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Word of God Thread.

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Ryuugi Shi, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Ryuugi Shi

    Ryuugi Shi Hierarch

    Sep 16, 2007
    Glorious Bellerophan
    So, anyway, Jim says a lot on his site, but you have to go looking for it. I figured I'd put it all in one place for you guys. I'll put everything I think is important here, though probably not all at once.

    I'll be back with more later.

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    More to come.

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    More to come.
  2. Rehio

    Rehio Bad Dragon ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Jan 1, 2007
    New Mexico
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    Thank you for this.
  3. Ryuugi Shi

    Ryuugi Shi Hierarch

    Sep 16, 2007
    Glorious Bellerophan
    No problem.

    More to come.

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    More to come.
  4. Ryuugi Shi

    Ryuugi Shi Hierarch

    Sep 16, 2007
    Glorious Bellerophan
    More to come.
  5. Tehan

    Tehan Avatar of Khorne DLP Supporter

    May 22, 2007

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite thread on DLP.
  6. Ryuugi Shi

    Ryuugi Shi Hierarch

    Sep 16, 2007
    Glorious Bellerophan
    More to come.
  7. Innomine

    Innomine Supreme Mugwump ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Nov 27, 2007
    New Zealand
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    I like this thread. Cheers for the good work.
  8. Ryuugi Shi

    Ryuugi Shi Hierarch

    Sep 16, 2007
    Glorious Bellerophan
    Thanks, guys.

    More to come.
  9. Ryuugi Shi

    Ryuugi Shi Hierarch

    Sep 16, 2007
    Glorious Bellerophan
    More to come.

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    More to come (but just a little).

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    And that's everything Jim personally posted on his site. Don't worry though, there are still the things he said at the book signings. I'll get them next.

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    From Chicago signing:

    Will we find out more about Mac?
    Yes, but probably not until the final trilogy.

    Will we see Ferro again?
    Yes. Here is where Jim commented that he is a lazy writer, so if something gets a reasonable amount of screen time in the books, chances are it will show up again later. He wouldn’t put that much effort into something that’s not so important.

    How can Harry continually go to Burger King without blowing the equipment?
    Unless there’s constant exposure, technology usually fouls up if magic is being actively used or a wizard’s emotions are running high. He generally remains calm when going to BK.

    Why Chicago?
    Originally, TDF was set in Jim’s hometown of Kansas City. His teacher at the time told him he shouldn’t use KC because he was already treading close to LKH’s territory, and he should pick somewhere else. He looked at a globe in the room, and there were 4 US cities showing. Washington DC – nope, don’t want to write about politics. New York – covered by the Fantastic Four. Los Angeles – covered by Hollywood. Chicago it is!

    Will we see Lash or Lasciel again?
    Lasciel’s story is not over. And keep in mind what’s said about ‘a woman scorned.’ Also keep in mind that Lasciel is NOT Lash; Lasciel did not reabsorb the entity that Harry actually changed. (Yes, he use those words “that Harry actually changed.”)

    How/when did Harry find out Lea is his godmother? Is Lea Thomas’s godmother, too?
    Lea was around when Harry was in middle school, although he didn’t know who she was. She was just a lady who sometimes did nice things for him. He found out who she is after he became Justin’s apprentice. Lea is not Thomas’s godmother

    The titles for the trilogy are: Hell’s Bells, Stars and Stones, and Empty Night.

    Why did you shoot Michael?
    Read The Warrior. Getting shot is Michael's happy ending.

    From Lexington signing:

    What book would make the best movie?
    Zombie T-rex (did you need to ask?)

    Will we get any more stories from other points of view?
    There will be one from Marcone (in Dark and Stormy Night) and one from Murphy (entitled Hawaii).

    Why does Butters always say “I’m not a doctor” – he actually is!
    It’s about the way Butters defines a doctor, as someone who works on live people; it has nothing to do with Butters’ education or qualifications.

    What are the upper levels of magic?
    There are none, if the person has enough juice. If someone was strong enough, they could completely rewrite reality.

    What’s the title to the next book?
    Changes. Yes, it’s a one word title. He’s changing his pattern because… well, there just might be some changes coming up.

    Where did the martial arts info and fight scene info come from?
    Some from Jim’s own experiences in martial arts, some from others’ experience, some from watching movies. Jim also relayed that he started martial arts because he was always getting picked on by bullies, for being short and smart, and not knowing when to keep his mouth shut. He also talked about a time when he was about 13 that a bully actually came at him with a knife… and Jim beat him up with a bicycle.

    Is Mister a familiar or anything magical?
    No, he’s just a freakin’ big cat.

    Was the job offer to Murphy a one-time offer?
    [sing-sing voice] I’m not gonna tell you! [/sing-song voice]

    Are the Carpenters based on someone specific?
    No. In this genre, religious characters are almost always hypocritical or judgmental. Wanted a good role model. And of course that role model needed a family to be in danger to make things interesting. The size of the family is based on his sister’s (?) family (6 kids).

    Will we ever find out what people see when they Soulgaze Harry?
    Kind of. In Changes, someone who has ‘Gazed Harry will tell him about the experience.

    Will we ever find out more about the Black Cats, or about Eb’s early years?
    He’s considered writing a story in the Dresdenverse about the American-Indian war, when Eb and the Merlin were both young punks.

    Is there an actor or character reference for Binder?
    Actor from Unleashed. He said Ed Asner, but we think he meant Bob Hoskins.

    Will Molly be the one who fixes Carlos’s ‘problem?’
    Maybe, if they both live long enough. Plus, she ‘technically’ has the same ‘problem’ so it could be interesting.

    Does Thomas have a godmother?
    No. Maggie figured he was a baby shark, and would be able to protect himself.

    When will Jim get back the film rights?
    3 years from the Lexington signing. (April 14, 2012). But the rights were only for the content to the first 5 books. Theoretically, if someone did ask him to do a zombie T-rex movie, he probably could.

    Does he like writing the short stories?
    Yes. He doesn’t want to clutter up the books with stuff that isn’t central to the plot, wants to keep the novels on track (“I don’t need to describe every detail of Frodo crossing the shire.”). He doesn’t want to dump extraneous information on the reader. But some things are too good for just a ‘drive-by’ mention in the novels.

    Will there be any more new material for the graphic novels?
    Eventually, yes. There will probably be a short story based on a comment Harry makes in Fool Moon about going on a call because someone ‘saw something in a lake.’

    Hat on the covers?
    “That damn hat!” It’s just on the covers. They tried to put Harry in a hat in the graphic novels, and Jim screamed.

    How does Harry know so much about movies and TV?
    He goes to the drive-in. Also, there’s a TV store near Wicker Park, and he sits on a bench across the street from it and watches shows with closed captioning. Yes, Harry is often like a sad Dickens character, standing outside the window looking in. (Jim makes sad big puppy dog eyes)

    How big will Toot get?
    Depends on how much influence he has in the world. That’s how the sidhe gain their size and power. Mab wasn’t always as big as she is now.

    What protections are there against the White Court? [Editorial note, my friend’s daughter and I put her up to this question, but she hasn’t even finished Blood Rites yet, so she left out half the question, not knowing how important it was]
    True love – real true love, not just romantic love – protects only against WC vamps feeding through lust/intimacy. (He didn’t name the protections against the other WC vamps, though. A thought – we should have realized love doesn’t protect against the other forms of feeding, since Harry is taken by Vitto’s attack just before Lara gets burned trying to feed on him)

    When will we learn more about Maggie?
    It will be little bits at a time, like we’re learning now. But eventually we will find out that what we’ve been told so far is only accurate from a certain point of view. It will all have a different meaning once we’ve learned the whole story.

    What was Malcolm’s reference to the Jabberwock about?
    You could argue that it was a forewarning about Lasciel. You could also argue that it was about He Who Walks Behind. Or it could be some other huge predator coming after Harry. Or you could get Jungian about it, but then you’d have to get Freudian about it, and that just gets messy.

    What is Kincaid?
    We’ll find out in the future.

    Are there any characters that started out as minor characters but grew into something different?
    Butters was originally a one-scene character, but he’s fun to write. Same with Vince Garver. Jim found out they could both be really useful.

    Will the problem with wizards and technology be resolved, since most kids growing up now are so surrounded by technology?
    Nope, it will always be an issue.

    What is the Gatekeeper guarding? What’s behind the gates?
    [sing-song voice] I’m not gonna tell you! [/sing-song voice] Seriously, he can’t tell because it would break the Laws of Magic just to talk about it.

    Will Harry ever get a Warden’s sword?
    He can’t, because Luccio can’t make them anymore.

    Will Thomas get one of the Swords of the Cross?
    [sing-song voice] I’m not gonna tell you! [/sing-song voice] (Jim's enjoying this way too much! [​IMG])

    Why don’t we see Harry making potions any more?
    The potions were more like a security blanket for Harry. He wanted to be doing something, but he didn’t really know what he should be doing. So he was making potions in case they might be useful. Now he actually has a clue about what he should be doing most of the time. But Harry is teaching Molly about potions. That’s how she keeps changing her hair color – that was the first potion she learned to make.

    Will you ever show Butters’ polka suit again?
    I kind of have to, because how can I not show something that awesome again?

    Jim’s favorite recurring villain?
    Marcone, when he’s being a villain. And Nicodemus, because he is pure evil.

    Why did the Denarians in Small Favor seem less powerful than in Death Masks?
    If a Fallen has essentially overpowered their human host, then they have limited free will (they can’t use the free will of the human); a Denarian is much more powerful if they use the human as a partner.

    Difference between the Fallen and other creatures from Hell?
    Fallen are like corporate – they’ve got the backing of an organization.

    When will we learn more about the Black Council?
    There will be a little more in the next book, but really we’re not going to know it all until the very end.

    Jim’s favorite supporting character?
    Marcone is really fun to write. So is Nicodemus.

    Will Chauncy return and use Harry’s Name?
    Chauncy probably won’t come back. He’s small potatoes in Hell – kind of like a file clerk. But information flows up, so what he learned from Harry is very useful.

    Are Molly's actions of peeking into Harry's head in SmF (TC spoiler) and into Luccio in TC violations of the 3rd Law? What about Harry and Elaine's communication spell in WN, or (TC spoiler) Merlin's actions at Morgan's trial?
    Molly's actions are a violation of the 3rd Law. She is entering someone's head without their consent. Harry and Elaine's communication is consensual sharing of thoughts. (He didn't really answer the last part of the question)

    Will Demonreach turn out to be good or evil?
    Depends on your definition of those terms. But Harry will regret every having set foot on that island. Of course, Harry regrets just about anything he’s ever done.

    Sword on the cover of Turn Coat.
    Same thing as the hat. Although maybe he was going to write a scene where Harry had Morgan’s sword. Sometimes he has a scene in mind at one point and then it just makes sense to write it differently.

    Question: Why is Bob the way he is and will we find out why he's hated so by the Fey

    Answer: Jim mentioned that Bob takes on some of the personality of his "master" so when he came to Harry. Harry was about 16 years old. Sooo that's why he's so smart alecky and into girls so much. As for the Fey comment mentioned we will find out in later books.

    How/when did Thomas find out Harry is his brother?
    Thomas was old enough to remember his mother, and obviously he wanted to find out everything that had happened to her. He knew there was another child, and it was only a matter of time before he found out it was Harry. There is a reason Thomas showed up when he did – he was there to help Harry from the start.

    Is the athame a channel for some kind of power that was hurting Lea, therefore when Mab took it away, she was injured fighting off whatever that power is?
    Do you really think I’m going to answer that? The one thing I will tell you is that Mab truly did what she thought was the best thing for Lea by encasing her in ice.

    Can the skinwalker access the NeverNever and use the Ways? If so, why didn’t it?
    Yes. All I'll say now is that it's important to know that ‘wardens’ wasn’t always plural. (He did add later that there are certain places it can’t cross over, like the island).

    Some people think Susan is smart, strong-willed, and confident. Some people think she is arrogant, stupid, and suicidal. How were thinking of her when you were writing her?
    That’s one of those things that in real life, you really can’t draw that line until after the fact, until you know the whole story. But once Susan was in the story, it would have been too easy for her to become Lois Lane, always to be the victim that needs rescuing; that’s why her story went the way it did.

    What about her actions at Bianca’s party?
    Susan totally got what she deserved. Having said that, you have to understand that she really didn’t know how dangerous the situation was – she knew it was dangerous, but she had no idea the scale of it.

    Harry’s met all the other ladies-queens-mothers - will we ever actually meet Titania?
    The thing is, Titania’s only interest is messing with Harry.

    What happened to the other Alphas?
    Like happens with a lot of kids after college, they graduated and went their separate ways. Some of them wrote off the whole experience as the result of taking drugs in college. One ended up super religious. One ended up institutionalized. Given Kirby’s death, Billy is going to try to track down some of the group.

    Will we see Ferro again?
    Yes, he’ll be back for the apocalyptic trilogy.

    How old is Eb?
    Eb is over 300 years old. He and Merlin have known each other for a very long time. They fought on opposite sides in the French & Indian war.

    Clarification on what’s behind the titles for the final trilogy.
    Hell’s Bells and Stars & Stones are Harry and Eb terms; Empty Night is used by Thomas. They are curses for a reason.

    Other things Jim would like to write?
    He’d really like to write Halo 4.

    Also, he’d like to write a short story about Bigfoot. People in a campground sight him and go screaming in terror, and there sits Harry at the campfire.
    B: You got any smokes?
    H: [eating] No. How’s your family?
    B: My kid got that scholarship to UCLA. He’s having laser hair removal, which I really hate; he’s getting away from his roots. The wife is happy because she’s got a double-wide now.

    Where did Morgan get the apron?
    He just grabbed from the kitchen in Edinburgh when he was escaping.

    Some conversation about Mab and Harry -
    The thing is that Mab never really figures Dresden quite right. She never gets it right when she tries to predict what he will do. But Small Favor turned out really well for her.

    The first gruffs seem to be different from the later sets in terms of looks, smell, and fighting approach. Were they sent by someone different?
    No, they’re part of the same family. The first are just the newer gruffs, those most recent from being Changelings. They attacked Harry simply because Mab declared that she had chosen him as her emissary.

    Will we run into whoever hired the skinwalker?
    They have been mentioned, but they’ve not yet been onscreen.

    Was the voice in Harry’s head at the end of White Night (when he was playing guitar) a sign that Lash is still there?
    Not really. But Lash’s story isn’t done.

    When Thomas called Harry from the storage facility and said he couldn’t handle “them” by himself, was he referring to Binder’s minions or someone else?
    He was talking about Binder’s minions.

    Will you tell us more about Harry’s headaches?

    How and why did the skinwalker take Thomas?
    Thomas was distracted by Binder’s minions and the skinwalker saw the opportunity. It knew that Thomas is important to Harry, but not necessarily that Thomas is Harry’s brother. The skinwalker exists in more than one dimension at a time and it has its own kind of intellectus when it comes to evil – it knows what will hurt you and scare you, even though it may not really know why. It took Thomas because he knew it would hurt and scare Harry. How it tortured Thomas wasn’t part of any direction it was given to turn Thomas back into a monster, it was done because the skinwalker knew what would hurt Thomas and torment him, more than just physically.

    Can you tell us more about the runes on the cottage and the lighthouse?
    They were not put there by Demonreach; they have been there a very long time. They are pre-Council. They’re a prehistoric script, actually. Harry could have figured out the script if he’d had the comic book. NOTE: I have no idea what comic book Jim was referring to, so if someone else does, please post it.

    Also, people have a few things wrong about the Gatekeeper and the island. The Gatekeeper did not hurt Demonreach. Gatekeeper has been on the island a couple of times, and it’s never gone well, but he didn’t cause Demonreach’s limp. That’s the work of the glacier that carved out Lake Michigan.

    How is Eb protected from black magic?
    The Blackstaff is a literal black staff. He hasn’t had it when we’ve seen him, but he has it and it protects him.

    Given that so many creatures of the NeverNever know stuff about Harry – his mother, that Thomas is his brother, etc. – how can it be that the Senior Council doesn’t know?
    They know. No one person on the SC knows everything about Harry, but between them all they could put it together. That is a group where having information is a means of power; they each have a lot of information but they don’t necessarily know who knows what.

    If the White Council is so oblivious to things going on in the mortal world, how is it that Morgan knew exactly when the nuclear test was going to be (for when he nuked the skinwalker)?
    A couple of tests had happened, and those things are disruptive. They send out a giant electromagnetic pulse. So naturally, the wizards noticed it. They did some research to figure out what it was, and once they understood, they made sure to know each time it was going to happen so nobody would get freaked out. So Morgan just had to plan it, to lure the skinwalker onto the range at the right time. Then he opened up a portal to the NeverNever, and barred the door behind himself. Boom.

    Senior wizards are actually fairly aware of big things going on with mortals. They knew all about what was happening in the US and Russia during the Cold War. In fact, they were the ones who realized that Russia really wasn’t a major power, and that everything they were doing was in fear of the US and in preparation for defending themselves. Wizards planted the idea for the US to bug Russia. When the US found out that Russia really was just scared of them, that’s when the peace discussions began.

    ***Info about the Changes spoiler***
    The first line of Changes… is the baby Harry’s?
    Harry is certainly meant to believe it is. Susan doesn’t correct herself and say, “No, I mean ours, as in mine and Captain Bland.” She is telling Harry that it’s his child.

    How are you going to wrap up everything there is to wrap up in First Lord’s Fury?
    It won’t wrap up everything, only the most critical stuff – how will Alerans live with each other when they’ve got an unbalanced society? How will the Alerans live with their neighbors, when their only concern previously was whether to bury the bodies of leave them to the crows? And the Beta readers are really conflicted about Aquataine right now.

    Not quotes, but those are the answers Jim gave.

    And that's everything, I think.

    I might do a Codex Alera version some other time.
  10. digitalstorm

    digitalstorm Seventh Year DLP Supporter

    Dec 23, 2005
    This thread makes me wish that we still had rep.
  11. Brown

    Brown Third Year

    May 16, 2009
    This is the coolest thing since the last sample chapter of Changes.
  12. fuubar

    fuubar Headmaster

    Nov 17, 2007
    I've seen all this before while reading through his site but major props for compiling it all here man.
  13. Ched

    Ched Da Trek Moderator DLP Supporter

    Jan 6, 2009
    The South
    Yeah I've also seen all of this before... but it's damn nice to have it in one place. Can just come here and search the page for a phrase or something to have it right there.

  14. LittleChicago

    LittleChicago Headmaster DLP Supporter

    Oct 3, 2009
    Very nice work... dare i ask if this will be an on-going project?
  15. Mors

    Mors Denarii Host DLP Supporter

    Jul 5, 2006
    Somewhere they dont haet teh leet.
    Ryuugi++. Seriously awesome thread, brother. :)
  16. Shinysavage

    Shinysavage Madman With A Box ~ Prestige ~

    Nov 16, 2009
    High Score:
    Awesome stuff. Thanks for this.
  17. The Fine Balance

    The Fine Balance Headmaster

    Jun 8, 2006
    Considering I barely visit the site, and haven't seen/read any of his interviews, this was all new stuff and it was awesome. Thanks, Ryuugi.
  18. Oz

    Oz For Zombie. Moderator DLP Supporter

    Jan 31, 2008
    Baile Átha Cliath
  19. Ryuugi Shi

    Ryuugi Shi Hierarch

    Sep 16, 2007
    Glorious Bellerophan
    Thanks, guys.

    LC: Yeah, I'll update as Jim posts.
  20. Ryuugi Shi

    Ryuugi Shi Hierarch

    Sep 16, 2007
    Glorious Bellerophan
    Another Q&A thing:

    Q: When you finished the book, did you do an evil cackle and rub your hands together?
    A: No. It was an evil cackle and finger twiddling (fingers ‘steepled’ and tapping against each other). Anticipating the readers’ reaction makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Q: For most cliffhangers, when you read the second book, you realize that there were a lot of clues in the first book. Is that the case here?
    A: First of all, I don’t think it really qualifies as a cliffhanger – it’s only a cliffhanger if you don’t know what happens. I described in detail what happened. But yes, there are all kinds of clues in Changes.

    Q: What’s the first line of the next book ?
    A: Living is hard, dying is easy.

    Q: What is the timing of the next book? Is it the usual span, or will it take place right after Aftermath?
    A: More like the usual timing – about a year after Changes.

    Q: Will Thomas’s memories of Maggie ever come into play?
    A: Yes, but it won’t be until much later in the series.

    Q: Did you decide to write Dead Beat because you wanted to fit in a zombie dinosaur, or did you think of the zombie dinosaur while writing the book?
    A: Sort of. I knew I would be doing a book about necromancers, and then one day I was watching a show about dinosaur bones, and they were talking about Sue. That’s when I knew it would go into that book.

    Q: When Harry read Eb’s journal in Turn Coat, there was an implied prophesy about him (Harry) of sorts. Will that come into play later in the series.
    A: Well, I’m sure Eb didn’t leave that journal sitting out on purpose thinking that someone might wander in and read it /sarcasm
    And yes, it will come into play. Remember, I’m a lazy writer – I don’t write many things that aren’t important. Why would I spend the time on something unimportant?

    Q: Where did you get the idea for the 3 nails in the swords?
    A: I knew I needed something to oppose the coins, but didn’t want to do something that’s been used a lot, like the Ark of the Covenant. And, the nails would have Jesus’s blood on them – we all know how powerful blood is in the Dresdenverse.

    Q: Will we learn more about Harry’s headaches?
    A: Yes

    Q: Since there haven’t really been cases in the past couple of books, and with Harry’s office gone is this the end of Harry’s role as a private investigator?
    A: No, he has to work on something besides being a wizard.

    Q: Is the original Merlin still alive?
    A: Kind of… life… death… it’s kind of a squishy line in the Dresdenverse.

    Q: Are you going to make any Dresden movies?
    A: I think someone else did – have you seen the pictures from Sorcerer’s Apprentice? I mean, it’s done by Nicholas Cage, who was the executive producer of the Dresden Files TV show. Look at the pictures – it’s book Harry and TV Harry.

    Seriously, there are 3 years and 2 days until the rights revert to me.

    And actually, I’d be interested in doing some other stuff, like an MMORPG. But then I’d never write again.

    Q: Will Harry ever charge anything besides money for his cases?
    A: It’s not in the plan. On the other hand, there are some people whose money Harry would never accept.

    Q: Can you tell us a little more about the black staff?
    A: The staff keeps Eb from going crazy, mostly. Also, the White Council stole it from someone. And they really want it back.

    Q: Will we see more of Michael?
    A: Yes, but his story is pretty much covered.

    Q: Why hasn’t Harry created things to replace modern conveniences?
    A: First, it’s subtle magic and it’s really really hard. Enchanting something to be a water heater would be like trying to put together an old Swiss watch. Way too delicate for Harry.

    Also, Harry chooses not to spend his time on that kind of thing. The maintenance for something like that would take a lot of time.

    Q: Harry says several times that Molly isn’t going to be a good combat wizard, but she seems to hold her own.
    A: Harry still sees her as a little kid AND she’s a girl. Those are two things that Harry has a hard time looking past. She really could be very dangerous, but not in the same way Harry is – and that’s how Harry measures combat talent: sudden and intense violence.

    Q: Should Harry’s first deal with Lea been covered by Maggie’s deal?
    A: Not really. One problem is that Harry dealt with Lea the way that one would deal with another human, so he really didn’t get much out of the bargain besides some confidence. Lea gave him the “magic feather” so to speak.

    And, Maggie could have done a little better job on her deal with Lea, but she was kind of in a rush, so she wasn’t as detailed as she should have been.

    Q: Harry seemed to be gathering every powerful ally he could – why not Elaine, or the Alphas?
    A: There are only so many characters I can keep straight.

    Q: What is the first line of Aftermath?
    A: I can’t believe he’s really dead.

    Q: What is the second line of Aftermath?
    A: You can find out in a few months.

    Q: What were you thinking, making Butters drop like that?
    A: I wanted to make someone twitch. [evil grin]

    Q: Is Cowl still out of Harry’s league, now that Harry has this additional power?
    A: I don’t know. Remember that Harry was outrunning the ??? (A bat thing? I’ll re-read and edit later.)

    Q: You spend a lot of time with your characters. Have they become like friends, or do you stay distanced from them so you can just say ‘I’ll drop them over here’?
    A: Have you read my books? If this is the way I treat my friends, would you want to be my friend?

    Q: Any news on the comic?
    A: Issues 5 and 6 should be out in the next couple of months. I’ve approved the art on 7 and the script on 8, so we should be back on track.

    Q: Do you have to have sex in order to have protection from the White Court?
    A: No, you don’t have to. It is helpful, though.

    Q: Can homosexuals be protected from the White Court?
    A: Of course. Any time it is Real Love between equals, there’s the possibility of protection. A parent and child couldn’t be protected because they are not equals.

    Q: Are the White Court affected by thresholds?
    A: Not really, they’re too mortal. But they might be affected if they were mostly vamped out when trying to cross a threshold.

    Q: Why would Harry do something as drastic as take on the mantle of Winter Knight? He’s never had to do that kind of thing before.
    A: There was much more on the line this time. He was desperate.

    Q: Is Elaine another candidate to wield power over Outsiders (the way Harry supposedly is)?
    A: Yes. There’s a reason Justin picked the two of them.