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The Office - A Mafia Game

Discussion in 'Little Italy' started by Eidolonic, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. .113

    .113 Squib

    Oct 22, 2017
    Also thanks @Eidolonic for hosting the game and everyone who kept up the v
    No worries, youre not the only one. It happens, we move on. :)
  2. Yeti

    Yeti Muggle

    Oct 28, 2017
    Hey Miner, FWIW had I lived I was going to say I'd refrain from making any more jokes since it was something you were sensitive to. I can have a pretty dark sense of humor and to me giving Fable the hotline number was a "here you go get help" riff off his self-votes and nothing malicious.

    I got tilted af by your implication my life was too privileged to have been impacted by suicide. The chan founder of one of the first IRC channels I was a part of took her own life after having united all of us through her channel for years and one of my best friends had made repeated attempts, so, to act like it hasn't touched my life bothered me hard af. It's not something I joke about in an unaffected manner but I joke about a lot of dark humor things.

    I totally get that you were frustrated too that you got owned by the copypasta thing and I dragged it back up once I reread that part of the thread, that I thought you gave a fake read and got caught by it. Of all the things to get caught by a dank meme you just don't know from another forum is booty lol

    I was indeed in a League game at that EoD but I was... cognizant... of how many Owner voters were on. I actually believed really strongly that fonti was scum with Miner at that point by the fact she kept TRing him (I guess that she never made much of a defense that I recall should've been a sign she wasn't powerwolfing defending a partner but w/e) and Owner could've been a mislynch she was going for, or a weaker role she was bussing over Miner's. It annoyed me that Stan wanted to give Miner another day to try and prove himself when I was really sure he was scum by that point and didn't feel he had been proving he wasn't for several days, AND that some people were pushing for .113's lynch over his even at that point when I didn't think .113 was the scum between them at all - that may have been solely Miner's teammates though lol

    Shadow told me they killed me thinking I'd never be a viable mislynch but I actually think they misplayed the kill order - there's no way to know this of course from their POV but I would've lynched fonti that day over Owner very likely, I really backed off thinking Owner was scum after confirming Miner's flip in my head thinking fonti was trying to use Owner to save her partner. Had they left me/Jari alive another day I think the scumteam could've gotten at least one mislynch off via fonti and then killed us after. .113 could've been killed in my place since most people were very comfortable saying he/Miner were not w/w.

    Speaking of .113 sorry about the divorce dude :(

    I was prolly much too abrasive at the start of the game but it did feel very difficult to settle in - until more of this forum's natives died and the people I was more familiar with from WH were left. I just wish y'all read my posts more after I died, Jari is right that I am much more likely to reconsider on Vaimes than any of his whisperers BUT it was the wei/shadow slot that I was doubting/pushing as scum more heavily than Vaimes and if anyone had a reason to kill me before I could push an unpopular but accurate lynch, it would've been shadow.

    Also hey remember when I subbed in and voted Cuth and nobody joined me but I was right he was a scumwagon that got dissipated but people reeeee'd at me for it 8(

    Anyway GG town, really turned around for us once Tsaiah got vigged. I feel a lot better for accusing the cinnamon roll of being scummy that she actually was scum LOL.
  3. Miner

    Miner Unspeakable

    May 27, 2015
    East Coast
    It wasn't meant to shade you or your life. It was more of a, if you can't understand why this joke is wrong then I want you to understand why. But like I said, wording could've been much better.
  4. Stanari

    Stanari Squib

    May 29, 2017
    High Score:
    Thanks to Eido for hosting, and y'all for putting up with way too many screaming bird posts.

    I hope everyone that had a rough time this game feels better, and that we get a chance to play together again under better circumstances. Sorry to GH, SR, Yeti, 113, Dya, Fable, and Fonti for being various flavors of dumbass.

    If any of you are feeling generous, some feedback would be nice :O

    That's super sweet of you, but I'm pretty sure playing on MTGS still results in some moderate amount of tilt for me, just, like, venue-wise. It's possible I'll get over it eventually but regardless I've forgotten how to play long games responsibly anyway, lol. Thank you for the offer though, I enjoyed your posting this game! (Possibly even a little too much >__>)

    This is incredibly high praise, considering that I absolutely believe that Regfan replacing in is the only thing that kept town from imploding. I'm not really sure how much I actually did, but thanks lol.

    > Stanari
    > accurate

    Hahaha I even put 3 mafia in my top 4 town again this game. The reads in your QT are actually terrifying though.

    I'm overdue a break, but I definitely plan to stick around <3

    Once again, love y'all and hope to play with everyone here again! (Which...may actually be sooner than I first thought, heh.)
  5. Zack

    Zack Squib

    Oct 23, 2017
    Thank you for hosting, Voxx.