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Real life as a video game: pick your bonuses

Discussion in 'Flash and Spam Games' started by Taure, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    I’m going to assume ‘Health’ also includes mental illnesses like Intellect does. So for age five, I’m taking the Health bonus. Stopping my mental illnesses plus annoying physical issues before they occur is helpful. I don’t like being sick either, so yay.

    For age fifteen, I’m going with the Memory bonus. Not having to study after doing a basic read would save tons of time. Too bad it doesn’t work with experiences; I have terrible memory in that area, but whatever.

    At age twenty-five, I’m choosing Culture. The more I work at the hospital, the more annoying it gets when there’s a language barrier. For languages, I would choose French (for my future career), Indian, Chinese, and Korean. I can learn sign language on my own. The dancing is useless, but I’ll take the cooking ability.

    For my last bonus at age thirty-five, I’ll go with Finance. I don’t want that bonus now, I know what career I want and that takes studying and time, not money. So once I’m in a good position, I’ll have things to spend money on.

    The bonuses I didn’t choose fall into two categories. Useless for me (Appearance, Art, Longevity) or things I can do fine by myself (Intellect self-discipline, Athleticism).
  2. Oment

    Oment The Betrayer

    Apr 11, 2011
    I rate resistance to mental illnesses above all else, so either Memory or Intellect is a given. Between the two, I prefer Memory, slightly. I'll also throw Health in on the basis of family history. These two are givens in any template I'd make.

    Working with my current life, I'll go for the following:

    Age 5: Memory - In most education, Memory is far more important than Intellect, and the latter arguably only starts to pull ahead around the later years of secondary education - if that. Additionally, as Taure rightly pointed out, languages are a lot about memorising things (though not as much so at earlier ages), which means this can work as a pseudo-replacement for part of Culture.

    Age 15: Intellect - this nips procastrination in the bud, and I'm sure the increased IQ might come in useful as well. Honestly, I could make arguments for a few others in here, but this fits best with who I am.

    Age 25: Health - let's nip any shenanigans on that end in the bud right here.

    Age 35: Culture - By this age, I would hope to have enough life experience to make a good and educated guess on which languages I'd like, plus the other bonuses are pretty good too.

    Health and Culture are interchangable to a degree, but I opted for Health first as a precaution. And yes, I doubled down on Memory and Culture, for that polyglot (7+ languages entirely within the realm of possibility) experience.
  3. Clerith

    Clerith Supreme Mugwump DLP Supporter

    Jan 7, 2008
    1. Memory.

    This is a toss-up between memory and intellect, but memory seems slightly better. I don't really need an IQ boost, and awesome memory is really good all the way through school.

    2. Appearance.

    Yeah, I want this so bad. If I could reroll my stats at birth, I'd go int/cha. Also a perfect time to pick up in your teens. The toned, healthy body also makes me completely stop considering athleticism, I'm a nerd, not a jock =p

    3. Finance.

    My mind and body are great, I've aced school and enjoyed my young adult years, now it's time to start thinking about the future. So, money. I'd like to get this earlier, but 25 is early enough, I can get by. Never need to work or worry about money, thank god.

    4. Health.

    This is just to make sure I enjoy my excellent life to the fullest without any sickness blindsiding me.

    Health is better than longevity imo, more of a guarantee and 33% isn't quite enough with the multitude of health risks when you get older. Appearance's toned body is good enough unless you're crazy about athletics. One mind bonus is good enough and I prefer memory. And I just don't really care about art and culture. Well, culture would actually be really nice, probably my fifth choice, but it's more of a bonus, not essential for me.

    I'm happy with my choices and really wish this came true XD
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2015
  4. Quiddity

    Quiddity Auror

    Apr 14, 2014
    New Zealand
  5. IAmJustAnotherGuy

    IAmJustAnotherGuy Seventh Year

    Jan 1, 2015
  6. Aekiel

    Aekiel Angle of Mispeling Prestige DLP Supporter

    Mar 16, 2006
    The Shire
    High Score:
    Memory - Intellect - Finance - Health

    With perfect semantic memory you're able to remember more, therefore you're better off using this as early as possible. The vast majority of school work is rote memorisation, so it'd be a better idea to take this early, rather than later.

    Intellect is more useful for college and university, so it'd be better to take this just before it becomes important rather than waste years being stuck as a hyper intelligent child. After all, what's the point of being super smart if you can't do anything with it?

    Finance is a natural choice here. With memory and intellect already behind you, you could conceivably achieve this, but it's much easier to put all your years prior to this into learning so that when you do get the windfall you're in a good position to use it. Entrepreneurship is almost certainly your next step at this juncture.

    Health would be the last choice. The large majority of bodily problems that are likely to kill you occur after this stage, and having an elongated life expectancy is useless if you are just going to get cancer and die before achieving it (as would be likely with my family history).
  7. thoriyan

    thoriyan Seventh Year

    Mar 20, 2010
    Canada, eh?
    Pro Athlete (NFL)
    Age 5: Intellect - Intelligence is excellent, but the real find here is self-discipline for training, which will pair well with the athlete's natural abilities.

    Age 15: Athleticism - This is a good time to get that extraordinary athleticism, just in time to be a real high school standout and earn exposure. Paired with the previously found discipline and brains, a scholarship to any university of choice is within reach.

    Age 25: Memory or Health. Fork in the road here - to be truly great, Memory+Intellect would improve preparation to elite-levels (memorizing all of the opponent's tendencies, abilities, strengths and weaknesses etc) while Health ensures that injuries don't bog down our athlete's prime. At this point, I'd go with Memory - 25 to 35 is a decent time for health anyway.

    Age 35 - Health. This wipes away any nagging injuries up to this point and sets the slate clean at age 35 for possibly another 10 elite years of sport, while also preventing any injuries from carrying forward into later life.

    Results: Fame - Achievements - Money (from 20 year career) - Brains (to use the money wisely) etc. This leads to - wimminz, money for traveling/living large, paid tutors in whatever you feel like (dance, language etc), a body that holds up after taking a massive beating in the NFL.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2015
  8. Tsar

    Tsar Third Year DLP Supporter DLP Gold Supporter

    Mar 27, 2012
    Memory, Intellect, Appearance, Health.

    I feel that would be ideal for me. You can always find time to work out or learn,
  9. Blorcyn

    Blorcyn High Inquisitor DLP Supporter DLP Silver Supporter

    Oct 16, 2010
    Ok, so I'll bite:

    With Taure taking off the 18 age threshold I've changed the order but the most apparent combination to me is Intellect, Culture, Finance, Appearance

    Taking Intellect as early as possible is self-explanatory. The ability to not procrastinate and an IQ bump would be extremely helpful in getting everything off the ground (and a late-game protection from Dementias and Parkinson's etc. will be great)

    Next, Culture: maybe not too popular with the ladies at 15, but the other skills make up for it. With the ability to cook at a two mitchelin star level you could be pretty made for life. Excluding the three three-star chefs, there's 23 two star mitchelin chefs in the UK, with 1 in Republic of Ireland and 1 in Scotland.

    The languages are a big bonus. It'd be helpful in cooking and various other things. You could begin the path of making a very novel eating experience and as a polyglot/Intellectual it might be easier to improve and/or get a TV career.

    Next, Finance study something useful like Accountancy/Investment/Business Management at Uni, get some good big debts on some good fun stuff and the wipe the slate clean and open that restaurant you've been working up to. A lot of restaurants fail, but I'm optimistic about this.

    Finally, Appearance: maybe if you were set on a TV career you'd take this earlier. However, a slightly older gent as a TV chef works too. At 35, those dancing skills might a bit more useful and being attractive at this age as a male really means a lot of fun anyway. You can finally work on starting that family or just carry on enjoying life. Whatever. And, taking this later means you've been working on your 'personality' for a good long while now so you've not been stunted by easy mode.;)
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015
  10. MoltenCheese

    MoltenCheese Seventh Year

    Jul 20, 2015
    An interesting choice would be Art - Appearance - Culture - Health.

    Art: Being able to play four musical instruments from age five would make you a prodigy, and very famous (if you take advantage of social media). You could choose voice and three basic instruments (say, piano, guitar, and violin). Then, since many instruments are related/similar, you could learn other instruments as well. Also, if you start practicing early on, you would be able to reach world-class level when you grow up.

    Appearance: Mainly two reasons. One, with musical/artistic abilities and good looks, you would be able to get the girls much more easily XD But for a more serious reason, appearance would give another great boost to your celebrity status. A person who looks great, sings well, and plays instruments? That's your recipe for a super star.

    Culture: Once you become popular (hopefully in a global sense), you can use culture to be able to speak in various languages (More points for you as a star). Even if you aren't successful in gaining fame, you would still have no problem finding a job with your musical/artistic/cultural abilities.

    Health: Since you should have enough money by now with your celebrity status, Finances shouldn't be necessary. Now, get health so that diseases won't cripple you. Many great artists died too early - don't let that be you!