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WIP Minato Namikaze and the Destroyer of Worlds By The Carnivorous Muffin - T - HP/Naruto

Discussion in 'The Alternates' started by Dark Minion, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Jarsha

    Jarsha Seventh Year

    Jul 26, 2011
    My deluxe cubicle
    If it makes sense, It feels like the author has more fun writing this version of the story. Though I could just be projecting. I find the crossover more amusing than the original.
  2. kinetique

    kinetique High Inquisitor

    Aug 16, 2013
    This version has two frameworks already built for her, rather than one.
  3. Ched

    Ched Da Trek Moderator DLP Supporter

    Jan 6, 2009
    I love this fucking story, 5/5. Beats the original one it spun off of by far, in my opinion. But you still need to read at least some of the original HP-only fanfic to get this one, since it's a crossover of that fanfic with Naruto, etc.

    I've been following it for ages but finally came back to post again since things have started to pick up in terms of the crossover aspect. Lee (AKA Ellie Potter AKA Fem!Harry) is back in Hogwarts for the TriWizard Tournament so the worlds are colliding.

    That happened a chapter or three ago, but as of this last update I feel like things are getting more on course, so to speak. Tobirama explained to Dumbledore that hey, these kids? They aren't kids. So I think we're past the 'fish out of water' stage with regards to how things will go in England and... well, if you haven't been reading for a while, this is a good time to pick it back up.

    As for why I like this one better than the original... I think it's because Lee / Ellie / Harry isn't completely reliant on herself in this one. She has a team, a structure to her life in Konoha that is lacking in the main story where she is an orphan hero with no true comrades (except Lenin, who only somewhat counts). It makes that story seem a little too inhuman, whereas this one strikes the right balance. For me.

    I haven't read the main fic in ages and mostly look forward to updates of this one (and the crossovers / spinoffs of this one, of which there are many).
  4. Xion

    Xion Robot Overlord Admin

    Apr 3, 2006
    Minato Namikaze and the Destroyer of Worlds has been updated with a new chapter.

    Story Stats
    Chapters: 31
    Words: 244,075
    Updated: 2018-11-08 03:54:15 UTC
    Published: 2015-12-13 23:35:30 UTC
    Previously updated: 14 days ago

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