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Archive 2018/08/28 DLP Library

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Zombie, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Zombie

    Zombie Black Philip Moderator DLP Supporter

    Apr 28, 2007
    Archive dlp-library-archive-8-28-18.zip

    Disclaimer: The works contained within this archive do not belong to Dark Lord Potter, @Zombie, @duplaja, @Sauce, or @illya_ . They’re a archive copy of works posted on FFN for public consumption.

    So, this hasn’t been done in a while and a couple people have been contributing their own archives and I thought it was time to refresh the existing thread. @illya_ and @duplaja are beasts.

    @illya_ s archive is dated 20150315 and is ~200MB , so it has some stories in it that might not be in circulation. @duplaja just spent the past couple days archiving the HP DLP Library List, which can be accessed here, and read in EPUB format, for your viewing pleasure.

    There’s a nifty tool called FanficFare which can be used to archive a multitude of fanfiction sites, and can be installed as a Calibre plugin, which @duplaja reports isn’t the best. It can also be ran through PIP/Python and is much more powerful.

    I had this idea to start archiving the DLP Library after coming across several fics that are no longer in circulation, or the links to their previous host site are dead . This happens as authors decide to leave the community -- move to greener pastures -- make an attempt at publishing, or retire their stories for other reasons. There are those of us that still remember them and want access to these stories be it in a fit of nostalgia or what have you. So I got to talking with @duplaja on IRC because I was looking into doing it myself. He took the wheel on this and took our ideas so now you have this. Dude’s a beast and he’s compiled this for everyone.

    That being said, as other communities shutter their doors, I think that some preservation of the materials contained within is appropriate. I know that Ao3 seeks to make archives of sites, but I’m not Ao3 and neither is DLP, and I’d like to have our own record of things come and gone to carry new readers, and give them a record of the past so they too can experience the writing of authors that may no longer be contributing.

    If you don’t want your story in the archive, then please, let me know by clicking @Zombie and I’ll get it taken care of. Please, if anyone mirrors this or has their own archives to share/mirror please acknowledge that authors request. I’ll try my best to communicate it to everyone.
    A Request

    Here is a list of fics that are no longer on FFN, could not be accessed, or is no longer with us. If you could read through them, explore the links, or find that you do have a copy, please let either @duplaja or me (@Zombie) know so that we may add it to the archive. We know the list of urls is not ideal, but it’s what we have to work with. To find the corresponding title / author, visit the library thread, view source, and search for all or part of the url from the list.

    Epub is preferred, but HTML and PDF is acceptable. I’d like to crowdsource this as much as possible, there is a pretty extensive user base on site so between all of us, we might be able to gather this information and knock some names off that list. Should you want to contribute to the archive or feel like there is a story missing that should be included, use the following format in this thread to let me know what it is.

    Thread Title
    URL to Thread/FFN or site its hosted on.

    If you find dead links in threads, you can also notify us here, by using the same format.

    Thread Title
    URL To Thread, and if you have an active link, feel free to include that as well. It will aid in getting things back up and accessible.

    Update: There are only 3 stories from the entirety of the library list that are not included in the archive and that’s because they can’t be found anymore, but we’re still looking. If you know where to find them, have a copy yourself. Contact one of us and we can get it merged into the larger archive.

    Authors Not Included (By Request)

    If you don't want to have your stories archived, like I said above, PM me or get on IRC and message me and let me know. I’ll be more than happy to have them removed. This is just public record so that I don’t get a million PMs from people asking for something by someone that’s included in this list.

    • Enembee

    Excluded Fiction
    The Mirrors

    We would really appreciate it if everyone mirrored these links to keep them active for as long as possible. I’ll periodically check them to make sure they’re still active but this is a community effort more than just a me and duplaja effort as well. If you download these, please, consider upping them to your Dropbox, your Mega, your Drive and then (@Zombie, @duplaja) click one of our names and “Start a Private Conversation” and send us your links. I’ll get the main document updated when I have the time.

    Your participation is appreciated. Thanks.​

    The Future:

    I hope to, at some point, get a scrape of all the Other Fandom Fandoms, and compile an archive similar to this. The content contained in our libraries has at some point been considered the best there is to find. I don’t want to lose that, and I don’t want any fics to vanish and never be able to be found again. So, I’ll update this section in the future when I’ve got the list compiled and built and found what can be found. I have a way to scrape SB/SV/QQ, AO3, and pretty much whatever host site there is. The intent is to respect the sites we’re harvesting that data from so this will be done in bits and pieces as to not cause any undue stress on any other site admins or our staff.​


      • Updated title link and drop box link with archives from Patronus Charm (added 38 fics) (Still upping to mega, will update when done)
      • Total fic count increased to 666.
      • Added more fics, there’s only three missing.
      • Updated thread title
      • Updated mirror links
      • Updated base archive
      • Included 2015 archive from iilya_ after it was pruned of author removal request
      • Added “A Note from Duplaja to main body of text.”
      • Minor text changes and @’s made.
      • Added “A note about The Future”
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2018
  2. Dryops

    Dryops Second Year DLP Supporter

    May 29, 2007
    United States
    Glad to help out! What we have so far are just the ones from the library that are a) still up and b) could also be pulled by fanficfare.

    I'll be digging into past archives I have stored to migrate over any that are no longer up, barring author request, as well as working on a way to convert any that aren't supported by the auto convert. The "not found" list is a mix of the two above, so if you have a good tool for converting any that aren't supported by fanficfare, but are still up, feel free to share!

    *Edit: * Converted all of the Patronus links, and Sauce, Zombie, and I are going through the dead FFN links to find alternate sources. I've been keeping the looking for link up to date as we go.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  3. Sauce Bauss

    Sauce Bauss First Year ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Apr 4, 2008
    High Score:
    Glad to help! This was a perpetually half finished project of mine, and I'm happy to offload the hard parts on you while taking credit, @duplaja.
  4. Dryops

    Dryops Second Year DLP Supporter

    May 29, 2007
    United States
    We've cut the list of missing fics (excluding those that authors asked us to leave off) down to 3! As such, this is likely in a fairly stable state. At this point, we'll likely just update as those fics that are still active update, as new fics are added to the library, if we find better (more complete) versions of any that are incomplete, or if we find any of the missing 3.

    What you can do to help (if you are so inclined):

    Missing Fics (If you have a copy or a link, let us know)

    Incomplete Fics

    • If you notice any fics that are missing chapters (non-live), and you have a link / copy that is more recent, let us know.


    • As @Zombie mentioned above, if you want to host a mirror, download and rehost, and then share your mirror here so that we can add it to the list.
  5. Nicovi

    Nicovi Third Year

    Mar 13, 2015
    Spent some hours downloading stories from 'Other Fandoms'.

    I dont plan to download 'Almost recommended' or 'Original Fiction'.
    I will probably also download 'Misc Anime-Cartoons-Comics', 'Misc Games' and 'Misc Television and Movies'.

    - I picked one download link in each thread (priority FFN>AO3>SV>SB)
    - I saved as epub when possible, html otherwise.
    - I never checked the files I downloaded, so they might be messed up, corrupted etc.
    - The html-files from SV & SB havnt been edited for readability etc.
    - For SV & SB I used 'Reader mode' when possible.
    - I might have missed links to sequels or side-stories etc.
    - This isnt intended as a quality archive. Mostly just something we have just in case.
    - For the archives marked 20181215 I downloaded the files within 24h of that date.

    Download links:

    Fics not in the archives:
    Fate/Stay Night
    The Third Magic by Deviate's Fish - Gone from FFN. SB versions might worth getting.
    Thu'um of A Distant Utopia by Deviate's Fish - Gone from FFN. Beast's Lair link still works. Not Downloaded.
    Fate/Somnium Summer by Verg Avesta - Beast's Lair link still works. Not Downloaded.
    Straight-Edge by fallacies - Beast's Lair link still works. Not Downloaded.
    Misc - Books
    Valar Morghulis by ali - Dead link. Removed by Author.
    Misc - Television_and Movies
    Licence To Kill by Sigma - No link.
    A Thing of Terrible Beauty by Dreamsmith - Link dead. Backup link dead.
    Safe by KJ - Link dead.
    Alexander Harris and the Shadow Council by Tenhawk - Link dead.
    Past Imperfect by Fletcher Delancey - Link dead.
    Keep Very Quiet And Cling To My Mouth by abc-mno - Link dead.
    Transistor by Chris Myers by Chris Myers - Deleted by author.
    2284: by John Hightower - Link 'Unauthorized'.
    See Noir Evil by M. McGregor - Not Downloaded.
    Water Hold Me Down by Liz Marcs - Not Downloaded.
    My Little Pony
    Fallout: Equestria by Kkat - DL ch1-49, from ponyfictionarchive.net
    Silent Ponyville by Jake Heritagu - SP, TSFAR, SP2 & SPR, from fimfiction.net
    The Thessalonica Legacy by Dashukta - DL, from fimfiction.net
    Turnabout Storm by PWaaMLPfim - Videos, so not downloaded.
    Naruto and the Rocks by li.u 88 - Dead link.
    What became of the Likely Lads by Zimo - Dead link.
    Star Wars
    Bad Boys JEDI Style by Kelaria - Dead link.
    The Revolution Series by YodaKenobi - Theforce.net link still works. Not Downloaded.

    There might be easier ways to download these, but I only (mostly) used the links in the threads.

    Edit: The stories marked Not Downloaded are ones I was to lazy to download, but anyone can download. So feel free to help out with those.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  6. Nicovi

    Nicovi Third Year

    Mar 13, 2015
    Aaaaand done! (If you ignore the few strays I marked as 'Not Downloaded')

    Notes (continued):
    - Stories whose only link is to DLP-WbA are not included.

    Download links (continued):

    *A Scotsman In Egypt by Jerusalem, All Guardsmen Party by Shoggy and The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing by Chewbot.

    Fics not in the archives (continued):
    Misc - Anime Cartoons Comics
    Probabilities of Love by Zaywex - Dead link.
    Crisis on Infinite Relationships by Tested Positive - Dead link.
    Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem by Alis Dee - Dead link.
    My Body is a Cage by conceptofzero - Demands a LiveJournal account. Not Downloaded.

    Hopefully this can be an aid to create a quality checked and neatly sorted archive for easy updating. (Or at the very least help us salvage the scraps of tales containing glory and pointless angst).