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Work By Author

A place for Authors to get valuable early feedback on their newest works.

    • Discussions 1,578
    • Messages 60,874

    Harry Potter Work by Author

    A place for users to post their fanfiction and receive feedback.
    Latest: Toppling Heroes [HP/DC] Oct 22, 2020 at 1:12 PM, Mordart
    • Discussions 202
    • Messages 15,467

    Dresden Work By Author

    Post your Dresden Files fanfiction here for feedback. Harry Potter crossovers can go in Harry Potter Work by Author.
    Latest: Fae Double Decker Sandwich Oct 7, 2020, Zeelthor
    • Discussions 460
    • Messages 19,658

    Misc Work by Author

    Post your stories for all the other fandoms besides Harry Potter and Dresden Files.
    Latest: Razzle Dazzle (RWBY) Oct 21, 2020 at 12:27 PM, neongreenbeast
    • Discussions 281
    • Messages 1,926

    Original Fiction Work By Author

    A place to put your original writing and get some constructive feedback.
    • Discussions 67
    • Messages 9,245

    Story Quests

    Where no circlejerk has gone before. Collective choose your own adventure stories, either hosted here or elsewhere.