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dlp-library-archive-11-27-19.zip [Updated]

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Zombie, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Nicovi

    Nicovi Fourth Year

    Mar 13, 2015
    Thanks to your old archives we can still read stories that probably would be lost otherwise.
    I assume that those archives helped inspire more than me to continue protect good fanfiction against the ravages of time.
  2. RandomUser

    RandomUser Banned

    Aug 23, 2020
    thank you so much.... you are doing the lords work!
  3. Pikachu

    Pikachu Banned

    Apr 18, 2023
    Anyone have the 2008 archive? It had a whole lot more stories then the current one, preferably in epub.
  4. Nicovi

    Nicovi Fourth Year

    Mar 13, 2015
    I assume you mean bornagainpenguin's 2008 archive. thisperson's mirror from 2014 seems to still work.
    They are both named the same, and based on the dialog in the thread, the link should be to a proper mirror.


    Edit 1+2+3:
    The 2008 archive seems to have 888 stories (801 stories with 87 sequel/prequels).
    The current (20220814) archive has 2025 (1496 library stories + 529 related stories).

    Its not in epub.

    Hopefully this is still useful to you.

    Edit 2: There seems to be some sequels etc added, I'll update the numbers and give a hopefully complete list of the included shortly. (Updated, see below).

    Edit 3: Adjusted the numbers above. Here is the list of stories in the 2008 archive:

    Here are the stories, as sorted in 2008 by folder name:
    Azkaban/A Play with me - World
    Azkaban/AntiSoul - Parselmaster
    Azkaban/Apathetic Duology - nonjon
    Azkaban/Apparently Evil - Count-Colville
    Azkaban/Azkaban Parody - Fangalla Marie and Eppy the House Elf
    Azkaban/Betrayal of the Best Kind (FF.net Original) - Draco664
    Azkaban/Betrayal of the Best Kind (FFA Revision) - Draco664
    Azkaban/Betrayed - kateydidnt
    Azkaban/Betrayed, Used, and Royally Pissed - LeTimbo
    Azkaban/Child of Prophecies - deconneur
    Azkaban/Count of Azkaban - goldenthestral
    Azkaban/Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Wizards - Corwalch
    Azkaban/Earl of the North - Lord Silvere
    Azkaban/Exile - Easleyweasley
    Azkaban/Exploration of the Past - shadylion
    Azkaban/Flames of Betrayal - FFnet - marietsy
    Azkaban/From the Abyss - Ruskbyte
    Azkaban/Fugitives of Azkaban - BajaB
    Azkaban/God of Azkaban - Jdragon
    Azkaban/Hero, Villain, Saviour, Conqueror - Lady Smoothie
    Azkaban/It All Comes Tumbling Down - Darkest Desire
    Azkaban/Lack of Faith - Marietsy
    Azkaban/Lord of Azkaban - padfootjr24
    Azkaban/Lord of Caer Azkaban - Rorschach's Blot
    Azkaban/Perfect Azkaban Breakout - pstibbons
    Azkaban/Powerful Beyond Belief - fullsailnate
    Azkaban/Revenge Is So Sweet - A Rath610
    Azkaban/Rise of A Dark King - Naga's Shadow
    Azkaban/Shadow Of Azkaban - IndoGhost
    Azkaban/Soul of the Serpent - Wujjawoo
    Azkaban/The Innocence Of Guilt - ENSIGN
    Azkaban/When Darkness Falls - Dauphin
    Dark Arts/15 & on Death Row - concrete13rose
    Dark Arts/A Change in Destiny - G.L.M
    Dark Arts/A Killer's Path - Wild Thing8
    Dark Arts/Age of Deception - Takeda Lee
    Dark Arts/Alone in the Dark - Tarawen
    Dark Arts/Another Inspiration - Alonea Metallium
    Dark Arts/Bird Tongue - Sylvia Key
    Dark Arts/Blackened Sunrise - (original) - The Itch
    Dark Arts/Blackened Sunrise Revised - The Itch
    Dark Arts/Blessed - Erised Burning
    Dark Arts/Chessboards of Light and Dark - jon3776
    Dark Arts/Child of Mercy - Fayr Warning
    Dark Arts/Consuming Darkness - Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
    Dark Arts/Continuing My Work - xxThornxx
    Dark Arts/Curse of the Prophecy - quizgirl
    Dark Arts/Dark Kings - DrakeHouse
    Dark Arts/Dark Lord's Blessing - Drake
    Dark Arts/Darkness Reigns Supreme - Dark-Syaoran
    Dark Arts/Darkness Within - TragicLestat
    Dark Arts/Dinner Time - Dark-Syaoran
    Dark Arts/Dursley_-_ the Next Generation - Selenepotter
    Dark Arts/Embers of Loyalty - Aria Gray
    Dark Arts/Enemy Mine - Delauney
    Dark Arts/Equal and Opposite - Amerision
    Dark Arts/Foolish - DGD
    Dark Arts/Fury of the Elements - The Phoenix King
    Dark Arts/Hand Of Blood - Swiftdeath
    Dark Arts/Harry Potter The Dark King - Night Wanderer
    Dark Arts/Hope's End - Dark Armies
    Dark Arts/Humanity Lost - eQuasarus
    Dark Arts/I won't forgive you - CodeWarrior
    Dark Arts/Immortal - Lutris Argutiae
    Dark Arts/Lady Darkness - AngstPuppies
    Dark Arts/Let History Repeat Itself - Dauphin
    Dark Arts/Meaning of the Name - Lady Salazar
    Dark Arts/Melody Of Death - Zero's Legacy
    Dark Arts/Of Ascension - Xiph0
    Dark Arts/Paint By Numbers - Wheezy1
    Dark Arts/Peace and Quiet - Virusgod
    Dark Arts/Power is for the Strong - Fortis
    Dark Arts/Rivers of Blood - Soulforger
    Dark Arts/Ruined In A Day - Net Girl
    Dark Arts/Screams Series - cloneserpents
    Dark Arts/Shadowed Wanderings - Dwitbal
    Dark Arts/Sunderance - Xiph0
    Dark Arts/Tainting of a Soul - ixazncha0sxi
    Dark Arts/Temptations of a Dark Soul - Amerision
    Dark Arts/Terrible but Great - Dark Syaroan
    Dark Arts/The Broken Victory - Kate Lynn
    Dark Arts/The Darkness Within - clen3k
    Dark Arts/The End - Taure
    Dark Arts/The End or Perhaps, the Beginning - Dark-Syaoran
    Dark Arts/The Only One He Ever Feared - jjtaylor
    Dark Arts/The Rise & Fall of Harry Potter - Lucullus
    Dark Arts/The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts, Year One - Gloom'n'Doom
    Dark Arts/To Define Treachery - Andromalius
    Dark Arts/Traitorous - Flamata
    Dark Arts/Traitor's Within - Midknight
    Dark Arts/Turncoat - Taure
    Dark Arts/Twenty Four Hours to Live - Heather Sinclair
    Dark Arts/Unknown Soldier - DarklingDragon
    Dark Arts/Yin and Yang - IP82
    General/A Black Comedy - nonjon
    General/A Black's Blessing in Green and Silver - Lord Perth
    General/A Favor for a Friend - nonjon
    General/A Magical Journey - msnorris12000
    General/A New Beginning - Void Sorcerer
    General/A New Destiny - foursidedtriangle
    General/Age 23 - JeffD
    General/Albus Dumbledore at Hogwarts - Grandson of Dumbledore
    General/Alchemist's Cell - Le Rob
    General/All My Love to Long Ago - this_old_dance
    General/An Heir of an Heir - Sanctimonius
    General/And Beggars Will Ride - opalish
    General/Anima Summa - Anima Summa
    General/Assignment - thesteffis
    General/At the Hands of the Other - The-Caitiff
    General/Attention Seeker - Helaros
    General/Awakening of a Magus - the-dreamer4
    General/Bad Luck - Surarrin
    General/Balance of Power trilogy - KrystalRoze
    General/Battles with Basilisks - SnorkackCatcher
    General/Betrayed by All, a New Life - Kyrissean Angelis
    General/Between Heroes and Villians - BetryedBitch
    General/Blind Faith Series - xyvortex
    General/Born - Viperflamer
    General/Butcher of Hogsmeade - Yagr of Nar
    General/Cervais de la Lumiere - lotrox
    General/Chilling - DarkGoddess2002
    General/Clueless Gopher - PhilipL
    General/Curse of Durand - Nomad1
    General/Dark Lord Potter; The Chain Story - xxThornxx
    General/Day Above all Others - DGD
    General/Despair - Jeconais
    General/Dirty Politics and Paparazzi - Mrriddler
    General/Dragonmasters - Naia
    General/Dudley's Dilemma - Taran Fortescue
    General/Earth's Emissary - MadEyes
    General/Eclipse of Remembrance - The Zig
    General/Eclipse of the Sky - firefawn
    General/Elemental Genesis - Raven Dragonclaw
    General/Existence after Life Series - Cygnus Crux
    General/Fidelius - Ishtar
    General/Fifth Element - Bexis
    General/Finding of Power - MidnightPhoenixx
    General/Flying Squad Universe - Horst Pullmann's
    General/Gabriel - Shikatanai
    General/Gloves - Myst Shadow
    General/Grey Maiden Series - Chris Widger
    General/Grim Decision - Nanio-713
    General/Half Blood Prince - Forfie
    General/Harry Central - Wishweaver
    General/Hidden - eQuasarus
    General/How Luna Lovegood Became Loony Luna - Lady Alchymia
    General/How We Survive; The Runaway - twighlightshadow
    General/Illusions - S. Thanatos
    General/In The Company of Secrets - Dream Red
    General/In the Heart - Jeconais
    General/In The Shadows - SkySong
    General/Knight of St George - StevenA
    General/Learning to Breathe - onoM
    General/Legende de l'Harmonie - Sirius Aldebaran
    General/Life of Darkness Series - Sati
    General/Luna's Year - michelle-31a
    General/Mad Scientist of Leakwood Manor - cew-smoke
    General/Malignant Objects - Charlie -dashdot- Blue
    General/Marcello School - Kjkit
    General/Me, Myself, and I - EmySabath
    General/Mind Magic - boggart returns
    General/Ministry Steps In - EveBB
    General/Morpheus' Garden - Manicr
    General/Muggle Summer, Wizard's Fall - canoncansodoff
    General/Mysteries of the Department - Taure
    General/Nexus - WoMo
    General/Night Before - Cypher3au
    General/Not Just A Kiss - SSC
    General/Obsessive Lily Disorder - Procrastinator-starting2moro
    General/Of Blacks and Malfoys - Lord Methene
    General/Of The Hero Trilogy - joe6991
    General/Of Western Stars - neutral
    General/Old Soldiers Never Die - Rorschach's Blot
    General/Order of the Phoenix - TIJK
    General/Paradigm of Uncertainty Series - Lori
    General/Paterfamilias - kphoebe and miggy
    General/Path to Power - Traveller
    General/Perfect Soldier - I-Like-Llamas
    General/Phoenix and the Serpent - ReaderRavenclaw
    General/Phoenix's Flight - The Velvet Ghost
    General/PotterMcKnight Series - Water Mage
    General/Redefining Summer - loralee1
    General/Reluctant God - threelade
    General/Remnants of the Soul - Cubdom
    General/Resistance of Azkaban - Shezza88
    General/Return - Taure
    General/Ring of Five - vagabound
    General/Rune of Alacantera - Mione5
    General/Sardonic Satisfaction - Vincent K'nispel
    General/Saviour's Last Hope - Darius Winter
    General/Scabbed Wings - Cacasenno
    General/Secret Sanctuary - Farfumsane
    General/Servitude of a Peculiar Sort - Ghostwheel
    General/Sherlock Holmes and the Ravenclaw Codex - Pavonis Mons
    General/Silence - Taure
    General/Silver Serpent - Ginny Killer 2.0
    General/Sisters in Law - Tinn Tam
    General/Slytherin Harry Series - E. M. Pink
    General/Smoke - DrT
    General/Solstice of Fate (Alchemist's Cell rewrite) - Le Rob
    General/Song of the Trees - Tinn Tam
    General/Soul Play - Snapesforte
    General/Spoils of War - Aerie22
    General/Stained Future - Master Slytherin
    General/Story of Nicolae Edward Volante - Taure
    General/Story of The Guys - The Professional
    General/Suicide's Blood - Divine Demon
    General/Symphony For Quartet - Tinn Tam
    General/Tangled Web - Nomad1
    General/Teeth - Manicr
    General/Thank You Ms Bones - old-crow
    General/The Battle - DGD
    General/The Beginning - Radagast
    General/The Burden Of Choice - Touchstone
    General/The Few - strawberry22
    General/The Greatest Headmaster of Hogwarts - z'yiandria
    General/The Human Condition - C.K. Talons
    General/The Imposter - IP82
    General/The Minister - Android Knight 47
    General/The Power - DarthBill
    General/The Power Known Not - emikae
    General/The Rage of Potter - Bellamybabe
    General/The Right Hand Path - Sophiax
    General/The Walkers - ENSIGN
    General/Third Key - Slowfox
    General/Ties of Blood - WolfMoon
    General/Till The Very Last Breath - The-Xenocide
    General/Time to Live - loralee1
    General/To Rise From The Ashes - Lucullus
    General/Twisted Roses - Lady Salazar
    General/Under Siege - Dens Serpentis
    General/Unforgiven Betrayal - HarbringerLady
    General/Unholy - Lady Salazar
    General/Unknown Memories - Fission25
    General/Unsticking the Shadow - pogrebin
    General/Uric the Oddball - Ariana Deralte
    General/Veneficus - Surarrin
    General/Voldemort's Last Spell - Louis IX
    General/Walking Shadow - Pogrebin
    General/War of Wills - Heather Sinclair
    General/Wayside Sacrament - Startide Risen
    General/Weapon of Atlantis - Sky Lancer
    General/When you read this I'll be gone - trux
    General/Wishful Thinking - TheGoldenSeraphim
    General/With A Start - E. M. Pink
    General/With Malice Aforethought - S. P. Smith
    General/Within These Walls - Solstice Muse
    Humor & Parody/1001 Deaths of Lord Voldemort - Crys
    Humor & Parody/101 Reasons Why Ginny Never Buys Harry a Gift - HermioneCrookshanks919
    Humor & Parody/4 Out of 5 DADA Professors Recommend - wwwendy
    Humor & Parody/A Bad Week at the Wizengamot - DisobedienceWriter
    Humor & Parody/A Four Letter Word - Averis
    Humor & Parody/A Harry+Ginny Parody - firelegs
    Humor & Parody/A Mary Sue Alphabet - Irony-chan
    Humor & Parody/A Nice Cup of Tea and a Lie Down - Bernice
    Humor & Parody/A Sue's Story - Resourceful-Idiot
    Humor & Parody/A Veela Involved Series of Unfortunate Events - Shezza88
    Humor & Parody/Abeo, Voldemort - Lord Ravenclaw
    Humor & Parody/Alter Within - Gregthebunny
    Humor & Parody/An Alternate View - gregthebunny2005
    Humor & Parody/Average Romance in 75 Words or Less - Le Rob
    Humor & Parody/Azkaban Parody - Fangalla Marie and Eppy the House Elf
    Humor & Parody/Bestest Birthday Ever - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/Birth of a Name - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/Breaking Tradition - Mortalus
    Humor & Parody/Burn Baby Burn! - Dark-Syaoran
    Humor & Parody/Cat!Harry - Hija
    Humor & Parody/Chamber Strike - evansentranced
    Humor & Parody/Coven of The Rose - C. Rose
    Humor & Parody/DA Missions I; Agent Toots - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/DA Missions II; Agent Furry Fury - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/Dance Off - Surarrin
    Humor & Parody/Day The Nightmare Ended - bragg247
    Humor & Parody/Detention - Barkeeper
    Humor & Parody/Dimension Hopping for Beginners - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/Dream Journal of Harry J Potter - Crys
    Humor & Parody/Dumbledore's Payback - Laume
    Humor & Parody/Enormous Bill - Lord Ravenclaw
    Humor & Parody/Evil Summer Vacation - Meteoricshipyards
    Humor & Parody/Famous Last Words - Jeconais
    Humor & Parody/Firewarrior's Guide to the Galaxy (W40k) - Rogue 11
    Humor & Parody/Fluffy The CatWhoMustNotBeNamed - The-Catiff
    Humor & Parody/Flying Without A Broom - Ruskbyte
    Humor & Parody/Freak Parade - The-Catiff
    Humor & Parody/Gadding with Goats - AgiVega
    Humor & Parody/Gene-Spliced Harry - Cypher3au
    Humor & Parody/Ginny's Potion Woes - The-Catiff
    Humor & Parody/God Save the Queen - Xiph0
    Humor & Parody/Ground Hog Day - Rorschach's Blot
    Humor & Parody/Half of Dueling Range - neutral
    Humor & Parody/Halfblood Prince - Potter47
    Humor & Parody/Happy Birthday, Mr Dark Lord - angel272
    Humor & Parody/Harry Johnson Series - Doghead Thirteen
    Humor & Parody/Harry Potter & the Veela Must Die Parody - Fangalla Marie and Eppy the House Elf
    Humor & Parody/Harry Situation - Neuropsych
    Humor & Parody/Hatal Fart Attack - Corwalch
    Humor & Parody/Heir to the Weasley Throne - xayne
    Humor & Parody/Here Comes Harry Potter! - Hybrid Blade
    Humor & Parody/Honestly, Headmaster - Meteoricshipyards
    Humor & Parody/HPParody - Shezza88
    Humor & Parody/Hunt For Harry Potter - Rorschach's Blot
    Humor & Parody/Indirect Approach - Rorschach's Blot
    Humor & Parody/Insane Adventures of Harry Potter - Amerision
    Humor & Parody/Intense Training - Mulledmead
    Humor & Parody/Is He My Father - Marietsy
    Humor & Parody/Lets do the Time Warp Again - Rorschach's Blot
    Humor & Parody/Lies, Deceit and Manipulations - SoldieroftheMoon (aka Aekiel)
    Humor & Parody/Lord Voldemort Orders a Pizza - dude04
    Humor & Parody/Love Like a Bad Porn Movie - Cacasenno
    Humor & Parody/Lovegood, Boobs Gooder - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/Lucius Malfoy's Death Eater Application Form - Rowen Redford
    Humor & Parody/Luna's Hobby - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/Luna's Hubby - Meteoricshipyards
    Humor & Parody/Made With Our Love - Marauder
    Humor & Parody/Magical Marriage Mayhem - Innortal
    Humor & Parody/Make A Wish - Rorschach's Blot
    Humor & Parody/Making Friendship Bracelets For The Death Eaters - Avada Cruimperio
    Humor & Parody/Mary Sues Cometh - citygirl1116
    Humor & Parody/Nicolas Flamel Trilogy - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/Not Slytherin Enough - fruit17
    Humor & Parody/Now Hiring; Committee for the Disposal... - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/Odd Ideas - Rorschach's Blot
    Humor & Parody/Once Upon a Freakin' Time - Evadne
    Humor & Parody/Only Ones He Ever Feared - Ashwinder
    Humor & Parody/Potter Tradition of Red - Riku11
    Humor & Parody/Power Snivellus Knows Not - nonjon
    Humor & Parody/PuppyDog Eyes - Wheezy1
    Humor & Parody/Quest for Tail - Xiph0
    Humor & Parody/Registration - samvimes
    Humor & Parody/Rise of the Evil Overlord - Pwn Master Paladin
    Humor & Parody/Ron's True Love - A Humiliating Truth - BlindJedi
    Humor & Parody/Santa's Helper - Moon's Aria
    Humor & Parody/Series of Screw Ups to Destroy HG - -PsychicLunar-
    Humor & Parody/Seven sins of Harry - Flametongue
    Humor & Parody/Shortest Severitus story ever - IP82
    Humor & Parody/Skewing the Odds - Ruskbyte
    Humor & Parody/Slytherin Queen - Takeda Lee
    Humor & Parody/Slytherin's Secret Broom Closet - zUzaque
    Humor & Parody/Snape's Worst Nightmare - draco664
    Humor & Parody/So Sue Me - lunakatrina
    Humor & Parody/Sorcerer's Stoned - FanFictionFantom
    Humor & Parody/Terminal Justice - overkill_hp
    Humor & Parody/That Loser - Siriusly Odd
    Humor & Parody/The Most Beautiful Warts He Had Ever Seen - rj1981
    Humor & Parody/The Most Bizarre HP Pairing of All - David305
    Humor & Parody/The Next Great Adventure - abby
    Humor & Parody/The Original Naked Quidditch Match - Evilgoddss
    Humor & Parody/The Power The Dark Lord Knows Of - Finbar
    Humor & Parody/The Voldemort Who Stole Christmas - Le Rob
    Humor & Parody/The Watering Hole - Master Caliiro
    Humor & Parody/Those Who Hunt Death Eaters - Ruskbyte
    Humor & Parody/Those Who Still Hunt Death Eaters - Ruskbyte
    Humor & Parody/Walk in my shoes - SSC
    Humor & Parody/Weapons of Mass Destruction - veglover89
    Humor & Parody/What Do You Mean By 'Defeat' - Miss Whiskers
    Humor & Parody/What Was Your Name, Again - Full Pensieve
    Humor & Parody/XRay Specs - Rorschach's Blot
    Humor & Parody/You Shall Not Harm Harry Potter - Nonjon
    Humor & Parody/You're a Wizard, Potter - Amsuhl
    Independent Harry/A Different Path - Smallville Potter
    Independent Harry/A Serpent's Sacrifice - Gabilian
    Independent Harry/A Stranger in a Strange Land - B.Szoke
    Independent Harry/Acerbus Angelus - Dalyon
    Independent Harry/Agency - foursidedtriangle
    Independent Harry/Allusions of Power - ReflectionsOfReality
    Independent Harry/Altered Destiny - CandyAngel17
    Independent Harry/Always Smiling - Lady Salazar
    Independent Harry/Apprentice Potter - Draco664
    Independent Harry/Art of War - Contempt
    Independent Harry/Assassin's Apprentice - Fanfix
    Independent Harry/Awakening Power - sib-ff
    Independent Harry/Azkaban Guards - Fanfix
    Independent Harry/Azkaban's Heir - Katling
    Independent Harry/Beast Lord - Ceres K
    Independent Harry/Beyond the Scars - Aurora Vampiris
    Independent Harry/Black Sheep - henriette
    Independent Harry/Black's War - BigHead
    Independent Harry/Blissful Suffering - Hollow winter
    Independent Harry/Blood Prince Series - Shade Dancer
    Independent Harry/Blood Red - SongOfTheSky
    Independent Harry/Blood Tipped Feather - Quazi Joe
    Independent Harry/Bloody Sabbath - AlexisStevCotius
    Independent Harry/Boy Who Fled - Happy Fingers
    Independent Harry/Brave New World - bellerophon30
    Independent Harry/Breaking of Bonds - BadVoodoo
    Independent Harry/Bungle in the Jungle; A Harry Potter Adventure - jbern
    Independent Harry/Celestial Requiem - Raven Dragonclaw
    Independent Harry/Chair of Idris - Sant
    Independent Harry/Chalice of Souls - crystalheart81
    Independent Harry/Changing Faces - eQuasarus
    Independent Harry/Checkmate - Phoenix Sworn
    Independent Harry/Child of Light - willy taveras
    Independent Harry/Circular Reasoning - Swimdraconian
    Independent Harry/Coming of Fate - Laeka
    Independent Harry/Control - Fatpunk
    Independent Harry/Crimson - NamelessHeretic
    Independent Harry/Crux of the Matter - mjc
    Independent Harry/Curse of V'Ardian - Wujjawoo
    Independent Harry/Dark Lord - Erised Burning
    Independent Harry/Dark Respite - Omagic
    Independent Harry/Dimension Shift - Dream Red
    Independent Harry/Double the Trouble - Ryuu_Ken
    Independent Harry/Druid Pathway - Alan Wilks
    Independent Harry/Empty Room - enembee
    Independent Harry/Escape - malko050987
    Independent Harry/Exceptions - believeindreamers
    Independent Harry/Fall of the Malfoys, Rise of the Blacks - Hawk
    Independent Harry/Fallen Asleep - Sythe
    Independent Harry/Family Pack - Taldmar
    Independent Harry/Fight Club - Eliyah
    Independent Harry/Final Straw - bellerophon30
    Independent Harry/Flight of Death - Lucullus
    Independent Harry/Forging the Sword - Myst Shadow
    Independent Harry/Founders' Heir - Renatus
    Independent Harry/Freedom - cucullen
    Independent Harry/FreeLance Hero - lordvitiris
    Independent Harry/Grey Clouds - Tald
    Independent Harry/Harem of Honeys - szordara
    Independent Harry/Harry Potter and Salazar's Snake - OblivionsPuppet
    Independent Harry/Harry Potter; A Vampire's Curse - The Watcher In The Dark
    Independent Harry/Harry Potter; A Warrior's Path - Lord Xero
    Independent Harry/Harry Potter; Enigma at Work - BlueMagikMarker
    Independent Harry/Harry Potter; The Rise of a Warrior - Cervus
    Independent Harry/Harry Potter; The Shadow Mage - SilverAegis
    Independent Harry/Harry Potter's Life Lessons - DisobedienceWriter
    Independent Harry/Harry the Rune Master - Rune warrior
    Independent Harry/Harry's Reckoning - jmcqk6
    Independent Harry/Heir of Silvertongue - Lord Ravenclaw
    Independent Harry/Here I Come - Dark-Syaoran
    Independent Harry/Hero's Path - TheJackOfDiamonds
    Independent Harry/Hiss of Darkness Within a Heart Of Gold - tubbataha
    Independent Harry/Hollow - Kinoth
    Independent Harry/Holyhead Harem - bigdonadiet
    Independent Harry/Hybrid Theory - WickedMe763
    Independent Harry/I Want Out - malko050987
    Independent Harry/Identity - highbrass
    Independent Harry/If I could only be normal - just dont tell my mum
    Independent Harry/If You Want Something Done - Magic Light Dragon
    Independent Harry/In Light of Silver Memories - Taliath
    Independent Harry/Independence Day - tumshie
    Independent Harry/Independence of a Hero - Egyptian Flame
    Independent Harry/Innocence is fleeting, Death stays true forever - SSC
    Independent Harry/Innocence Of Guilt - ENSIGN
    Independent Harry/Invictus - opalish
    Independent Harry/Jaded Series Year I - OblivionsPuppet
    Independent Harry/Larceny, Lechery, and Luna Lovegood! - Rorschach's Blot
    Independent Harry/Litany of Blood - jon3776
    Independent Harry/Lords of the Night - pimpilidimpi
    Independent Harry/Maelstrom - Inconclusive
    Independent Harry/Magic, Danger and Romance - Fenhir
    Independent Harry/Manipulator of Destiny - Wheezy1
    Independent Harry/Master Potter - Draco664
    Independent Harry/Mysteries - Natasha Vloyski
    Independent Harry/New Dawn - Prabal
    Independent Harry/Not Your Savior - Lyric Z D
    Independent Harry/Of Blood and Power - Dalyon
    Independent Harry/Old Soldiers Never Die - Rorschach's Blot
    Independent Harry/On a Thin Leash - TheOtherWhiteSheep
    Independent Harry/On the Wings of a Phoenix - makoyi
    Independent Harry/On the Wings of Magic - Bil
    Independent Harry/Orb of Souls - SerafinaMoon
    Independent Harry/Ordinatio - LiquidDreamLAD
    Independent Harry/Parting of Ways - supermantitanium
    Independent Harry/Potter - Water Mage
    Independent Harry/Potter Factor - Amora
    Independent Harry/Potter's Resistance 1; Breaking Ties - IP82
    Independent Harry/Power Of Hogwarts - Prabal
    Independent Harry/Power of the Human Will - Shadowheart
    Independent Harry/Power of The Serpentine Eyes - Anigma24
    Independent Harry/Power of Time - RossWrock
    Independent Harry/Prodigy (original) - jmcqk6
    Independent Harry/Prodigy (rewrite) - jmcqk6
    Independent Harry/Reach the Open Space - Tinn Tam
    Independent Harry/Realizations - Wishweaver
    Independent Harry/Redemption of the Black Sisters - jon3776
    Independent Harry/Reign of Power - Fayr Warning
    Independent Harry/Return of Ravenclaw - kiwithefruit
    Independent Harry/Return of The First Ones - wolfwalkerron
    Independent Harry/Rise of Chaos - Allizarin Sylvain Phyre
    Independent Harry/Roaring Snake - maidros78
    Independent Harry/Salazar-s Snake - OblivionsPuppet
    Independent Harry/Satisfaction of Ice Cold Revenge - Piccaboo
    Independent Harry/Scion of Gryffindor - Crys
    Independent Harry/Seduction of True Darkness - Will Evans
    Independent Harry/Shades of Grey - Daerien
    Independent Harry/Shadow Play - Thor Nairda
    Independent Harry/Shake Me - RoxieSnape
    Independent Harry/Silver Mask (HP Recycle Bin version) - sweet-apple-pie
    Independent Harry/Silver Shadows - Wolven Spirits
    Independent Harry/Sistat Inter Bitu pe Marvos - Cervus
    Independent Harry/Sixth Year; The Steps Towards The End - scaryisntit
    Independent Harry/Slytherin Style - SlythsRule
    Independent Harry/Snake in Lion Skin - wolfwhispers
    Independent Harry/Son of the Dragon - DarkBlade the Damned
    Independent Harry/Sorcerer's Trials - Avitus88
    Independent Harry/Soul's Struggle - Avitus88
    Independent Harry/Stolen Magic - what are you even saying
    Independent Harry/Strategic Retreat - Olfrik
    Independent Harry/Stronger Than Hope - Alaunatar
    Independent Harry/Summer Of Change - lorddwar
    Independent Harry/Sunset & Sunrise - Bobmin
    Independent Harry/Tangibility of Magic - Jolly Rancher
    Independent Harry/Temptations of a Dark Soul - Amerision
    Independent Harry/The Chimera; More Snake than Lion - Apocalypso-33
    Independent Harry/The Dark Witch and the Necromancer ENGLISH - Heiko2003
    Independent Harry/The Fourth Power - fullsailnate
    Independent Harry/The Gray Side - CrazyRabidChicken
    Independent Harry/The Gunman - sordid humor
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    Independent Harry/The Other Side of Hell (Original) - Master Slytherin
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    Independent Harry/The Years of Rebellion Redux - Full Pensive
    Independent Harry/Their Heaving Chests lay Still - DGD
    Independent Harry/There is Only Power - loralee1
    Independent Harry/Time for Independence - Black's Phoenix
    Independent Harry/Time of the Turning - DracoNunquamDormiens
    Independent Harry/Time to Prepare - Potterphile78
    Independent Harry/To Fight The Coming Darkness - jbern
    Independent Harry/To Rise From The Ashes - Lucullus
    Independent Harry/Tom and Harry - old-crow
    Independent Harry/Touch of Destiny - EnigmaDecoder
    Independent Harry/Turn Me Loose-;A Harry Potter Adventure - jbern
    Independent Harry/Twists of Fate - Lanindur Du'Undarian
    Independent Harry/Ultimate Betrayal - Mulledmead
    Independent Harry/Unexpected Events - zakairen
    Independent Harry/Unforgiven Betrayal - HarbringerLady
    Independent Harry/Wanderlust - Trayus
    Independent Harry/Watcher - Mira Ceti
    Independent Harry/Way of the Warlock - Heiko2003
    Restricted Section/A Very Thin Line - Lavender Brown
    Restricted Section/Across the Mirror - Amerision
    Restricted Section/adultfanfiction Author Archive - adultfanfiction
    Restricted Section/Alice's Wonderland - Vash the unholy
    Restricted Section/Amortentia - Melusina
    Restricted Section/Any One You Want - Strider
    Restricted Section/Bluer Than Indigo - Vash the unholy
    Restricted Section/Conversion of Light - HonksAholic
    Restricted Section/Counting the Days - HeatherSinclair
    Restricted Section/Dakaath; Prince of Darkness - LT2000
    Restricted Section/Exit Light, Enter Night - bigdonadiet
    Restricted Section/Falling Forever - Selina Kyle
    Restricted Section/Foolproof - Lowlands Girl
    Restricted Section/Forever Knight - DeliverMeFromMe
    Restricted Section/Fury of the Hellspawn - apocalypso
    Restricted Section/Inremeabilis - Vash the unholy
    Restricted Section/Le Sifflement du Serpent - slightly disturbed
    Restricted Section/Lust Of A Dark Soul - Vash the unholy
    Restricted Section/Measureless to Man - amanuensis1
    Restricted Section/Oedipus Flower - Vash the unholy
    Restricted Section/Operation Hogwarts - Paddyboy3960
    Restricted Section/Queens Of Darkness, Ladies Of Light - Thalarian
    Restricted Section/Room Of Requirements - Fission25
    Restricted Section/Secret of the Male Veela - mrriddler
    Restricted Section/Shadows of the Night - CrimsonRogue
    Restricted Section/Slither Hither - Jessica X
    Restricted Section/Stigma - jadntonic
    Restricted Section/Sword of Gryffindor - cloneserpents
    Restricted Section/The News - Big D on a Diet
    Restricted Section/The Return - roxbury
    Restricted Section/Too Late - whatareyouevensaying
    Restricted Section/Unmitigated Smut - DarkSov
    Restricted Section/While the Lily white shall in love delight - Vash the unholy
    Romance/Antithesis - Water Mage
    Romance/Aren't Little Girls Made of Sugar and Spice - Jagged Epiphany
    Romance/Beautiful Poison - Random1377
    Romance/Cold Water - VioletAshkevron
    Romance/Contemplating Clouds - Tehan.au
    Romance/Cult of Personality - tradiferis
    Romance/Cyfrgolledig atyn yr Dywyllwch - Saerry Snape
    Romance/Daughter of Darkness - Ri-kun
    Romance/Everything About You - njhill22
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    Romance/Perception - Lady Salazar
    Romance/Perfect Situations & Matryoshka Vignettes - Jeconais
    Romance/Somewhat Lost - Majestrix
    Romance/Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Queen Of Bohemia
    Romance/Take Out The Seeker - Nightbreak
    Romance/Taking Hostages - The-Caitiff
    Romance/Testing Defenses - canoncansodoff
    Romance/The Art of Healing - jon3776
    Romance/The 'R' series - Regulus
    Romance/The Secret Diary of Fleur Delacour, aged 16 34 - fledge
    Romance/Torn Away; Scenes From A Memory - tradiferis
    Romance/Uneasy Thoughts - Desmodius
    Romance/Vox Corporis - MissAnnThropic
    Romance/When Worlds Collide - Armless Penguin
    Romance/White Knight, Grey Queen - Jeconais
    Romance/Wick - Slytherincess
    The Alternate's/A Change in History - Kinda-Mayvelle
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    The Alternate's/A matter of perception - Kung-lou
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    The Alternate's/Browncoat, Green Eyes - nonjon
    The Alternate's/Clarke's Law - Isis
    The Alternate's/Crouching Lion, Hidden Serpent - Lutris Argutiae
    The Alternate's/Crumpets Aren't My Style - Marz1
    The Alternate's/Culture Shock - Ruskbyte
    The Alternate's/Dark Renaissance - Lamentit Eternum
    The Alternate's/Darkly Treacherous - xxlostdreamerxz
    The Alternate's/Darth Voldemort - The Itch
    The Alternate's/Dawn of the Dead - Erised Burning
    The Alternate's/Defying Fate; Journey of the Offworlder - Doom187
    The Alternate's/Demon's Feign, Merlin's Pain - nuhuh
    The Alternate's/Denarian Wizard - Shezza88
    The Alternate's/Desiring Other Times - YuliaVolkovaROX
    The Alternate's/Doing it all over Again - TakatoRikku
    The Alternate's/Dying Embers - Kalistar
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    The Alternate's/Eyes of Silver - Satans Angel Pyro
    The Alternate's/Family Values - Ishtar
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    The Alternate's/Forgetful - The Evil Author
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    The Alternate's/Happy Red Prince - LT2000
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    The Alternate's/Harry Potter; Abjuration - Surarrin
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    The Alternate's/Harry Potter; Remixed - bob-the-blue
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    The Alternate's/Narcissus Flower - Andromalius
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    The Alternate's/Not Quite - dogbertcarroll
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    The Alternate's/Of Slings and Arrows - the original Pe
    The Alternate's/Path of the Night Elves - hitman12345
    The Alternate's/Power of a Second Chance - IMuShin
    The Alternate's/Prince of the Dark Kingdom - Mizuni-sama
    The Alternate's/Progressing Abilities - JagedlyJaded
    The Alternate's/Prometheus Bound - Dius Corvus
    The Alternate's/Psychological Warfare - Deep Red
    The Alternate's/Raven Chronicles; Lost and Found - Serafin982
    The Alternate's/Rectifier - Niger Aquila
    The Alternate's/Remembrance and Renewal - Avatar Arkmage and Nigel T
    The Alternate's/Return of Slytherin - Lady Phoenix Slytherin
    The Alternate's/Return of the Gods - EvilKender
    The Alternate's/Revelations of the Beelzebub - Sanctimonius
    The Alternate's/Right or Easy - razzle-dazzle-me
    The Alternate's/River of Darkness I; The Man In The Shadows - SurrealDeceptions
    The Alternate's/Saga of Tobias Snape - E.M. Pink
    The Alternate's/Sanctuary of Arda - Keiran Halcyon
    The Alternate's/Saves Nine - estaog
    The Alternate's/Second Chances - Miranda Flairgold
    The Alternate's/Separation Anxiety - gwendolyn-flight
    The Alternate's/Set Me Free - padfootjr24
    The Alternate's/Shadow of the Blood Moon - fullsailnate
    The Alternate's/Shell of the God-King - JoeHundredaire
    The Alternate's/Shells - Lesili
    The Alternate's/Sins of the Survivor - Chiara Crawford
    The Alternate's/Something Grim This Way Comes - Ruskbyte
    The Alternate's/Strains of Melody - hoshi-tachi
    The Alternate's/Tactical Espionage Action MGS - Slytherin Eater
    The Alternate's/Ten Plagues - Lord Jeram
    The Alternate's/The Bloodshed After The War - fhrulz21
    The Alternate's/The Eighth Weasley - Fyrie
    The Alternate's/The End - Draco664
    The Alternate's/The Journal - Bear-Bell
    The Alternate's/The Reign Of Darkness (Original) - HoshiHikari
    The Alternate's/The Reign of Darkness (rewrite) - HoshiHikari
    The Alternate's/The Terran Ascension (Original) - EvilKender
    The Alternate's/The Terran Ascension (rewrite) - JewelsGlow15
    The Alternate's/The Warlord - deconneur
    The Alternate's/There and Back Again - Jess S1
    The Alternate's/They Shook Hands - Dethryl
    The Alternate's/This Endless Cycle - Lachesis
    The Alternate's/To End All Wars - padfootjr24
    The Alternate's/To Love Even In Death - Raymomofo
    The Alternate's/Twisted Soul - moogleknight
    The Alternate's/Two Shall Be As One - Corwalch
    The Alternate's/Two Worlds - marietsy
    The Alternate's/Unforgiven - Grinning Lizard
    The Alternate's/Unreal Insanity - mysterywalker
    The Alternate's/Unsung Hero - MeghanReviews
    The Alternate's/Vanishing Illusions - Trelawney's Love Toy
    The Alternate's/Voice of Time - DGprobe99
    The Alternate's/Voldemort's heir - Madeye
    The Alternate's/Wand Runner - japanese-jew
    The Alternate's/We, In Faith - Elagabalus
    The Alternate's/What If- - hybrid2
    The Alternate's/What Lies Beneath - Master Slytherin
    The Alternate's/What Would Slytherin Harry Do - bigdonadiet
    The Alternate's/Window to the Soul - LooneyLoopeyLupin
    The Alternate's/Wit of the Raven - japanese-jew
    The Alternate's/Witchcraft - Avitus88
    The Alternate's/Wizard of Gotham - Skysaber
    The Alternate's/Wizard of Silence - Corwalch
    Time Travel/A boy and his hat - Shreve
    Time Travel/A Reality of Illusions - Goddess of Ran
    Time Travel/A Stranger in an Unholy Land - serpant-sorcerer
    Time Travel/Adrift in A World - Miss Whiskers
    Time Travel/Alchemist's Secret - Avitus88
    Time Travel/Amulet of Time - Luna the Moonmonster
    Time Travel/Auburn fire - esama
    Time Travel/Back to the future - Narcissa1
    Time Travel/Backwards Compatible - Ruskbyte
    Time Travel/Beyond the Veil - Hollow Nightmare
    Time Travel/Burning Day - EsperJones
    Time Travel/Chance of a life time and beyond - reighost
    Time Travel/Darkness Within - dellacouer
    Time Travel/Death, In Glory - Apocalypso-33
    Time Travel/Destiny Remade - mrriddler
    Time Travel/Era of Hogwarts - Lord Ravenclaw
    Time Travel/Future Remapped - Shezza88
    Time Travel/Future Remapped, Again! - ShaintTaru
    Time Travel/Girl Who Lived - SilverAegis
    Time Travel/Here Where I Stand at the Turning of the Years - minniequill
    Time Travel/History Retold - Illeanah
    Time Travel/How to Lose at Life - Novocaine
    Time Travel/How to Tell the Truth from the Lies - Lady Azar de Tameran
    Time Travel/Imprisoned Realm - teawithvoldy
    Time Travel/In the Clockface, Weighted and Weary - Nuhuh
    Time Travel/Learn from the History - Niger Aquila
    Time Travel/Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn - BJH
    Time Travel/New Life - SilverAegis
    Time Travel/Nightmares of Futures Past (Original) - S'TarKan
    Time Travel/Of Gods and Mortals trilogy - LINKed up
    Time Travel/On my Own - Ulkser
    Time Travel/Only Enemies - leave this world
    Time Travel/Paradox of Time - TrowGundam
    Time Travel/Potter vs Malfoy; War's End - Jedi Tess of Gryffindor
    Time Travel/Relive - BajaB
    Time Travel/Requemtoir - SerpentsAttire
    Time Travel/Sands of Time - Soulforger
    Time Travel/Serpent of Time - tinkerpixy
    Time Travel/Serpentine Diplomacy - borrowedtime
    Time Travel/Sighs of the Neglected Flower - nuhuh
    Time Travel/Silver Eclipse - Omni Black
    Time Travel/Simply a Matter of Time - Mila
    Time Travel/Smile - Kyrissean Angelis
    Time Travel/Tergum Rursus - razzle-dazzle-me
    Time Travel/The Best Birthday Present - Katluvssport
    Time Travel/The Binding - nuhuh
    Time Travel/The Demon Within - Thor Nairda
    Time Travel/The last dinosaur-s roar - IP82
    Time Travel/The Perfect Weapon; Recrafted - Master Caliiro
    Time Travel/Through the Grapevine - Master Slytherin
    Time Travel/Time Changes Everything - fictionalcandie
    Time Travel/Tom Marvolo Riddle Potter - SisterDear
    Time Travel/Vox of Vicis - Master Slytherin
    Time Travel/Walking Across Time - snufkin
    Time Travel/Wastelands of Time - joe6991
    Time Travel/Welcome to Hogwarts 1949 - Ohyeah100
    Time Travel/Young Again; Original - Muhjaa-ness
    Time Travel/Young Again; The Rewrite - Taliath

    And here are the folders which contained sequels/prequels:
    Apathetic Duology - nonjon
    01) Freedom of Apathy - nonjon
    02) Apathy of Freedom - nonjon

    Screams Series - cloneserpents
    01) Screams - cloneserpents
    02) The Smiling Man - cloneserpents
    03) Reunion - cloneserpents
    04) Cause and Effect - cloneserpents
    05) Downside of Immortality - cloneserpents
    06) Flowers in the Wind - cloneserpents

    Albus Dumbledore at Hogwarts - Grandson of Dumbledore
    01) Albus Dumbledore and the Phoenix Feather - Grandson of Dumbledore
    02) Albus Dumbledore and the Everlasting Flame - Grandson of Dumbledore
    03) Albus Dumbledore and the Wizard's Ruse - Grandson of Dumbledore

    Anima Summa - Anima Summa
    01) The Mystery of Rhedae - Anima Summa
    02) As Above So Below
    03) Into the Light

    Balance of Power trilogy - KrystalRoze
    01) Slytherin Connection - KrystalRoze
    02) Unexpected Inheritance - KrystalRoze
    03) Trelawney Prophecy - KrystalRoze
    04) Salazar's Talisman - KrystalRoze

    Blind Faith Series - xyvortex
    01) Blind Faith - xyvortex
    02) Slytherin's Heir - xyvortex

    Existence after Life Series - Cygnus Crux
    01) Harry Potter's Existence after Life - Cygnus Crux
    02) Mind War - Cygnus Crux
    03) Union - Cygnus Crux
    04) Wolfe's Bane - Cygnus Crux

    Flying Squad Universe - Horst Pullmann's
    01) The Flying Squad
    02) The Magical Tours
    03) The Thunderstruck Muggles
    04) The High Priestess
    05) Presents from the Past

    Grey Maiden Series - Chris Widger
    01) Philosopher's Stone - Chris Widger
    02) Slytherin's Heir - Chris Widger
    03) Servant of Darkness - Chris Widger
    04) Darkness Rising - Chris Widger
    05) Sacrifice - Chris Widger

    Life of Darkness Series - Sati
    01) Journey into Darkness - Sati
    02) Rise, Lord Voldemort - Sati

    Of The Hero Trilogy - joe6991
    01) Sword of the Hero
    02) Defiance of the Hero
    03) Soul of the Hero

    Paradigm of Uncertainty Series - Lori
    01) Paradigm of Uncertainty - Lori
    02) The Show That Never Ends - Lori
    03) Hero With A Thousand Faces - Lori

    PotterMcKnight Series - Water Mage
    01) Potter - Water Mage
    02) Slave of Dragons - Water Mage

    Slytherin Harry Series - E. M. Pink
    01) A Surreal Tale - E. M. Pink
    02) A Mistaken Fate - E. M. Pink
    03) Ostendi Anima - E. M. Pink
    04) A Fractured Year - E. M. Pink

    Uric the Oddball - Ariana Deralte
    A) Here, There and Back Again - Ariana Deralte
    B) Uric the Oddball and the Great Goblin Uprising - Ariana Deralte
    C) Uric the Oddball and the Wild Hunt - Ariana Deralte

    Harry Johnson Series - Doghead Thirteen
    01) Harry Johnson and the Headmaster's Socks - Doghead Thirteen
    02) Harry Johnson and the Lunatic Scientist - Doghead Thirteen

    Harry Situation - Neuropsych
    01) The Harry Situation - Neuropsych
    02) Prophecies and Perils - Neuropsych
    03) Highways and Byways - Neuropsych
    04) Flights and Fights - Neuropsych

    Nicolas Flamel Trilogy - nonjon
    01) Where in the World is Harry Potter - nonjon
    02) The Untitled Cheekquel Project - nonjon
    03) You Did What! - nonjon

    Snape's Worst Nightmare - draco664
    01) The_Sorting
    02) The_Hogwarts_Express
    03) The_First_Potions_Lesson
    04) Gryffindor_v_Slytherin
    05) A_Valentines_Day_to_Remember
    06) April_Fools
    07) Them_v_Us

    Sorcerer's Stoned - FanFictionFantom
    01) Harry Potter; the Sorcerer's Stoned - FanFictionFantom
    02) Coliseum of Secrets - FanFictionFantom

    Apprentice Potter - Draco664
    01) Apprentice Potter - Draco664
    02) Journeyman Potter - Draco664

    Blood Prince Series - Shade Dancer
    01) Blood Prince
    02) Heir of Blood
    03) Blood's Sacrifice

    Slytherin Style - SlythsRule
    01) Philosophers Stone; Slytherin Style! - SlythsRule
    02) Chamber of Secrets Slytherin Style! - SlythsRule

    Sunset & Sunrise - Bobmin
    01) Sunset Over Britain
    02) Sunrise Over Britian

    The Years of Rebellion (Original) - Full Pensive
    01) Childhood's End
    02) Dscoveries
    03) Intermezzo
    04) Sixth Year

    adultfanfiction Author Archive - adultfanfiction
    Master Bedroom of Delacour Manor - Adultfanfiction
    Minerva McGonagall's Evening of Allurement - Adultfanfiction
    Secret Fetishes of Bellatrix Lestrange - Adultfanfiction
    The Office ; A Harry and Tonks Story - Adultfanfiction

    The 'R' series - Regulus
    01) Philosopher's Stone Retransmuted - Regulus
    02) Chamber of Secrets- Reopened - Regulus
    03) Prisoner of Azkaban Returns - Regulus
    04) Goblet of Fire; Rekindled - Regulus
    05) Order of the Phoenix; Reassembled - Regulus
    06) Citadel of Azkaban - Regulus

    A Year Like None Other - Aspen in the Sunlight
    01) A Year Like None Other - Aspen in the Sunlight
    02) A Summer Like None Other - Aspen in the Sunlight
    A Year As Severus Lived It
    Side Stories

    Denarian Wizard - Shezza88
    01) Denarian Renegade - Shezza88
    02) Denarian Knight - Shezza88

    Jedi Wizard - knightblazer85
    01) Star Wars; Episode I;5; Jedi Wizard - knightblazer85
    02) Jedi Wizard Episode II; Attack of the Clones - knightblazer85

    Legacies - The Dark Lord Nedved
    01) The Solidus Charm
    02) The Halo of Life
    03) The Sword of Gryffindor
    04) The Grim
    05) Brothers in Blood

    Saga of Tobias Snape - E.M. Pink
    01) Part the First - E. M. Pink
    02) Part The Second - E. M. Pink
    03) Part the Third - E. M. Pink

    Second Chances - Miranda Flairgold
    01) A Second Chance at Life - Miranda Flairgold
    02) Changes in a Time of War - Miranda Flairgold

    They Shook Hands - Dethryl
    01) Year One
    02) Year Two
    03) Year Three

    Amulet of Time - Luna the Moonmonster
    01) Age of the Founders - Luna the Moonmonster
    02) Two Worlds, Two Wars - Luna the Moonmonster
    03) Wolf and the Pelican - Luna the Moonmonster
    04) There and Back Again - Luna the Moonmonster
    04i) Draco's Two Months in Muggle Land - Luna the Moonmonster
    05) Sirius and the Sphinx - Luna the Moonmonster

    Learn from the History - Niger Aquila
    01) Learn from the History - Niger Aquila
    02) Friend or Foe - Niger Aquila

    Of Gods and Mortals trilogy - LINKed up
    01) Of Gods and Mortals - LINKed up
    02) Of Potions and Parents - LINKed up
    03) Of Future and Past Reborn - LINKed up
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    Also found the full version 23 chapters of the Santi's Boy who lived. The archive has the ffn version which only has 12 chapters

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  9. Nicovi

    Nicovi Fourth Year

    Mar 13, 2015
    Not going to add that. For two reasons:
    1) I do not believe that this KingVeget actually got permission from The Santi to "taking over the writing of this fic" and/or reposting it.
    2) As a general rule I do not add chapters which has only been published in DLP WbA.

    Note: the current version of the archive has a note next to this story: "5 WbA chapters not included".