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American Gods Mafia

Discussion in 'Little Italy' started by Newcomb, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. The Waco Kid

    The Waco Kid Groundskeeper

    Jan 3, 2015
    Nowhere Special
    I'd almost managed to forget about that...
  2. Blorcyn

    Blorcyn High Inquisitor DLP Supporter DLP Silver Supporter

    Oct 16, 2010
    Ahhh banks man. I'm sorry! I just wanted to make you wiggle, see the conviction you had in your soul! I wish you'd given that speech a day earlier. I probably would've voted jan. You media scum :D
  3. Jan

    Jan Fourth Year

    Jun 15, 2015
    He could not give it earlier, because he didnt think I was scum before.

    I played more towny than most towns, but it is a nearlly impossible battle as lone scum against eight town powerroles.
    If plotless is vt and does not claim on the last day, then I may have a small chance of winning.

    But there was no way to fight all these claims, esp when half of them were made by first time players and their possible coaches died d1.

    It was a fun game to play anyway.

    I felt it is odd that scum have powerroles of similar strenght to eidos minimafia games, but town suddenly have 8/12 ppl rolling pr. Some of them, like desperado, tracker and the two defensive roles being really strong ones.
    I got rdally lucky that town did not plan or colrdinate themselves at all.
    After the three scum dying early, noone seemed to care all that much, which is why banks and elemental died in the end.

    Toptown fonti, folowed brk

    ---------- Post automerged at 09:50 ---------- Previous post was at 09:45 ----------

    Followed by blorcyn who projected town really well without getting townread through any interaction with scum.

    Followed by wei, who was always playing town, and was not in need of a PR crutch to be townread.

    Rubicon really brought some fire when he replaced in. I have not seen him that energetic in any game before, but than again he died d1/2 in those games.

    ---------- Post automerged at 14:58 ---------- Previous post was at 09:50 ----------

    I tried to go the exact balance of having enough lynches left to win, while still confirming some town.

    That is why i didnt Town!firmed koalas earlier, at that point i did it to get a bit of towncred, to maaybe win.

    Plotless being anything other than vt broke my neck. i would have taken lj to final 4 and hoped to be the townier one in the screamoff.
    There is just not a lot to do when everyone you might normally be able to push is either firsttime player conf!town or has a role that you basically can't push against.
    The only hope in the end was that LJ is survivor or something like that and dies to the shot, then i have a small off chance.

    As town this games i would have most likely confirmed koalas and elemental on day 3, because there is just close to no way they are scum.
    I would have still pushed on banks, but in a different way. He needed to start playing, and day 3 was the best day to kill him as either alignment, because we already had hit 3 scum, so killing a really really bad town player is ok on that day.

    Town made severalmistakes in their play i think, which is the only reason i got that far.
    Tempus needs to use his power one night earlier, because he was nearlly pushed d3, so he knows his days are counted at that point.

    Elemental is always real, the way he claimed after being blocked by koalas, and the fact that koalas is always real there.

    This game was a little close to my townplay so i might just die in the next games because noone believes me to be town, welp.

    The votal thing lj mentions, might be a tell for others, but i have done those votals in all of my games on here, i think, the only reason i didnt do them earlier, was because i am in a clinic for most of the time and couldnt play my full game. (i won't do those vote-thingys or isos on my phone)
    And while i wanted to use them more, when she got shot and survived there was nothing left to fight for.

    I had to decide early on which people i wanted as towns and who as lynches.
    And her play was just scummy all over the place, the only problem is that scum don't claim that role on d1 like that, i had to hope ppl forget about it.

    I did have a survivor claim prepared in the end, just in case, with all the lore hints and stuff.
    But there was never a real chance/reason to claim that, i would have died anyway.
  4. Newcomb

    Newcomb Headmaster

    Sep 28, 2013
    The Evergreen State
    Let's see, some random notes.

    Snowvon gets the mod-awarded Bronze Star of Awesomeness for having most posts in his QT than the game thread when he died.

    And the Silver Star of Awesomeness for dying N1.

    There's a Gold Star that Eido was giving out, not sure about that one, Snow :p

    General notes...

    Mafia takes time commitment. The fact that there are a few people who have less posts than Citrus, who was Daykilled on D1, is kind of ???. Like, quantity != quality, but if you want to be good at this game you need to check in constantly, be engaged, interact with people, etc. Start lines of inquiry on your own, do things without being prompted, and go back-and-forth with people you're interacting with. Generally, just /be engaged/ This isn't to any one person, just a general thing.

    Setupgaming / modgaming / flavorgaming is kinda bleh as well. I mean, I get why it happens, but any good closed setup will have things in place /specifically/ to combat this. It also takes focus off what's actually important - what the players who are playing the game have actually done in the game.

    Eido already touched on the setup. Things went about as bad as they could reasonably go for scum D1. In a more "usual" game, when you think about the numbers, 12/4 with daychat (daychat being +EV scum to the tune of almost an entire member of the scumteam, traditionally) is very heavily scumsided. Hence the town PRs. And as Jan demonstrated, those PRs can act as mislynch bait to each other, like the Protective JoaT / Bodyguard dichotomy. Ascetic is also total mislynch bait - LJ played it pretty much perfectly, and a less savy player could easily have gotten axed with it. (I'll also note that LJ got shot at by town, so.... <_<)

    Town had some fun roles I wished would have gotten to shine more. Day Reporter is a fun kind of vanity role that doesn't really "do" anything - it can be a scum role as well so it doesn't confirm one as town - but Snowvon died N1, so...

    Neighborizer I thought had a ton of potential for sneaky plays - the fact that scum was in a hole and kind of forced into that hail-mary play was unfortunate. I had visions of it being used on two town and scum spying on them for useful intel, or for a very savvy scum to be Neighborized with town and playing them like a fiddle.

    Let's see, what else.

    Bookmarks are a great feature, 10/10 would recommend for all future games. One thing I found out is that if you edit a post, you have to re-check the "bookmark" box. Future hosts keep this in mind.

    I wanted Kalas to die at some point so I could use this image in his death post.

    The whole "quote from QTs" thing was a little <_<. I think I just have to accept that fact that people are going to try to find any edge they can. We tried to write a ruleset that takes everything into account, but 1) People obviously don't read the rules that closely, and 2) they're going to test the edges of the rules. So, next closed setup I'd encourage the mod to include a sample VT PM or something.

    Like, I really don't get what's hard about the rule. "Don't reference your QT" / "Don't do anything as town that scum can't be reasonably asked to fake." Like. How hard is that? But anyway.


    GG Town! Well-fought scum! Here's to another game in the books.

    And GG to fonti and Jan as well. Jan just played a really, really good game. "Never give up, never surrender" indeed.

    As for fonti...

    I have exclusive footage of fonti going after Citrus, Titus, and TMNT:

  5. Vaimes

    Vaimes Third Year

    Apr 6, 2014
    Hi Eido, I'll take my gold star now.
  6. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Chief Warlock

    Jul 30, 2007
    You didn't fulfill the gold star requirements, sorry!

    There's always next game.

    Blame the scum for shooting you N1.
  7. Vaimes

    Vaimes Third Year

    Apr 6, 2014
    fak u jan