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Official DLP Nuzlocke Run

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Mindless, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    He is on DLP so he is a DLP name! Also, thanks. :)

    Ah, didn't know that. Oh well.

    Maybe I'll go back one day, but I don't need another Pokemon right now, even though... Well. <_<

    It started off okay.

    All I knew is I must protect this tiny Ralts.

    But I forgot how fast these traded guys level. I look away one moment and the next Fable the Ralts is showing off his huge muscles. Yes, yes, you learned Confusion, good job.

    Moving along, I find a clothing store in Hau’oli City and would like to take this moment to rant about the clothing options.

    You may not know this, but Pokemon Sun/Moon has segregated their clothing colors by version. So Moon gets cold colors like blue/green/purple, and I’m assuming Sun has red/yellow/pink. But… all I want is pink clothes. Pink and white clothes. Pink and white dresses with frills. But there is no pink. There are no dresses. I am on a raft out to see with no fresh water. I could drink piss, but that’s not what I want.

    I want PINK.

    Oh, but I can opt out of hats, so maybe that’s worth it.

    (It’s not).

    I try my very best to match my clothes to my red and black bag and shoes, and end up in black. It’s like I’m in high school all over again.

    At the end of Hau’oli City, a couple is talking about Team Skull down at the peer or something. I cheerfully ignore them and go north to the route only to find a Tauros in the way. Bah, fine. Down to the peer with me and I will be honest, I forgot how much I liked Team Skull. They also look a bit familiar. A bit… like me.

    Oh lawl, I’m dressing in black and now I look like a Team Skull member. I can accept this.

    The Team Skull guy sends out a Zubat and Fable the Ralts makes short work of it. They scamper off, and now it’s Ilima who challenges me. I like Ilima. I have a weakness for pink hair and he roots so hard for his Pokemon in battle. How can I not love him?

    He starts with a Yungoos or as I like to call them, a Trump. I have Fable out in front and pull that delicate creature back only for Trump to Pursuit him on the way out. Ehhhh, 2 HP, no thanks, no thanks. I send out Font the Grimer and she takes two Leers and a Tackle before killing it with Bite. Next is the Smeargle and I switch to Red the Rattata for reset Font’s stats. Red Quick Attacks the Smeargle for a third of its health only to get slapped down to 10 HP. NOPE.

    I switch in Font and the resulting Tackle puts me down to half-health. Stupid STAB. I’m not losing to a Smeagle, and when I call out Bite, it’s with pride and honor. The Smeargle goes first. The Tackle sends Font to 4 HP and Bite merely sends Smeargle to low yellow. One more hit will do, but Font will go last.

    Time to Potion this bitch. Font gains much needed health but Ilima being douchey also proceeds to heal his Smeagle. Arghhhh. It takes three Potions before Font can finish off the Smeargle and she survives with 3 HP.

    Somehow, no one died.

    I heal my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center then it’s time to head north to Route 2. On the way, I find a motel, and across, a house. Oh, it’s Guzma’s house. Oh, and that’s his dad.

    Dad: “It’s good for kids to experience their own journeys, but running away without even word to your parents is another thing entirely. I tried to set that boy of mine straight, but when I did, I was the one who got beat...”

    Huh… kinda weird, but oh look, he plays golf too-

    “There are a great number of broken and bent golf clubs in the bag...”


    I need to burn this house down, Jesus.

    I want to be happy. What can make me happy?



    They only spawn at the back of the route, and if there’s anything I need, it’s an elemental Pokemon. I tiptoe around as many trainers as I can (it’s hard since they can spot you from twenty miles away), punt some annoying Delibird away, then make it to the grass.


    Sup, Spearow. I suppose a flying-type isn’t AWFUL, but geez.

    I name him Zenzao. I did this because Serebii also informed me that there’s a trade here where I can trade this Spearow for a Machop, buuuuut I think a flying-type would be better. Back at the Berry Farms, there’s also a chance of coming across a fighting crab, but when I went I couldn’t find it, so time for some backtracking.

    This stupid cemetery is hidden away and though I’m staring at this picture of a Litwik with yearning, I’m not waiting half a week.

    A Gastly peeks out from the grass. Decent. I have Zenzao the Spearow Peck it’s health down before throwing a ball. Her name is Rose and desperately needs a better attack than Lick.

    Might as well kill the trainers here.

    After getting rid of a Makuhita and a Pikachu, some guy sends out a Diglett. Zenzao is out front and I try to remember Diglett’s new typing. I think it’s a rock-type, and that word kinda echoes in my head.

    Rock-type, rock-type, rock-type…

    Yeah, I’m switching out my bird.

    Rose the Gastly could be a good switch in, but I don’t trust Lick, Red the Rattata is a bit fragile, and Font the Grimer is reading a newspaper on the bench. Ehh, Fable the Ralts can handle it.

    I send Fable in. Diglett uses Metal Claw.

    A low noise comes from my mouth. “Ahh.”

    Somehow, Fable survives with 1 HP.

    I yank him back and kick Font out in front who takes the next Metal Claw like a giant taking a switchblade. “What are you doing, little mole?” says Font in a thick Russian accent which seems appropriate. She picks up the Diglett with his forefinger and thumb. “You go far, yes? Goodbye.”

    Diglett vanishes into the horizon.

    Close one. At the very least Fable has Teleport, so I can just-

    Teleport doesn’t work anymore. ;_;

    I walk like a background character back to the Pokemon Center to heal up, then it’s time for Verdant Cavern. Illima tells me I have to defeat three Pokemon. Psh, I got this.

    The first Rattata glares at me. Red the Rattata glares back. They’re at the same level.

    Rattata fight gogogogo.

    Red does a nice Bite. Rattata uses Hyper Fang.

    ... Hi, I would like to file a complaint. My Rattata doesn’t have this attack and this feels very unfair and I want to talk to your manager...

    Red survives with 5 HP. I send Font the Grimer out instead to use Pound once before she gets Tail Whipped and Hyper Fanged. Font survives, and I yank her back in turn to send out Zenzao the Spearow.

    Never say Spearows sucks. Zenzao Pecked the Rattata to death then the Super Fang Rattata afterwards. So glad I didn’t trade for a Machop.

    Last Rattata plays keep away before I beat two Team Skull members into helping me. I peek into the last hole and a Raticate jumps out. Oh, this must be the Totem Pokemon. I remember this, though strange there’s no power up. Maybe the first Trial’s free. Oh well, I have this X-Defend to boost Font, and Font’s Poison Gas wins the day as I spam Potions.

    Beautiful. Not a soul lost.

    I pat myself on the back and stroll to the back cave. Something seems to stare at me, and I get a funny feeling I’ve been dumb. I heal up everyone, save, then the actual Totem Raticate kicks down the door and holds me at gunpoint.

    N- No, it can’t end like this…

    I start with Font and open with a Poison Gas that misses because why not. Raticate helpfully pounds me to half-health and summons a Rattata minion. My next Poison Gas hits both, and as Font dips into red, I pull her back and send out Red. Poison Gas won’t kill that Raticate fast enough. I’m almost out of Potions. I need some fire power. I hit Raticate with a Quick Attack, but its power up gives it +Defence, so I see my error immediately. A Tail Whip and a Tackle sends Red to red and I pull him back. I can’t send out my ghost or fragile psychic against these, so it’s up to Zenzao.

    Zenzao spreads his wings, and finishes off the Rattata minion, for hope of surviving more hits, but Raticate’s Bite kicks him to yellow.

    There is no one left.

    Font, Rose, and Fable must be protected.

    Red’s Quick Attack will definitely outspeed, but not if he’s send in to take a hit. I need Red’s Quick Attack. I need a free switch.

    I need Zenzao to stay in.

    Zenzao nods at me from the field, and takes to the air, beak sharp. Raticate snarls beneath him, and Zenzao dives. Tears stream from his eyes and he cuts Raticate badly before a fist throws him into a wall then to the floor in a heap of feathers.

    I hold back my own tears, sending in Red to Quick Attack, taking the Tail Whip, then watching poison finish Raticate off.

    It’s over.

    I bury Zenzao the Spearow where I caught him. He did not go far from home, but I know he would be happy, to rest in a place so beautiful and familiar.

    Goodbye, Zenzao. Goodbye…

    … Alright, done? Done.

    Time to catch a grass-type.

    I skip through Route 3, avoiding all grass and shadows. No, I’m not coming back when there’s a Cyndaquil around, lies and slander! Deep into the route is a meadow, where Lillie is waiting, but I ignore her.

    Finally, something elemental.

    I step into the flowers and a yellow Oricorio greets me. Female, cutie, a bit disappointing. I wanted a grass or fairy, and I can’t remember what type this thing is, but I suppose I need a new flying-type. I have Rose the Gastly Lick the Oricorio down but just as she hits yellow, she cries for help that isn’t answered.

    Ooh, maybe she’ll summon a cooler Pokemon? Or a male Oricorio? Seratin would probably love being a pompom cheerleading bird.

    So I switch to Red the Rattata to take some hits and kill time until something is answered. Now, Red isn’t the bulkiest guy in the world, but he takes hit fine, and finally Oricorio calls another Oricorio. Another female. Bah, whatever, I’ll kill it and catch the original.

    The problem is, these birds knows Helping Hand.

    And they like to help each other out.

    So by the time I get this extra Oricorio dead, Red is near red in health. But that doesn’t matter, I’ll throw a Great Ball.

    I do. Not even a shake.

    Oricorio is not impressed.

    She shows it by Pecking Red to his grave.

    Yeah… I just… That didn’t need to happen.

    I catch the bird in my next Great Ball and name her Stanari. Electric-type. Sweet.

    I don’t like wasting time, so I dig up Zenzao and throw Red on top before reburying them. They’ll probably be okay with it. Probably.

    Current Team.

    Fable the Ralts. L12, M. Disarming Voice, Confusion, Teleport, Double Team.
    Font the A. Grimer. L14, F. Pound, Poison Gas, Disable, Bite.
    Rose the Gastly. L12, F. Hypnosis, Lick, Spite, Mean Look.
    Stanari the Yellow Oricorio. L9, F. Pound, Growl, Peck, Helping Hand.


    None yet.

    Rest in Peace.

    Zenzao the Spearow. L13, M. Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain (kinda).
    Red the A. Rattata. L14, M. I accept full responsibility for your death.
  2. Poytin

    Poytin The Arby's Hipster DLP Supporter

    Jun 19, 2008
    The biggest problem with Oricorio is that it's secondary type you never really get a move for except Revelation Dance.

    Oh and you can't get the Nectar to make it the ghost version until after you beat the E4.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2017
  3. Seratin

    Seratin Proudmander Prestige DLP Supporter

    Oct 14, 2007
    Dún na ngall
    High Score:
    I wouldn't have minded the yellow cheerleader schtick one bit but whatever destiny hands out, I'll take. Also, I'd forgotten how scary those totem Pokémon are.
  4. The Iron Rose

    The Iron Rose Order Member

    Jan 13, 2012
    United States
    Psychic type, I'll take it!

    Shame about the trade evolution tho.
  5. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    That’s disappointing. :/

    I mean, she’s been pretty decent so far, it just sucks her Electric typing doesn’t mean much.

    I’m already preparing for the Totem battles. That grass Totem… Geez.

    After I heal up, a decision presents itself.

    Route Three circles into Route One. The chance of being on this island on the weekend is low, and do I really want to stick around for a Cyndaquil? Not really. So, Route Three. There are three areas. The first is the circling shadows that give Spearow (70%) and Rufflet (30%). Don’t feel like another bird. The first set of grass produce Spearow (many), Mankey (some) Cutiefly (some), Delibird (rare), and Rattata (rare, thank god). The second set of grass has Spearow (too many), Mankey (some), Cutiefly (some), Yungoos (rare), and Bagon (lol).

    The Bagon interests me, but that’s not happening. I want that tiny pixie Cutiefly. So, second set grass it is, though I’m already preparing to welcome new!Zenzao (or Zenzaa).

    I enter the grass and…

    Meh, I knew it, it’s another Bagon and I didn’t want another bird but I guess





    And here he is.

    Level nine.

    The RNG gods are smiling down at me.

    I have Rose the Gastly put the Bagon to sleep while I chuck Great Balls at him until he surrenders. I name him Jari. He looks like a Jari.

    I squeeze my new tiny dragon to my chest.

    Nothing can go wrong now.

    He’s a weak little thing, so I’ll train him in this grass next to the Pokemon Center. I taught him Brick Break to Rattatas die pretty quick and Spearows are annoying. Eventually, 5 cm big Cutiefly pops up. Level seven. Even with a dragon, I don’t exactly fear it, so I have Jari use Ember while it desperately tries to Absorb Jari’s life.


    It has good special defense, but Jari sends it to yellow. The Cutiefly calls for help and another, stronger Cutiefly appears. Haha, I’m not dumb, and I replace Jari with Fable the Ralts. Tiny Cutiefly uses Stun Spore like a bad person, but Fable’s Synchronizes it right back, and I look away as it attacks because I don’t care.

    When I look next, Fable’s in red.


    I heal, only to find big Cutiefly repeating Struggle Bug, lowering my special attack (again). Little Cutiefly dies to the Confusion, but Fable looks at me with pleading eyes. Alright, alright… I switch in Rose the Gastly. This is getting a bit embarrassing, but Rose takes the Stun Spore with aplomb and responds with a Lick that does nothing. Her Hypnosis misses next turn, and she’s sent down to yellow by Struggle Bug.

    Okay. I switched out Jari because these things might have had a fairy attack, but they probably don’t, so without further ado, I send out Jari.

    Into a Fairy Wind.

    I flinch, look away, look back, scared, confused, horrified-

    Jari has 2 HP, he’s fine.

    I switch in Font the Grimer to finish off the Cutiefly then clutch the Pokemon Center desk as my Pokemon are getting healed.

    Too much, too soon.


    I train Jari + Everyone for the next half-hour, healing up between battles. Eventually, Jari can take two Fairy Winds without dying, so time to move on.

    I go back to the Meadow, rescue Nebby, then beat up Hau. This kid really is supposed to be the underdog to my rival, isn’t he? His Raichu is going to hit like a truck later. <_<

    Back in Iki Town, I challenge the Kahuna for my right to get off this damn island.

    I would like to say the battle was hard, but I had Stanari the Oricorio out front and she Air Cut her way through every Pokemon. The battle maybe went four turns. I feel kinda bad. As a reward, the Kahuna gives me a Tauros and an awful riding outfit. Excuse me, NOTHING in this outfit matches. I would like to riot, thanks.

    But gotta say, going back and smashing every rock on this island felt nice.

    Before I go, a couple Pokemon need to be caught. I wander into the grass in Hau'oli City like I was advised and came across a Yungoos. I fled. I’m sorry, but I don’t accept trash Pokemon. On Ten Carat Hill I encounter a Machop who I name Thaum. To the box with you, I don’t care to train you at the moment.


    To the next island!

    As soon as I step onto dry land, I’m accosted by Olivia and the grass captain. She says something then walks away, but I was too busy staring at her ass to notice. Daaaaamn, she's fine.

    New city… Hmm, I guess I should heal-


    Can I finally trade out this watermelon bag? Or get new shoes? Not a bad selection. Oh, there’s a pink shirt- it has Oak’s face on it. -.-

    I buy the black dotted shirt, the electric shoes, and a cute black baseball cap. Looking good, V.

    I can’t go east because of some Stoutland, so to the big white castle I go. Two cameos from X/Y pull me aside. Please, take those sunglasses off. The girl challenges me to a battle. Yeah, sure, I could use the EXP.

    I lead with Rose the Gastly. She, with Delibird. Delibird’s Present predictably does nothing and I smugly have Rose use her newly learned Night Shade. This’ll be a 3-hit KO, or it would have been if the girl hadn’t withdrawn it and sent out a Glaceon. Hmm. Well, I’ll stay in, it probably doesn’t have a dark attack.

    Glaceon uses Icy Wind.

    Ha, I think, before Rose dies.

    I send out Font the Grimer automatically. That didn’t just happen. Rose was fragile, but to die so easily?

    Rage builds inside me. These fucking Eeveelutions…

    Font kills the Glaceon with some well-placed Bites, and the girl cheerfully heals my Pokemon after, but not Rose because you MURDERED HER.

    *breathes deep*

    There’s not even a body to bury. Rose just kinda vanished.

    I stomp into Route Four, checking Serebii for Pokemon guidance. I don’t want a Lillipup. Anything but Lillipup. Eevee are 5% but it won’t be an Eevee-

    Of course it’s an Eevee, what are you talking about.

    I know what you’re thinking.

    “Vira is a cheating cheat who cheats. She must have spent hours looking for that Eevee and that Bagon before it. No one is this lucky.”

    I am this lucky. I eat four-leaf clovers for breakfast and carefully step over every crack in the sidewalk.

    This Eevee heard my cry of revenge. It too feels it in its heart. Vengeance for Rose. Destruction for Rose. All I have to do it get it in this Poke Ball…

    Stanari gets it down to yellow health, but after Eevee breaks out of one ball, it calls another Eevee to the field. And suddenly, Sand-Attacks are everywhere. Stanari’s Peck goes everywhere but the Eevees and eventually its Tail Whip and Quick Attack time and there goes Stanari’s health.

    I withdraw Stanari and send in Jari. The Eevees proceed to send him to red in one turn, and I send out Font instead.

    I hate this.


    Cue ten minutes of switching. Tail Whips are annoying. Sand Attacks are worse. When I finally kill the new Eevee, the original has a the gall to break out of my Ultra Ball and another Great Ball before sticking up its nose and entering the last Great Ball.

    I clutch it with blood-soaked hands from where my nails dug into my palms.

    You will be Mage.

    And you will destroy the world.

    Current Team.

    Font the A. Grimer. L17, F. Pound, Poison Gas, Disable, Bite.
    Fable the Ralts. L16, M. Disarming Voice, Confusion, ???, Double Team.
    Stanari the Yellow Oricorio. L16, F. Pound, Growl, Peck, Air Cutter.
    Jari the Bagon. L15, M. Bite, Ember, Leer, Brick Break.
    Mage the Eevee. L13, M.


    Thaum the Machop. L12, M. I dunno moves.

    Rest in Peace.

    Zenzao the Spearow. L13, M. Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain (kinda).
    Red the A. Rattata. L14, M. I accept full responsibility for your death.
    Rose the Gastly. L16, F. Sigh.

    I have some bad news. :(
  6. Poytin

    Poytin The Arby's Hipster DLP Supporter

    Jun 19, 2008
    You say that. But my current Moon Nuzlocke in the fire area I caught a Magby. Holding a Magmarizer.
  7. ChaosGuy

    ChaosGuy Auror

    Aug 21, 2009
    You better not make that Eevee a Jolteon Vira. Also you are going to be paying for all this early luck, you know that right? Nuzlocke takes away twice as much as it gives.
  8. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    But the question is, is that Magby still alive?

    I'm debating evolution (I was debating when I was catching the damn thing). Glaceon is out, Leafeon is doable, but I can get a grass-type elsewhere. I have Espeon / Umbreon types covered and they're annoying to get anyways. A Water Stone for Vaporeon seems to be Surf-bound, so I'm down to Jolteon / Flareon / Sylveon. Probably not Flareon because I can get another fire Pokemon. So we will see!

    And yes, I fully expect to get bitten. We'll see how long this Eevee lasts, it never goes well when I try to keep Eevees alive. <_<
  9. Jarizok

    Jarizok DA Member

    Sep 22, 2015
    I wanted to brag about dragons being way cooler, but I guess this is not a good time. Thoughts and prayers and things.
  10. The Iron Rose

    The Iron Rose Order Member

    Jan 13, 2012
    United States


  11. Seratin

    Seratin Proudmander Prestige DLP Supporter

    Oct 14, 2007
    Dún na ngall
    High Score:
    I have no trouble accepting good luck considering in a previous Nuzlocke I wrote up in this thread my first encounter in a cave was an abra who sat a ball like a good boy. Literally five minutes before I find Alakazite.
  12. Poytin

    Poytin The Arby's Hipster DLP Supporter

    Jun 19, 2008
    Yes. Currently a Magmar.
  13. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    It is time to confront the most important question in any Pokemon adventure.

    What am I evolving this Eevee into?

    Glaceon’s out. Ice Rock too far away. Espeon / Umbreon are out. I have their types and they’re annoying to get. Leafeon is easier, but too common of a type. Vaproeon’s Water Stone, while nearby, seems to be Surf-locked, so it’s down to Jolteon / Flareon / Sylveon. I can probably get another fire-type, but the question is: do I prefer an elemental type like Jolteon as long as I wait a bit or do I prefer to be lazy and just get a Sylveon?

    Laziness won out.

    I played with Mage the Eevee before I went to bed, played with him in the morning, and one Rare Candy later, Mage evolves into a Sylveon and learns Fairy Wind.

    So pink. So wonderful.

    You know what else would be wonderful?

    Another friend!

    And that’s what I get when I wander into the grass below the ranch. Mudbray pops up, and while he isn’t the most interesting, I need bulk. Everyone, please welcome Seratin!

    Gotta say, I hate ground/desert routes because they always have boring Pokemon. Easy though, since by the time my team gets through, they’re all levels 16/17, and no, Fable the Ralts has yet to evolve. C’mon, guy. I’m thinking of boxing you. Don’t make me do that.

    Still, the call of an elemental Pokemon proves strong. Route Five. Nice route, nice route, but for once in my life, I’m getting a grass type.

    “Hey,” some guy says in the Pokemon Center. “Do you have a Lillipup? I want to trade for this grass-type-”

    Psh, back off, loser. I’m getting a real grass-type. Not some second hand flower.

    I stroll into the grass.

    Instead of a perfect mantis, there is a dog.

    I stare.

    Twenty minutes later, the guy in the Pokemon Center flinches as a hand strong as iron grips his arm.

    Hey,” comes a voice of the devil. “Hey. TRADE WITH ME.

    He does.

    She is a Bounsweet. Level 17, Magical Leaf.

    Good enough.

    I name her Delphine.

    While kicking the asses of the rest of the trainers, Fable the Ralts finally evolves into Kirlia. Will you be useful now? Is that too much to ask?

    Brooklet Hill is a cute little place with grass and water aplenty. In it I meet Lana, the cutest girl with the cutest face. Can I catch Lana? Please? Fine. A real Pokemon it is. Lana helpfully gives me Ride-Surf, so another decision presents itself.

    I want a water-type. I want a water/bug spider with a cool water-based ability. That’s vague, right? Should be easy to fulfill, right?

    Water spider only appears in the day and in the water at 40%. At night it’s replaced by Surskit and I definitely don’t want that. It’s twenty minutes until the night flips, so I twiddle my thumbs for twenty minutes before lunging for my DS. It’s exactly 6:00. It is now Day in my game. I take this Lapras into the surf, feeling the sun in my hair.

    A Pokemon appears.

    It is a Surskit.

    I stare.

    I study the Serebii chart. I look at other charts.

    I stare some more.

    Where is my water spider?

    What is this THING?

    Nope, don’t accept.

    I have an item that forces continuous SOS encounters. I’m going to let Delphine Razor Leaf the shit out of Surskit, summoning more Pokemon to the slaughter, until something better appears.

    It won’t take long, I’m sure.


    I am covered in gore.

    Surskits surrounds me and this little grass thing in front of me. Delphine’s teeth gleam. Three levels have been gained, and there is a glint in her eyes that can only be a serial killer being born. A few moments later she will evolve into another grass thing, just more bloodthirsty.

    Not a single water spider or Poliwag or Psyduck.



    I capture a Surskit. Female. Whatever. I name her Cheddar and box her so hard she’ll have been mailed through ten countries by tomorrow. I kick Seratin into the same box to prevent his death, and take out Fable the Kirlia (boxed because I needed space) because I want his Magical Leaf.

    Water Trial. Let’s go.

    It doesn’t take long for the Totem Wishiwashi to appears. It’s big. It calls the rain.

    This might not go okay.

    I lead with Fable the Kirlia because he's the only Pokemon I have besides Delphine with a super effective move and he won’t be switching in to any attack, let me tell you. Fable begins with Magical Leaf, doing a score of damage and raising my hopes that this will be an easy battle. Wishiwashi replies with Water Gun, sending Fable straight into yellow.

    It’s okay. Delphine can take it from here.

    While I’m switching in Delphine, Wishiwashi summons a baby Wishiwashi (called a Fishi) that maybe one day I will coo over but today is not that day. Unluckily, Delphine has better attack than special attack and her only grass move is Razor Leaf, BUT I have a X Sp. Atk ready to go!

    I toss it to her, while two Water Guns nearly send Delphine into yellow. Rude, but I won’t have to deal with it for much longer~

    “Go, Delphine!” I yell, pointing. “Razor Leaf!”

    Delphine uses Razor Leaf on both Pokemon.

    Fishi tries to make it to yellow but fails. Wishiwashi lost like 1/8th health.

    ... But why. ;_;

    Wishiwashi takes this turn to use Soak on me. It’s a useless sort of move, and I try Razor Leaf again the next turn, to EVEN LESS DAMAGE.

    The world has gone mad.

    Suspicion slithered to my ear. “Hey,” it says. “Hey, Vira. Are you SURE Razor Leaf is a special attack?”

    Well, yes, suspicion, I’ve only been played these games since I was five and Razor Leaf has been around that long and- oh I guess it is physical.

    Oh and I guess I wasted that X Sp. Atk.

    Oh and I guess Soak turned me into a water-type to take away my Grass STAB.

    Oh and I guess I’m stupid.


    Rain makes Wishiwashi’s Water Gun hit like a truck, but I kill Fishi that turn and heal up on the next. I should be able to kill Wishiwashi with some Super Potion juggling, but before I can start, Wishiwashi summons an Alomomola.

    Do you know what the point is of an Alomomola? It’s to Heal Pulse the shit out of anything it wants to, which is useless in any other situation except here.

    Basically, Wishiwashi the Tank summoned Alomomola the Cleric.

    And Delphine’s Razor Leaf barely dented the cleric.

    I didn’t want to switch, but I know when to give up.

    Alomomola proceeds to Heal Pulse Wishiwashi while I throw Font the Grimer into the field, only for her to catch a Water Gun to the face. Green, yellow, oh look her health stayed yellow just barely.


    I’m doomed.

    Someone’s dying here.

    I need to get damage on this Wishiwashi and quick. Font will die if I stay in. Delphine and Fable will both die if I switch them in with both opponents alive. Stanari the Oricorio may or may not live, but I NEED her Air Cutter since she can hit both Pokemon, so I can’t chance it. And while Mage the Sylveon and Jari the Bagon are physically on my team, their lives must be protected at all costs.

    … I need Delphine and Fable’s grass attacks.

    Font must stay in.

    I nod at Font gently from the sidelines, tears welling in my eyes, and in one last attack, Font uses Poison Gas and poisons Wishiwashi and Alomomola, before she’s washed into the current, disappearing into the lake.

    Stanari the Oricorio switches in, and it takes two Air Cutters for the Alomomola to fall- though not before healing Wishiwashi of the poison. Stanari takes all damage like a champ, but now she’s low on HP, and Font’s death only gave me one step forward.

    I need a second.

    And honestly.

    I already have a fairy-type.

    I send in Fable the Kirlia to die, and switch in Delphine for the win. Upon her foe’s body, Delphine learns Magical Leaf. A reward for death, a reward for a killer.

    But I do not see.

    Leaves float on the surface of the lake. It’s peaceful here.

    I lower Fable into the water until he too rests at the bottom.

    It is over for them.

    But for me, the journey is just beginning.

    Current Team.

    Stanari the Yellow Oricorio. L21, F. Pound, Growl, Hidden Power Fire, Air Cutter.
    Jari the Bagon. L18, M. Bite, Ember, Dragon Breath, Brick Break.
    Mage the Sylveon. L20, M. Fairy Wind, Baby-Doll Eyes, Hidden Power Bug, Quick Attack.
    Delphine the Steenee. L21, F. Magical Leaf, Play Nice, Sweet Scent, Razor Leaf.


    Thaum the Machop. L12, M.
    Cheddar the Surskit. L17, F.
    Seratin the Mudbray. L18, M.

    Rest in Peace.

    Zenzao the Spearow. L13, M. Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain (kinda).
    Red the A. Rattata. L14, M. I accept full responsibility for your death.
    Rose the Gastly. L16, F. Sigh.
    Font the A. Grimer. L20, F. Goodbye, my darling.
    Fable the Kirlia. L20, M. Meh, I have a Sylveon.
  14. Seratin

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    Oct 14, 2007
    Dún na ngall
    High Score:
  15. fontisian

    fontisian Fourth Year

    Aug 14, 2011
    That was fast.
  16. Oruma

    Oruma Unspeakable

    Dec 13, 2010
    PoCo, Canada
    No, just...no.


    Fable and Delphine shared a look. And then he smiled.

    Realization struck Delphine like a Solar Beam.

    "No." Whispered Delphine, tears welling up in her eyes.

    "It must be done." The Kirlia reached out to pat the little Steenee on her head.

    For a moment, she thought she could see, or sense, the emotions in his eyes, he was staring at his death and he was afraid of course he was and he walked to it anyway, and the Wishiwashi came, and Fable died with his head held high and his eyes open--

    Delphine stepped onto the field, and with one hit, struck down Fable's killer.

    She could feel power surging into her, painful yet euphoria-inducing as she leveled up.

    And then, in her mind, something clicked, a piece of knowledge unlocked.

    A last gift from Fable.

    Delphine has learned Magical Leaf.

    She broke down and cried.
  17. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    You did your job and saved my beginning steps. Grimer is surprisingly decent excluding it's stupidly high evolution level.

    “… And that’s what happened,” Delphine said. Leaves danced around her bowed head, and Mage the Sylveon put a paw to her shoulder.

    “Fable died a hero. Without him, more of use would have died… But without you, we all would have. Delphine, you saved us.”

    “You one-shot it!” Jari the Bagon exclaimed .”You could one-shot anything with those leaves.”

    A leaf curled around Delphine’s finger and she turned her head, to hide the tears in her eyes. “They were Fable’s last gifts.”

    “Can we still go from here?” Stanari the Oricorio glanced at the lake, but it was still. The Totem had left, but if it came back… “So many of us have died. Can we still win?”

    Jari hesitated and Mage swished his ribbons.

    Delphine stepped up.

    “We can,” she said. She had joined their team a shy flower and evolved into an even shier one, but here she held her head high. “No one else will die. Fable was the last death! As long as we work together we can get through it. We’re a team.

    Not one of her friends said a word until Jari said, “Yeah!” He outstretched his tiny arm, and Stanari added a wing, and overtop was Mage’s ribbion. More tears welled up in Delphine’s eyes but this time she did not hide them, because this was her team. One heart, one mind.

    She added her arm.

    Afterwards, Delphine stayed at the water’s edge. She said she wanted to be alone with her grief and the others went back to town, laughing in a way they hadn’t for days.

    Water lapped at her feet, and she moved a leaf around her hand.

    "It must be done." The Kirlia reached out to pat the little Steenee on her head-

    “Hold the line!” whispered Font before her head disappeared under the waves for the last time-

    Rose shrank, crying, misting. “I’m coming apart, please help , please please please-”

    “This isn’t right!” Red yelled as the Oricorios pushed his head onto the guillotine, Stanari shrinking against the wall with her wings covering her beak-”

    Zenzao spread his wings, talons dipped in blood. “I’m choosing to die, so that you all will live!

    “It has to be done!”

    Delphine smiled.

    “Thank you, Zenzao. Thank you, Red. Thank you, Rose, Thank you, Font. Thank you… Fable. Thank you for loving me, thank you for dying for me. And thank you…”

    She flicked the leaf into a tree where it embedded deep into the bark.

    “… to my friends, who will die for me as well. As. They. Should. <3”
  18. Oruma

    Oruma Unspeakable

    Dec 13, 2010
    PoCo, Canada
    What a lovely little sto...
  19. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    So, that happened.

    I need two more Pokemon, so I withdraw Seratin the Mudbray and Cheddar the Surskit. Both are… Look, I need a water-type, but not one that evolves out of it. I could put aside my reservations for a Skrelp, but Surskit? No.*

    And Seratin. Look, there’s no way to say this without outing myself as a nerd, but Seratin has a Timid nature and he is a physically attacking Pokemon. It’s unnatural. I can’t do it, it’s wrong. I have standards.

    I’ll keep these two in my party just in case though. <_<

    Now that I have the water Z-move, the Sudowoodo blocking Route Six flee at my proud approach. The Team Skull members are not as wise and with the help of a child or an unfortunately short person, Jari the Bagon murders them and buries the bodies. I should keep him away from Delphine. :(

    Haru points me to Royal Avenue, but isn’t that like the Battle Factory? I don’t care, so I walk past and make it into a new city. It’s a bit of a weird city, just one street and I follow the only direction available to me to the Pokemon Center. One of the girls in there looks slightly familiar but I ignore it. I stop in front of the market counter and place a bulging bag of gold and star pieces on the table.

    “Are you looking for real estate?” the shop person asks, astonished.

    “No… I am looking for CLOTHES.”

    And clothes I found.

    You can’t imagine the joy when I saw the clothing store. You can’t imagine the confusion when the two girls at the entrance said strangely familiar things. You can’t imagine the despair when I saw the pink shirt with Oak’s face on it.

    This is Heahea City. I’ve been here. I just looped back around and didn’t notice.

    No clothing trip for me.

    The obvious path forward is through Diglett’s Tunnel to the fire trial, but I’m not ready yet, I need to consider my catching options.

    I checked Serebii and the Royal Avenue has no Pokemon so it’s useless to me. Route Six has the most boring bunch of Pokemon I’ve ever seen, BUT the Island Scan is a Gothita, which will be available tomorrow. Do I really need something so fragile looking though? It’s a bit boring compared to the first island’s scan Pokemon.


    I step into Diglett’s Cave just to get a Pokemon but find Olivia blocking the path.

    Me: Um… this is my route.

    Her: No, dummy, do the fire trial first.

    Me: ???

    Me: Isn’t this the way to the volcano?

    Rotom Dex
    : lolno

    I consider crushing Rotom Dex under some rocks.

    While I’m leaving, I catch a Zubat I name Ash. Someone save me from female name purgatory.

    Meh, I don’t even care about a Gothita. I’ll just catch someone on Route Six.

    I enter the grass. A male Pikipek confronts me.


    I have Cheddar the Surskit leading, and have her weaken the Pikipek with Bubble Beam.

    What you may not know is that during this event, I was out at a restaurant with my family (everyone brings their electronic device of choice), and I looked away to give the waitress my order. When I looked back, Cheddar was dead.

    I didn’t care though so I switched in Stanari the Oricorio, and caught the Pikipek, naming him Halt and boxing him.

    Royal Avenue it is.

    I see Gladion muttering to himself as he enters the arena, but I skipp past because why not. There’s really nothing of interest here, but here’s where the Pokemon gets interesting.

    Let’s start with Wela Volcanic Park. Five Pokemon through the whole route. Fletchling (common, decent), poison lizard (common, #NotAllMen), Cubone (uncommon, no), Magby (uncommon, yes), and Kangaskhan (rare, sure).

    I want the lizard. I can’t find another Adrenaline Orb, but I will stay in an SOS battle for five hours if it gets me a female.

    But luckily that doesn’t happen. Because I find a Cubone instead.


    I catch him and name him Octopus, because you can never have enough sacrifice Pokemon.

    Finally, Route Seven. It’s a beach/ocean route with a decent variety of Pokemon, but the bubbling fishing spots capture my interest. Staryu? Yes, please!

    But I don’t really get bubbling rocks, so while listening to a youtube video of rare Pokemon in Sun/Moon and how to get them, I spend half-hour circling this one bubbling rock in the middle of the ocean. First fishing rod gets me a Pearl, then bubbles die. Second gets me nothing because I ran too fast and scared the bubbles. Every time, I have to Ride-Repel my way back, exit the route, re-enter, then circle around to this spot.

    The third time, I throw my rod-

    And wheel out a Wishiwashi.


    I catch him and name him Poytin, but dissatisfaction rumbles in my chest. I want something better, but is that possible? I used all my luck for a Bagon / Eevee. I’m going to be stuck with crap encounters for the rest of the playthrough.

    The youtube video I had used is still playing and I glance helplessly at it only to stare.

    … Where is that area? I’ve never seen it. I… passed it? But those Pokemon…

    I jump to my feet and run back to Heahea City. Lillie sees me running and exclaims, “Vira, where are you going?”

    I spin around.

    “Melemele Island! I have WATER POKEMON to catch!”

    I have three beautiful stops in this journey of hope.

    The first is back at Melemele Meadow, where I caught Stanari. You see, there’s this little hole in the rock and if you climb through you come out in Seaward Cave. I didn’t know this was here, and with a riding Lapras, it’s easy to get through…

    But that’s not the point.

    I get out my QR Scanner. I may or may not have used the internet.

    And when I’m done, the Scanner beeps.

    “Warning! Rare ass Pokemon on the way!”

    My evil laughter echoes throughout the cave.

    And quaking in fear, a Totodile peers out from behind a rock.

    But it cannot hide.

    It will be mine.

    I have Poytin the Wishiwashi out front and he carefully lowers Totodile’s HP before I start chucking balls. It takes about eight. Totodile doesn’t want to come, but I give him no choice.

    BE MINE.

    He does.

    He’s a level twelve critter with Metal Claw. I name him Oruma and kiss him lightly on the head.

    One down…

    At the end of the cave is an exit to another secret area. The bubbling fishing spot boasts of Shellder, but I find another Wishiwashi. The Wishiwashi may have been scared by the way I floated away with an alligator in my arms, but such is life.

    Lastly, Melemele Sea. Nice area. Watery. South in the sea is this particular fishing spot infamous for its Corsola and low-spawning Mareanie. Many a player have cried over continuously failing, but I am not one for tears when a Magikarp reveals itself. I name him Menace. He shall sit on the bench in case of the worse.

    Melemele Sea stretches east, and I follow, Oruma the Totodile in front, strapped with Potions, Antidotes, food, and whatever my darling would want. Also I give him Water Z, because there’s nothing like a tiny alligator summoning a whirlpool. It’s not long before Oruma evolves into Croconaw (level 18, why so late?), and in joy, I go back to second island.

    It’s time to continue my journey.

    But as I’m on my way to Wela Volcanic Park, I see the red flag overtop the Royal Avenue battle building. I remember Hau and Gladion talked there in my last playthrough and I guess it’s mandatory to go in, so that I do, with Oruma in the front of my party.

    I like Gladion. He’s edgy, but in a manageable, “I still love my Pokemon” kind of way. The Professor interrupts us, dressed as a I dunno, and something tugs at my memory.

    I remember… a battle?


    A battle.

    A four-way battle where all three opponents attacked me and only me.

    And Oruma the Croconaw is in front.

    “Sorrygottogo-” I try, but the professor grabs the back of my shirt.

    “Don’t you want to BATTLE, Vira?” he says, a glint in his eyes. “Don’t you want to battle with your under-levelled alligator with everyone attacking him?”

    I shake my head wildly and scream as I’m dragged into the arena.

    Oruma is shuffled out. He looks confused. He looks to Type: Null, to the Rockruff, to the grass-type Dartrix. He looks back at me.

    His eyes beg for mercy.

    The battle screen pops up.

    Four attack choices, three Pokemon targets, but I know it’s lost. I can’t defeat all three. I won’t survive the first turn.

    Metal Claw, Water Gun, Brick Break-

    Death, death, death.

    But I have to try.

    “Hydro Vortex!” I yell, pointing at the Rockruff, but Type: Null attacks first with a vicious Tackle, sending me nearly to yellow. Rockruff adds a Bite, finishing the path to yellow health. The Dartrix spreads its wings-

    But it doesn’t get a chance.

    Oruma unleashes Water Z on Rockruff.

    The puppy dies.

    The battle ends.

    I stand there kind of confused before picking up Oruma and running away as fast as I can.

    And that’s the story of how I nearly lost my Croconaw.

    Thanks for reading!

    Current Team.

    Stanari the Yellow Oricorio. L23, F. Pound, Growl, Hidden Power Fire, Air Cutter.
    Jari the Bagon. L20, M. Bite, Ember, Dragon Breath, Brick Break.
    Mage the Sylveon. L23, M. Fairy Wind, Baby-Doll Eyes, Hidden Power Bug, Quick Attack.
    Delphine the Steenee. L24, F. Magical Leaf, Play Nice, Sweet Scent, Razor Leaf.
    Oruma the Croconaw. L18, M. Water Gun, Metal Claw, Brick Break, Work Up.


    Thaum the Machop. L12, M.
    Seratin the Mudbrey. L18, M.
    Ash the Zubat. L20, F.
    Halt the Pikipek. L17, M.
    Octopus the Cubone. L19, M.
    Poytin the Wishiwashi. L17, M.
    Menace the Magikarp. L10, M.

    Rest in Peace.

    Zenzao the Spearow. L13, M. Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain (kinda).
    Red the A. Rattata. L14, M. I accept full responsibility for your death.
    Rose the Gastly. L16, F. Sigh.
    Font the A. Grimer. L20, F. Goodbye, my darling.
    Fable the Ralts. L20, M. Meh, I have a Sylveon.
    Cheddar the Surskit. L17, F. <_<

    *Masquerain is actually one of my favorite Pokemon, but I used one all-game in Alpha Sapphire so I’ve filled my Masquerain quota for the time being.
  20. ChaosGuy

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    Aug 21, 2009
    You need to catch yourself an electric type. A real one at that.