB killed, even if it happened during the night (but you never find out who the Assassin kills, even if it's during the day).​
    You get your info at the end of each day

    Benevolent Old Dame:
    - If you are lynched, everyone has Protection that Night.​

    Dirty Old Bastard:
    - When you die, you may Kill a player of your choice. This will kill the Warlock unless he has death immunity from a successful Soulsteal.​

    - If you are killed at Night, you may pick an innocent role to tell the Necromancer.​

    - Once per day, choose a player to "diagnose." You will be informed whether that target is crazy.
    - The following roles check as crazy: Survivalist, Spiritualist, Desperado, Mad Scientist, Trickster, Rogue Warlock, Demon and Necromancer​

    The Witches

    The Witches win when all Townies and the Warlocks are dead

    - You are informed of the Priest's Check target and it's result.
    - If the Priest does not make a check, you may make a check instead (Use this to hunt the Warlock)
    - Communication with other Witches via QuickTopics​

    - You are informed of the Angel's Protection target.
    - You are informed if the Rogue Warlock Banishes the same player twice in a row (and who that player is, but not their role or alignment)
    - Communication with other Witches via QuickTopics​

    - At the start of the game, select two Lovers, who must not be Witches. You cannot be Lynched or killed by the Vigilante while both lovers are alive.
    - Lovers recieve a private QT to discuss things. If either Lover is lynched, both of them die.
    - Communication with other Witches via QuickTopics​
    Note: If one of the Lovers is on the Warlock Faction, the non-Warlock lover joins the Warlocks!

    - You are told the roles of all players who die in the Night. You always find out who the Assassin killed, even if it happened during the day (but you never find out who the DoB kills, even if it happened at Night).
    - Communication with other Witches via QuickTopics​

    - When you die, you may kill a player of your choice. This will kill the Rogue Warlock unless he has death immunity from a successful Soulsteal.
    - If the first Sacrifice Spirit is on a witch other than the Assassin, Witches may make an additional Kill that night.
    - Communication with other Witches via QuickTopics​

    The Warlocks

    The Warlocks win when the Witches and all Townies are dead

    The Rogue Warlock
    - You are allied with The Thrall and while The Thrall is alive, you can't be lynched and have protection.
    - You can use Soulsteal. To Soulsteal, you must publicly declare in thread a player and a role. If they match, that player dies (extra lives do not stop this) and you are immune to all forms of death until the next day (A successful lynch on your lover will still kill you though). A successful Soulsteal also grants the Warlocks one Soulless Zombie.
    - A soulsteal attempt looks like this: I Soulsteal Billy the Acolyte
    - Each day, you may pick a player to Banish. That night, if the priest, demon or mad scientist checks them, they receive BLOCKED as a result.
    - Communication with the Thrall via QuickTopics.​

    Note: To avoid possible timing-abuses, I reserve the right to delay a lynch until the Rogue Warlock has had a chance to attempt a Soulsteal. If the Rogue Warlock is being unreasonably slow, I will compel him to attempt a Soulsteal or lose the option for that day. Also, the Warlock is permitted to fake a Soulsteal attempt if he has not successfully done so this game - this is to prevent such degenerate strategies as "Dancer claims, everyone tries to Soulsteal him!". You may only attempt to Soulsteal one player each day.

    The Thrall
    - While you are alive, the Rogue Warlock can't be lynched and has protection.
    - You gain the abilities of the first Town aligned player to die, unless it was the BoD (In which case, you gain the abilities of the 2nd player to die)
    - At the start of even numbered days, you are told the Witch Roles that are dead. At the start of odd-numbered days, you are told which dead players are Witches.
    - If there are only two players left in the game, your Lynch Vote always wins.​

    Soulless Zombies

    Note: The Soulless Zombie is not a playable role

    A Soulless Zombie is an extra one-shot vote that can be used by the Rogue Warlock or the Thrall. A Soulless Zombie vote must be declared publicly in the thread by the Rogue Warlock. If the Rogue Warlock is dead, then the Thrall may make a Soulless Zombie vote anonymously via his QT. Once a Soulless Zombie is used, it is added to that Day's Vote count. This may increase the amount of votes necessary to achieve a Majority Lynch. A Soulless Zombie's vote is always for 'No Lynch'. Each Soulless Zombie can only be used once and on days where Soulless Zombies are used, the Judge may not make a Lynch.

    A Soulless Zombie is gained whenever a Soulsteal is successful.

    An example of how Souless Zombies are to be used - 7 players remain in the game. Max 7 votes, so, 4 votes is a majority. If you use one zombie, 5 votes is required for a majority (because there are now 8 active votes). If you use two zombies, there are 9 active votes, but 5 votes is still a majority. If you use three zombies, the amount of active votes is increased to 10 and the votes needed to make a majority is 6.

    The Mechanics

    Day Phases & Lynch Voting: The default Day Phase length is 48 hours, but it can be extended by up to an additional 24 hours at my discretion (or if requested by players, or Mayor vote, or whatever)

    • a Deadline vote, where your lynch vote will be counted at the end of the day.
    • a Standard vote, where your lynch vote is counted immediately.

    To cast a Deadline vote, say: Deadline vote: Player
    To cast a Standard vote, say: Lynch vote: Player

    You can rescind or change a Deadline vote at any time before the end of the Day Phase. You can do the same for a Standard vote at any time before a Majority Lynch is reached.

    Night Phases last for 24 hours.

    Mayor: On Day 1 (and only Day 1), someone must be elected as the Mayor! Before a Mayor is elected, nobody can die to a Lynch! This is a majority vote, but if no majority is met by the normal end of the day, day will be extended by 24 hours. If nobody has been elected Mayor by the end of that extra period, the person with the highest amount of votes becomes Mayor. Because the Mayor sleeps in a high security Villa, he returns 'BLOCKED' to all checks (but still is affected by night kills for some reason).

    Once per game, at any time during a Night Phase, the Mayor may choose to do one of the following (all of these are self-targetable):
    Guards: Grant a player an extra life (The Rogue Warlock does not benefit from Guards. Because he eats them).
    Lawyers: Check a player
    Hitmen: Kill a player (Kills Enchantress, doesn't kill Traveller or Rogue Warlock or players with other types of protection (BoD/Angels). Detective gets the Death Info)

    Angels: Dead players become Angels. Each Night, the Angels decide by plurality vote to Protect a target player (random tiebreaks). "No Protect" is a valid vote (If "No Protect" is the majority, nobody will be protected by the Angels that night even if there are active votes for other people). The player that has Protection will not die to any kills that happen at Night except the Assassin/DoB kill. Witches can pierce protection by making a Sacrifice.

    Angels get the results of Priest and Mad Scientist checks at the end of each night. Angels are unable to give Protection when there are four or fewer living players.

    Angels are given a QuickTalk to discuss in.

    Lynching: Lynch voting is a non-compulsorily majority vote that takes place during each day phase. If no majority is reached, the Judge (if alive) may pick someone to lynch.

    Sacrifice Spirit: Each night the witches may vote for another witch (50% of the witch vote is required, random tiebreak). The witch with the most votes loses their special ability but in return, all kills made tonight penetrate protection.
    1. If the Assassin's Spirit is Sacrificed, the Assassin may make a kill, as if he had died
    2. If the Enchantress's Spirit is Sacrificed, they lose their Protection if the lovers are alive. Nothing happens to the Lovers.


    What can kill the Rogue Warlock?
    While the Thrall is alive:

    • Your lover being lynched
    • Desperado Lynch
    • DoB Kill
    • Assassin Kill
    • Witch Night Kills on a Sacrifice Spirit night

    After a successful souldrain:

    • Your lover being lynched

    If the thrall is dead, the warlock dies to things normally.


    What can kill the Enchantress while lovers are alive?

    • Judge Lynch
    • DoB Kill
    • Witch NK
    • Assassin Kill
    • Warlock Souldrain
    • Mayor's hitmen


    Can we tell the difference between the different types of kills? (lynch, lover lynch, souldrain, dob/assassin kill, night kills, etc)


    The different types of lynches are obviously different (majority lynch, judge lynch, desperado lynch) due to circumstances behind it!

    DoB/Assassin kills look the same, whether they happen at night or at the day time. If they occur at night, it looks the same as a Witches NK (and related).

    A lover lynch looks like a daytime DoB/Assassin kill

    A Souldrain is obvious.

    The witches NK (+bonus kill from Sac on a non-assassin witch) look the same as a Vigilante Kill and the Mayor's hitmen.


    Can we tell how someone survived something that would normally kill them?

    Nope! Everything that lets someone survive a death looks exactly the same, whether they survived by an extra life (survivalist, mayor's guards) or immunity to whatever should have killed them (Traveller, Enchantress, Rogue Warlock) or the Angels Protection.


    What can kill the Traveller while more than 1 witch is alive?

    • Warlock Soulsteal
    • Assassin/DoB Kill
    • Lynches of any kind


    For the enjoyment of everyone, all players are encouraged to follow these guidelines:

    • Please do not lie about real-life commitments! E.g. "I can't post for the next two days, because my cat died," when you did not have any such cat. This sort of behavior is outside the scope of the game.
    • Similarly, if someone says he will not be available due to real-life constraints, it is polite to believe him.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a role-playing game.
    • Keep the game stuff and non-game stuff separate! Mixing these things leads to tragedy.
    • If you are unable to be active, you will be replaced. Please let me know in advance if this is likely to happen.
    • Be nice! We're all playing to have fun. Disparage someone's skill if you must, but please avoid personal insults!


    • Only living players may post in the thread.
    • You may not privately communicate with anyone except the moderator unless specifically allowed (i.e. the QuickTopics for Witches and Angels.)
    • You may never edit posts in this thread or in any QuickTopics you may be posting in.
    • You may not quote private discussion (PM's or QuickTopics) in open chat, either automatically or manually.
    • You may not post in the game thread during the night phase
    • You are not only permitted to lie, you are encouraged to do so; you may claim any role at any time that you are allowed to discuss matters, and a good lie will almost certainly help your side!


    QuickTopics will be used to facilitate communication between players and the moderator (me). Also, they are used to make discussion between aligned groups easier (Witches, Angels). You must be prepared to use a QuickTopic if you signup for Warlock Hunt. It is the only way Witches or Angels are allowed to communicate.

    Rules for QuickTopics

    • You must not share the URL of a QuickTopic with anybody else, whether they are in the game or not.
    • You must not edit a post you have made in a QuickTopic, for any reason.


    • Protection: Immunity to normal Nightkills, the Mayor kill and the Vigilante kill. Roles with special kinds of protection are noted in the FAQ
    • Lynch: The vote the town makes during the day to kill someone by majority vote.
    • Nightkill: The kill that results from the Witch vote.
    • Witches: The evil faction trying to secretly convince town to destroy itself.
    • Warlocks: The other evil faction
    • Innocents: Everyone who is not a Witch or on the Warlock Faction
    • Check: The Priest's night action; returns "good" for all Innocents, and "evil" for all Witches and Warlocks. The Mad Scientist's ability also counts as a check for the purposes of banish/mayor nocheck.
    • Majority Vote: A target is confirmed when more than half of eligible voters select that option.
    • Plurality Vote: A target is confirmed when it is the option with the highest number of votes at the end of voting. What happens in a tied vote is listed for each case using a Plurality vote.
    • Lovers: The two players the Enchantress picks at the start of the game. They share a QT. If one of them is lynched, they both die.

    Other stuff

    Night Action Priority:

    • BoD Protect
    • Mayor Action (+life, check, kill)
    • Nightkill
    • Vigilante Kill (even if Vigilante is killed)
    • Assassin/DoB Kill
    • Martyr Save (Only for kills the Witches make)
    • Priest/Mad Scientist Check
    • Dancer Dance
    • All passive inforoles (Demon, Spiritualist, Thrall, etc) get their info at the end of the night

    All role/witches/angels/etc QuickTopic intro posts (soon! maybe. did anyone even read them?)
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 15, 2011
  2. Ash

    Ash Moves Like Jagger DLP Supporter

    Mar 27, 2010
    /me claims her spot. This is gonna be sick.

  3. MattSilver

    MattSilver The Traveller

    Apr 23, 2009
    Signing up. \o/

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2011
  4. Lutris

    Lutris Jarl Dovahkiin DLP Supporter

    Oct 27, 2005
    Tokyo, Japan
    I'll play.

    SW2 participation notwithstanding.
  5. Speakers

    Speakers Backtraced

    Feb 7, 2010
    I'll play!
  6. Vira

    Vira Second Year ~ Prestige ~

    Dec 20, 2006
    High Score:
    I'm totally in. Let's get this thing started~
  7. Klackerz

    Klackerz Bridgeburner

    Oct 22, 2009
    Claims my spot. Thanks Kai.

    Edit: I wanna be the warlock Kai :3
  8. Mishie

    Mishie Fat Dog

    Jul 1, 2009
    I'm bored so I'm signing up
  9. The Santi

    The Santi Professor

    Aug 15, 2009
    I'm in to play. Should be fun.
  10. Vesvius

    Vesvius High Inquisitor DLP Supporter

    Apr 7, 2007
    I haven't gotten into a game since DE2. Count me in.
  11. Moridin

    Moridin Minister of Magic DLP Supporter

    Nov 7, 2009
    Proudspire Manor
    I'm in. This should be fun.
  12. Jon

    Jon The Demon Mayor Admin DLP Supporter

    Jun 5, 2006
  13. Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist High Inquisitor

    Dec 27, 2010
    Under the Staircase
    Lutris, Kai, Vira, and Matt are all participating? I hope there's one more Power Coin to spare? xP

    I'm in.
  14. Little Knee

    Little Knee Seventh Year

    Jul 31, 2011
    May I join? :p
  15. Necrule Paen

    Necrule Paen DLP Elite DLP Supporter

    Sep 29, 2005
    Southern California
    Be curious to see how I do in a different role.

    I am in.
  16. Fiat

    Fiat The Chosen One DLP Supporter

    Sep 2, 2009
    I am so fucking in.
  17. Necrule Paen

    Necrule Paen DLP Elite DLP Supporter

    Sep 29, 2005
    Southern California
    Be curious to see how I do in a different role.

    I am in.

    Edit: Wait, is that Tues/Wed for next week? If it is, discount this post. Won't be able to be active between that Thursday-Sunday.
  18. Castiel

    Castiel Headmaster

    Dec 7, 2010
    Finally, somewhere I am on time. I wantz in.
  19. Geabe

    Geabe Guest

    My son showed me this. I'm in.
  20. hgf

    hgf Fourth Year

    Mar 24, 2009
    Well, if there's still room I'm in.