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Winter 2018 Anime Season

Discussion in 'Books and Anime Discussion' started by Nemrut, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Xepheria

    Xepheria The Benefactor

    Apr 9, 2016
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    Episodes 16 through 19 are set up episodes for the rebellion, in the same way that 7-12 were setups for episode 13. 19 especially confirmed a lot of the things that I'd been theorising, and is a major episode for its insights into the history of the world and the character of Dr. FranXX.

    Having watched both subbed and dubbed, I definitely prefer the sub. That's not to say the dub is bad or anything (and indeed, as dubs go it's pretty well done), but there are some things that are really jarring - Hiro's voice being like two octaves deeper than it should be is one of them.

    Also nothing beats Zero Two's voice actress in the japanese version.

    Boku no daaling
  2. Scott

    Scott Groundskeeper DLP Supporter

    Apr 25, 2008
    So I cheated and finished watching Darling in the Franxx subbed. I really liked the anime, one of my new favorites and I liked how they left the season finale as an opening for a second season but...

    I was really hoping Zero Two/Hiro made it back to earth, which they kinda did but if they make a season 2 it's open to interpretation if it's actually them. I'm fine with a second class of characters but the main characters I generally like to stay the same. That's even if there is going to be another season though.
  3. Miner

    Miner High Inquisitor

    May 27, 2015
    East Coast
    Several months too late, but Violet Evergarden shaped up to be my favorite show of the season, and is certainly one of my favorite shows period.

    I think the main problem with the show, although one which I only noticed upon rewatching it, is that for a show that is ostensibly about the eponymous heroine of the series it fails to deliver a hook in the first three episodes that make the audience want to watch more or learn more about Violet.

    But once the show crosses over into what amounts to vignettes in episodic form the show really gets much much better. It's been said before, but it is not exaggeration that episode ten is one of the most well-executed episodes of anime ever, although my experience is limited. KyoAni continues to impress as a studio, and I'm really looking forward to finishing this and then the 2020 movie.
  4. Crash

    Crash Third Year

    Jul 6, 2011
    Tentatively excited for the next season of Tokyo Ghoul - supposed to be out in October. Really felt like the most recent season fell flat though. Too much OC nonsense.