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A Naruto Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by nea.lee33, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. nea.lee33

    nea.lee33 Guest

    What if the Third died during the Kyuubi attack? What if the Leaf village was destroyed? What if the Fourth perished in a last ditch effort to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto? What if Naruto and a few villagers are the last remnants of a once great village?


    -Without it's military source, Fire Country soon falls due to numerous invasions.

    -The survivors of the Leaf village either live off the land near the area where the village used to be or join a different village. If they join one of the ninja villages, they quickly find themselves oppressed.

    -Most if not all of the rookie nine should still be alive. Whether their family survives is up to you. They should grow up hearing the adult survivor's stories about how great Konoha used to be.

    -The children should somewhere down the line decide to rebuild Konoha. Whether or not they succeed is up to you. However if they do succeed Madara is not going to take a liking to the village he just destroyed being rebuilt. (hint hint ;D)

    -No one should know that the Kyuubi is sealed in Naruto. It's up to you if he finds out about it or if he decides to tell anyone. Just make sure he doesn't find out too early.

    -Orochimaru should still continue on with his plans, but instead find a different body to steal.

    -You can choose whether or not you want Mandara to be a factor in your story. If you do want Madara in your story he should still go around causing all sorts of chaos. His first goal of destroying Konoha has already been achieved but he still wants to capture all the tailed beasts and take over the world.

    -This new world is not a nice place. Ever since the fall of Konoha It's been a constant battle between the ninja villages for the rank of top dog and the smaller villages suffer for it. Suna should at some point be either captured, destroyed or greatly weakened. The bloodline purges should still happen, but maybe on a larger scale (hint hint ;D)

    -I don't mind any pairings. Just try not to have the pairings overtake the plot.

    The criteria is flexible just try not to change the entire thing. I would write it myself, but I'm more of a original fiction writer than a fanfiction writer. i tend to go over board and change everything until the canon is completely unrecognizable. Just make sure to inform me if you're going to complete the challenge. (I want to read it!!!!!!!)