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Sharps by K.J. Parker

Discussion in 'Books and Anime Discussion' started by BTT, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. BTT

    BTT Headmaster

    Aug 31, 2011
    Cyber City Oedo
    Goodreads link

    The summary's not very good at actually summarizing the book. The truce isn't as wobbly as they make it sound, and instead of two teams there's the Protagonist Team (cobbled together from a bunch of unlikely heroes) and a bunch of opposing team, most of who don't merit names. Knowledge of fencing isn't required, although you might want to look up some simple terms like "volte".

    In any case I just finished reading this, and since I enjoyed it I figured others might, too. Favorite part of the book was undoubtedly the narration; characters weren't always great and the plot got a little wonky sometimes. It starts off with a fairly comical tone, but that gets lost along the way somewhere. It also sets up a bunch of plot threads that get resolved too abruptly in the conclusion.

    I'd rate it at about 3.5/5, for what's that worth.
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