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Official DLP Nuzlocke Run

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Mindless, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Silirt

    Silirt Death Eater DLP Supporter

    Sep 19, 2018
    I'm currently nuzlocking a simple randomized Pearl version. My team so far is between levels thirteen(for weakening low-level pokemon) and twenty.
    (Harry) Stantler
    (Luna) Raltz
    (Cho) Bronzong
    (Neville) Leafeon
    (Ginny) Slowpoke
    (Hannah) Wormadam
    Ron and Hermione are in the box right now, since they're both basically duplicates. I tried to have some level of symbolism go into each of the names, but, let's face it, there's only so much you can do with Bronzong, which is my party's resident level 13. Out of my six team members, three know a sleep-inducing move, which partially explains the relative success I've experienced in collecting a full team as early in the game as I have. No one is in the graveyard yet, but I missed an incredible opportunity to catch a level 7 Rayquaza by killing it with a critical hit. There are three rules I'm using, starting with the two official rules.
    Let the dead lie.
    You have only one chance to catch per route, and it's the first one.
    In-battle items are forbidden.
  2. The Waco Kid

    The Waco Kid Groundskeeper

    Jan 3, 2015
    Nowhere Special
    After a hiatus I'm back with Part two of my White 2 run:

    For Relic Passage, I have a good idea what I want to I slap on a repel and look for the dust cloud. A couple of false starts and colored shards later, I have the encounter, and welcome Zenzao the Drilbur. This battle does make clear one issue, my capture mon (His Fluffiness running Hypnosis & Super Fang), is becoming dangerously underleveled.

    On to Relic Castle, and I considered my options. Volcanarona feels like cheating a bit (Plus it doesn’t really pickup great attack until about level 60). A Baltoy might be interesting, but as I learned vs a Plasma grunt not too long ago, Baltoy’s at this level have self-destruct (Fortunately Miner was out of harms way in the opening stage of a Fly attack at the time), so that’s a risk I don’t want to take. So, I’ll take whatever I can get. And in the end it’s the Sandile I’d wanted so long ago. Sandile the Oment welcome to the box for now.

    Heh, so remember when I was closing in on Elesa with no ground types? Well, now I’ve pretty much got that covered. Sadly what I’m not so well prepared for is Skyla’s flying types. No electric types, no rock types. Fortunately I’ve still got a couple of captures left before that gym.

    So on to Route 6, and for the life of me I can’t understand why the wild Pokemon levels are a step below the ones in Relic Passage. Route 6 brings a dilemma for the direction I want to go. Looking down the list of potential encounters, it’s… underwhelming, mainly just mediocre bug types outside of the most probable Deerling, who seems like the best of the worst. Although if I’m content to settle for a Deerling, I might at well go for the gift one on this route that has the Serene Grace ability. The only other option would be to take a risk on the rustling grass for the 20% chance at an Emolga, who while not spectacular, would give me a much needed electric type.

    After some thought, I decide I need some Serene Grace in my team, so I slap on a repel and make my way to the Season Research Lab and get Newcomb the Deerling.

    So after beating up on the rest of the trainers on Route 6, I shuffle my team into capture mode, and head for Mistralton Cave. The four possible encounters there are split between two very desirable options and two quite less desirable ones. Naturally the less desirable ones have slightly higher odds. But luck is on my side as I find my first encounter three steps into the cave, and it’s an Axew! His Fluffiness comes out to take care of business, and he succeeds, albeit with Gemma having to come out and act as a wall for a bit in the middle. In any case, Jwlk the Axew joins the crew. As it turned out my next encounter was an Aron, so clearly the RNG gods were smiling this day.

    So onto Chargestone Cave still with a very big need for an electric type. Since the highest odds for one is on the B2F level, repel enters the fray again as I wind my way through the cave. And it pays off, as my first encounter becomes a simple catch of Typhon the Joltik. Not quite the Tynamo I dreamed of, but I’ll have to make due, and the bug type could make it useful vs some of the Elite 4.

    That leads me to Mistralton City. And while I marvel at the inclusion of airplanes in Pokemon, they do realize just about anybody can walk onto the runway, right? Including a couple of boys who have randomly hid a TM at the edge? Or ignoring that, the plane while parked takes up about 1/6 of the runway. That can’t be safe for take-offs and landings? Or is it just me?

    So I follow Professor Juniper’s footsteps to Celestial tower. Quickly I face my first encounter and welcome to the team Delphine the Litwick. Always wanted to to try out this pkmn line.

    By the time I finish working my way through the tower and make it back to Mistralton for healing, winter has arrived. And with it comes hail, joy. I work my way back out to route 7 and head right for the deep grass (which looks kinda dead), and my first encounter is a double encounter. One of the two is a Deerling, which I can’t capture as I already have one. Fortunately, the other is not only something I don’t have, but something that could be really useful, a Cubchoo. So I quickly dispatch the Deerling, and carefully handle the weakening of my beautiful little Drayden killer. Hmmm so a female ice type, wonder what I should name her… Really wasn’t sure what direction I should go with this one, soooo many options.


    (At this point Waco was struck with a bolt of lightning while inside on a sunny day)

    Just kidding, everyone say hi to Vira the Cubchoo.

    By a strange coincidence, in addition to be super effective against Drayden, Vira’s typing makes her super-effective for my next task. Taking on Skyla at the Mistralton Gym. As it turned out, there was a lot of blowing. Also domination. Long story short, I left the gym with the badge.

    At this point I went to the terminal, met up with Professor Juniper, Bianca and Skyla, and got into the screaming metal death-trap… er… I mean airplane, and we flew out to Lentimas town. Which as it turned out, was not a very exciting place. So I went off the reservation and explored the Strange House, where I welcomed Minion the Banette.

    Reversal Mountain was next, but didn’t even make it inside before I had my encounter for the route. In the dark grass I found a double battle with a Skarmory and a Driftblim. So it was decision time. After some thought, I realized, I have a couple of ghosts (with another pretty guaranteed later), no steel types, and a lot of slow un-tanky type in my roster. So I set my sets on and captured Quiddity the Skarmory. From there it was into the interior of the mountain where I ran into Bianca again and explored the caves.

    Leaving the caves I found myself on the shores of Undella town. Which would be much better if it wasn’t winter here in Unova. Not exactly beach weather. So it could be said I was not in a great mood when I was confronted by my rival, Hu. However, Hu was the one who left disappointed, as Vira, Koalas, and Jarizok took care of business (always a good time when you can use your rival for super effective target practice). Despite the weather I went out surfing for a new teammate. Having looked ahead to possible future encounters, I would have been quite content to find the most likely option, Frillish. However, that was not to be, so welcome to the team Vaimes the Staryu. Despite throwing possibly future captures into jeopardy, the old Pokemon Blue player in me smiles at this capture knowing that if set up properly, this could be a useful piece in unseating a dragon type Champion.

    I then sail onwards to Undella Bay, (right past the Thursday special event Jellicent), and I manage to avoid the jellyfish and on my first encounter run into something much more cuddly. Say hello to Poytin the Spheal. I knew cruising around the bay in winter was a good idea. While I thank fate for the stroke of luck, it laughs at me by making 3 of my next 4 encounters Spheals’ at higher levels than mine. Nevertheless I finish my tour of the bay by beating up on the swimmers (I don’t want to know where they keep their pokeballs).

    No rest for the weary, as I immediately make for route 13, and it’s straight to the island of the dark grass in hopes of a double encounter. Multiple interesting possibilities await here. An Absol would be an interesting backup for Zoroark given how important a dark type will be vs the Elite 4. A Driftbrim would make for an ok Special attacker, of which I have very few. Instead my encounter is with a Tangela and a Lunatone. Meh. Any excitement for Lunatone’s special attack and typing is destroyed by the knowledge that that rock type will make it a sitting duck against Marshall’s fighters. So Silirt the Tangela it is. And yes, I know that Cobalion is available on this route if I chose. But I’m going to try to do this run without resorting to turning it into a Sword of Justice fest.

    Following this I reshuffle my team (ignoring the fact I really need to get my capture duo, HF & Owner up to the levels of the wild Pokemon they’re facing off against, as the were 5+ levels below my new Tangela), and am nearly forced to bury half the team. It started so innocently, as I saw a patch of rustling grass and head straight for it. An Audino, perfect to pick up some easy EXP, right? I send out jwlk to dragon dance, and the return is a secret power, which puts jwlk to sleep. I waste my next turn digging for a somewhat melted casteliacone, and another secret power hits… A critical hit. But ok, even with that jwlk is barely below half HP, and already has a dragon dance boost, so attack with Dragon Claw, which Audio survives barely in the red, and Oran berry boost. And then… Take Down…!?!?! Jwlk barely hangs on with less than 5 HP remaining and finishes it off with another Claw.


    So I swap Eido to the front and start hunting for trainers. Which maybe I should have questioned when I see and have to surf to the next trainer. A fisherman. With a part ground type lead, heh. So I lead with Crunch, and oh yeah, I really should have remembered Golduck is a pure water type even though he uses psychic attacks. An Aqua tail hits hard, so I got to Typhon. Again, the pure water type means signal beam is just neutral, so… Electro ball, which apparently speed dependent and GOlduck has decent speed compared to joltik. Somehow a Zen headbut hits with normal power (does bug not resist psychic in the this generation?), so I switch to my wall, Miner (which completely overlooked his poison typing would make him weak to psychic attacks. I switch into a Soak attack, which changes Miner’s typing to water, which while sparing the psychic weakness, means he’s now damaged by his own hold item. A couple of bites later, I’m finally victorious with everyone alive, and I sprint back to the Pokemon center.

    The rest of the route goes quietly.

    Lacunosa Town serves as a pit stop and I take the occasion to clear out the TM shop, but no rest for the weary as I get shanghai’d for story time with Juniper and Bianca, and the grabbed by Hu to battle Zinzolin and a Plasma grunt. Jarizok’s fire takes out Zinzolin’s duo, and then Eidolonic finishes the job against the grunt’s poison types, while Hu and his Serperior continue to make a strong case for most useless rival ever.

    Route 12 capture is WIldfeather the Tranquill.

    Village Bridge capture is Lyric the Marill. Pretty much was locked into that here, since I already had a Golduck. Tried to get lucky with the 5% chance for a Lapras in the rippling water, but it wasn’t to be.

    Route 11 poses a question. Since I already have a Golduck, I can search the land with the most probable options being Karrablast or Gligar, or the water for a Buizel. While I did like Buizel in my platinum run, it’d be the 5th different water type I have, and there’s basically a guaranteed Frillish in my future later, so I roll the dice on the land. 5 ultra balls later, I welcome Sloth the Gligar.

    Special shoutout to Miner who one shot Virizion as I cleared the road to Opelucid.

    So to Opelucid, with Iris there to lay out the red carpet upon my arrival. I can only conclude she’s trying to set me up for some concessions for when I beat her. While Drayden awaits, I first detour over to Route 9, as I haven’t kept my levels high enough to immediately challenge him. With multiple high % encounters blocked via previous catches, it takes a few tries to find Thaum the Pawniard. So I spend some time on my grind, with stops at the route 9 shops for TM’s (you never know when Hyper Beam might come in handy), and a quick trip home to track down the Energy Ball TM. Amongst the highlights from training is a much welcomed evolution, as Eidolonic evolves from Vibrava to a Flygon. And not a second too soon, as he gains the dragon tail attack with the evolution.

    It was finally time for the gym. I walk in knowing Drayden’s ace is going to be at a higher level than any of my squad. With the plan to voluntarily taken on all 4 underlings, instead of the mandatory two, I take command of the dragon statue. And that plan worked… other than Eido almost getting one shot from a dragon claw. In the end it’s was Jarizok’s Outrage and Vira’s Icicle crash that took the day, and the Legend badge was mine.

    And then get to Drayden talk… and talk… and talk… alll the way until the next ice age swallows the regio…. Wait a minute, that’s Team Plasma again. I push back Zinzolin and his grunts, almost losing Typhon for my troubles, but Drayden goes oops and all but hands the DNA splicers to the shadow triad. Feared gym leader, eh? As they get away, I’m left with an awkward 4 way rendezvous, and travel plans for Humilau city.

    A note for those paying attention, yes Typhon at L47 is still a Joltik. I’ve been holding back his evolution so that he gets his best attacks before hell freezes over (Team Plasma shenanigans not included), because he doesn’t get them as a Galvantula until high 50’s and/or low 60’s. Just needs to hang on another 2 levels to get Bug Buzz and I can finally let him evolve and hopefully stop being quite as big of a defensive liability (At this point I’ll settle for just helping me get past Marlon in the final gym).

    Current team:
    Koalas the Samurott L47
    Miner the Crobat L47
    Jwlk the Fraxure L47
    Gemma the Leavanny L47
    Zoroark (N’s) L48
    Typhon the Jolitk 47


    Eidolonic the Flygon L47
    Jarizok the Arcanine L48
    Vira the Beartic 47
    Palindrome the Golduck L39
    His Fluffiness the Watchog L 33
    Owner the Skitty L33
    Cheddar the Minccino L23
    MonkeyEpoxy the Pansage L22
    Fontisian the Ducklett L24
    LT2000 the Braviary L26
    Seratin the Solosis L 21
    Zenzao the Drilbur L28
    Oment the Sandile L27
    Newcomb the Deerling L30
    Delphine the Litwick L29
    Quiddity the Skarmory L36
    Minion the Banette L32
    Vaimes the Staryu L33
    Poytin the Spheal L29
    Silirt the Tangela L38
    Wildfeather the Tranquill L41
    Lyric the Marill L27
    Sloth the Gligar L37
    Thaum the Pawniard L42
  3. LT2000

    LT2000 Heir

    Jun 5, 2005
    So has anyone here tried doing a Sword/Shield Nuzlocke? I'm curious as to how things ought to work with first encounter rules in this gen considering the existence of visible overworld pokemon. I mean, yes there are also random grass encounters in most places too, but a lot of things are only available on the overworld.
  4. Seratin

    Seratin SwoleTroll ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter

    Oct 14, 2007
    Dún na ngall
    High Score:
    I've been doing one on the side for the past while. Encounters are fairly easy, I just close my eyes when entering a route and the first Pokémon I end up battling is my encounter.

    In regards to the wild area, it's already split up into sections. I've given myself two sections for every gym badge I get and it's keeping it balanced nicely.
  5. LT2000

    LT2000 Heir

    Jun 5, 2005
    Aight, so I think I'll be doing one of these now/soon. Rules are as follows:

    - Catching: Have to choose between either the first visible overworld 'mon in a given zone (if multiple as will often be the case, it narrows down to being the one that spawns closest to the player), or passing and rolling the dice with a shaking grass spot, fishing spot, whatever. Still deciding on whether to allow an exception for a gift pokemon, provided it can be reached without passing through the grass. Aside from the Toxel at the Day Care Center on Route 5 I don't see this ever coming up regardless.

    Wild Area clauses: each named zone counts as its own distinct area. Can elect to pass on an overworld encounter altogether in favor of going after something in a max raid den. As usual, only one shot at this per zone and it's a case of accept whatever spawns there or forfeit the area altogether. Any encounter that is above the player's level limit to catch will not count. Cannot delay using an area due to a non-preferred weather pool once it's been entered.

    - Will be adding a little extra challenge by releasing the starter as soon as something else is caught.

    - No in-battle item use allowed, except for held items.

    - Repeat encounters can be ignored in all cases. This is mostly a non-issue in this gen, but putting it there in the rules regardless.

    - Will be making an honest effort not to grossly overlevel the game's content. Both of my previous playthroughs have seen me 10+ levels ahead of all the competition due to excessive messing about in the Wild Area, camping often, et cetera. Some degree of overleveling might not be avoidable due to the inability to turn off experience sharing, but it should be mostly doable.

    - Only one use of the camp per gym badge, perhaps eliminating this restriction in the endgame (preparing for Leon and beyond). This is mostly related to the point above.

    Open to suggestions or amendments if anyone has alternate ideas.