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Drabble Vomit Thread;

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Jormungandr, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Cuirassier

    Cuirassier Squib

    Dec 28, 2020
    Unrealistic. Doran has been waiting for the Baratheons to weaken.

    Davos Seaworth will not use words like "observation" or think in passive form.
  2. Andrela

    Andrela Plot Bunny DLP Supporter

    Apr 19, 2012
    "Good evening."

    Sebastian always felt that a proper greeting and other forms of etiquette were mandatory, even if his less refined peers did not always return the gesture. Appearances were important, after all. His blond hair was always well groomed and his clothing was impeccably clean.

    He was standing on the center of the stage at Nocturne Theatre, a neutral place for meetings such as this. Two large, green curtains were hanging behind him while a stone relief painted with golden paint adorned the upper part of the stage. He smiled softly. Yes, a stage was good for someone of his position.

    The room wasn't very well lit, however. That was a slight disappointment, though there was good reason for it. Nobody present in this room actually needed light to see clearly.

    He focused his blue eyes on the kindred gathered before him. He saw allies and subordinates, but also rivals and even enemies. None of those little things would matter in a moment, he felt.

    There were also two people with him on the stage. To his right was of course the Sheriff, his trusted bodyguard, executioner and enforcer. He was a very useful tool, with a large body, very little emotions, a sword the size of half his body and exceptionally developed skills with Disciplines. His lifeless, yellow eyes only displayed patience as he awaited Sebastian's next order.

    To Sebastian's left was another powerful individual, but for different reasons. Maximillian Strauss, the Tremere Primogen. He was bald, pale to the point of almost being a little blue and while his eyes were always hidden by red-tinted glasses Sebastian knew for a fact they were gray as ash.

    Sebastian was never going to admit this to anyone, but he envied Strauss. The Primogen had powers he could only dream of, powers that only the Tremere could have. Dark, blood magics which could achieve things few could. Strauss, however always has shown nothing but loyalty to Sebastian. As such, he was trustworthy enough that any warning he brought would be treated seriously.

    His thoughts returned to the audience and he spoke again.

    "My apologies for disrupting any business or interfering with any prior engagements you may have had this evening."

    There were some nods of acknowledgment, but he also could hear someone scoff. He wasn't sure who that was, so he could not remember this person for later. Pity.

    "However, the situation we have found ourselves in, is an emergency. The Slayer is in Los Angeles," he said and as he finished speaking there were immediate reactions.

    Gasps, shouts of disbelief, fearful looks, confusion and of course anger. He held up his hand to signify he had more to say and would explain.

    "This information was brought to me by the Tremere Primogen, Maximillian Strauss. I will therefore allow him to explain it in better detail."

    Sebastian turned to Strauss and nodded, giving him the scene. The pale man said something very quietly, as if to himself. Two hooded acolytes came out from behind the stage curtains carrying a silver platter with a burning object on it.

    It appeared to be a small, polished obsidian statue representing a headless bat. It was covered with blue flames.

    "Thaumaturgy, of course," Sebastian thought to himself.

    Strauss waited until the acolytes placed the platter on a table near him and then left. He then addressed the audience.

    "The Tremere Chantry is equipped with an artifact created specifically to serve as a warning if the presence of the Slayer is near."

    He pointed at the burning object.

    "In normal circumstances, this object appears ordinary. However, when the presence of the Slayer is closer than one hundred kilometers, it begins faintly burning."

    The statue was of course not burning faintly, but quite brightly.

    "The closer the Slayer is to the object, the stronger and bigger the flames become. Current state suggests a distance between ten to fifteen kilometers. As such, it is reasonable to assume the Slayer is already in Los Angeles."

    If the gathered individuals were nervous before, not there was actual panic. One person, perhaps a weak neonate, left through the door. Worthless weakling.

    "Furthermore, acolytes in the Chantry who noticed the flames appear noticed that they appeared already strong. It is therefore fair to assume that the Slayer did not travel to Los Angeles from somewhere else, but was in fact activated here."

    With that, Strauss nodded to Sebastian. He had nothing more to say.

    "So, LaCroix, what are your plans for the Slayer, hm?" He heard someone ask in the audience.

    Sebastian turned to the person and saw Isaac Abrams, the Anarch Baron of Hollywood standing with a nasty smirk on his face. Of course. Oh, how Sebastian despised the man. Then again, all the Anarch dogs were unworthy of his respect. They knew nothing of decorum, necessary hierarchy and order.

    Of course, Sebastian smiled to the man.

    "As Primogen Strauss noted, the Slayer is most likely a newly-activated one. Therefore she has had no training and possibly doesn't yet know her skills and unfortunate purpose" he explained.

    This matter was too important to be questioned by such lowly members of his society.

    "However, this should not serve as a reason to grow complacent. Indeed, we should use the time we still have to sufficiently prepare ourselves" he continued.

    "As such, I am ordering emergency measures. Hunting must be reduced to a minimum. Gathering of vitae should be arranged by ghouls while we mask our presence from the Slayer. Ghouls must also be sent out to discover the identity of our predator."

    Another person stood.

    "Why not just kill the Slayer?"

    This time it was a fledgling sitting next to Nines Rodriguez. It was a recent embrace. Sebastian recalled granting permission a few weeks ago for the event. He laughed softly. Foolishness. Rodriguez should have educated the fledgling better.

    "An interesting proposition. Does anyone here wish to volunteer for this task? Please raise your hand if you do."

    No hands rose. As expected.

    "Predictable. Mr. Rodriguez, if you'd be so kind, please explain to this fledgling why this would be an unwise idea" he spoke to the man.

    Rodriguez glared at Sebastian. He then audibly sighed and shook his head. After muttering something to himself he turned to the fledgling and put a hand on his shoulder.

    "Look, kid. Even if the Slayer was activated just yesterday and received no training she already is capable of killing most kindred in this room with just her hands."


    Something I wrote when thinking about how I'd do a crossover of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. If you notice any mistakes let me know.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2021
  3. sirsavagethe21st

    sirsavagethe21st First Year

    Oct 30, 2020
    The ATL
    Not gonna lie, I know very little about Buffy or Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. However one grammar thing that stood out to me was adding a comma after "and" in lists. For example
    A comma would be added in front of the and.
    here I think "smiled at the man" sounds better.
    Not much to add otherwise, but thanks for this little piece that has now got me interested in vampires. :)