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WIP God Slaying Blade Works by Marcus Galen Sands - T - Champione!/Fate

Discussion in 'Almost Recommended' started by Erandil, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Probellum

    Probellum Death Eater

    Jan 17, 2011
    Among the Moose
    So, finally finished this. I took my sweet time doing so, but I did. Anyway, I have to agree with a lot of the points made, especially in regards to the Feast and the negotiation scene. And damn, was that scene awful. It didn't start out too bad, with the dragon head, because, fuck, that's gonna be unsettling, but everything after was just...I don't have words.

    With the Feast of Kings, it was a good idea, just badly executed. As other said, if it hadn't been such an exact copy of the one F/Z, the comments about the damn food, it wouldn't have been that bad. The only way it could have been worse, was if it was Shirou who had cooked everything.

    As far as Shirou being OOC goes, the problem I see here is that, well, Shirou is putting on an act. And the act is all we ever see, really. We never really see him drop it and be Shirou, even around Illya. And now it's pretty much getting worse, because the Act seems to be becoming reality.

    That's not to say the entire fic is terrible, and that there aren't things that seem like they'll be interesting. Like Jarik said, The Mordred battle was really good. The whole thing with Arondight was really fun to read, though it seems like that might get a bit out of hand. We'll see.

    The two Divine Ancestor's and their plots seem like they might get interesting, and really good. I'm curious as to see what will happen there, though I won't be surprised if it's handled badly. To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if Shirou somehow
    saves Andromeda from w/e plot Brynhildr is cooking up, and she ends up in a situation like Guinevere's.

    And there's also the two new gods who showed up, though
    Apollo looks like he'll just be a oneshot villain of the day, for the other Campione, who's name I can't remember.
    Still, I expect good thing from the other one.

    And lastly, we can't forget that Mad Scientist Mage. I actually kind of like him, and the way he talks. I really hope w/e pot he's apart of doesn't get screwed up.

    In the end, I'd give this a 3.5, rounded to 4, because it has a few good ideas.
  2. CareOtters

    CareOtters Chief Warlock DLP Supporter

    Jun 8, 2010
  3. ChaosGuy

    ChaosGuy Auror

    Aug 21, 2009
    Saw this in IRC and didn't know we had a thread for it, extreme necro but how the hell did this get so fucking highly rated? Like what the actual fuck? The writing is... servicable if I'm being nice and I suppose I need to somewhere. I'm not super up on Champione but if it's not been mangled like Fate's side (of what little there is) than it's standard wish fulfillment crap. Not even quality levels of it either just crap.

    On the fate side what the actual fuck? I mean I know post-Heaven's Feel Shirou is different but standard Shirou but uh... Why not just use a Self-Insert and call it a day. And oh look, everyone's 2nd favorite teleport method that's thankfully dying down, you know the one where instead of being grail food/parts he gets shunted into another dimension... because that's totally how the grail works. Better than fucking up Zelretch's character I guess.

    The Plot seems to be very take it or leave it or maybe I just hate fun. Either way, I hated it. Now admittedly I didn't read all 1 million words of this piece of shit but still. I guess that's a bonus? If you really like this fic you have 1 million words (and counting) of it. Although it hasn't updated in about half a year now so it might just be dead. So yeah, I feel giving it a 1/5 is fair given it's a crossover.
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