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Complete The 'R' Series By Regulus - T - HP/NT

Discussion in 'Romance' started by Antivash, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Samuel Black

    Samuel Black Minister of Magic

    Feb 22, 2007
    I liked it up until the beginning of book six. I forced myself through the sixth one, vaguely enjoyed it. I can't even get into the seventh one though. It just... irks me.
  2. Lincos

    Lincos Professor DLP Supporter

    Aug 17, 2007
    Liverpool, UK
    This was one of my favourite series of fiction, but at some point in Citadel(6) it just went to shit.
  3. Korisovra

    Korisovra Headmaster

    Jan 31, 2008
    At your mothers house
    I agree.I finished 6 some time ago and just couldn't bring myself to read the next one. I'll attempt it at some point in the future, but for now I'm just going to leave it alone. Overall 4/5.
  4. Aurion

    Aurion Headmaster

    Jun 11, 2008
    North Carolina
    First handful were decent, but they got to be massively repetitive by about the start of the fifth one.

    4/5 for just one.
    3/5 (barely) to struggle through the entire series.
  5. Mage

    Mage Chief Warlock DLP Supporter

    Apr 18, 2006
    Washington, DC
    Well I just finished through book 6 and I'll submit the review I gave on ff.net

    Well, I have just finished reading the R-series through book 6 and I figured it was time to review it. First let me say that while some of my comments may seem critical, it is just because these will be mostly things that bugged me, and not listing the many things that I highly enjoyed about the series. Oh and on another note, I had started this series years ago but stopped reading it because I thought that your sneak preview was going to be true. I recently started to reread it because I had forgotten about that, and I must say the wait was worth it since 6 out of the 7 books are done.

    Book One
    A great start to what turns out to be a fantastic story. I was wary at first because I have never been a fan of an abused Harry, fortunately you don’t have him become emo about it. Another thing that worried me, but would later be proved false, was Leon. I was skeptical about whether he would turn out to be a self insert type of character; thankfully this didn’t turn out to be the case. I found the rest of the first story to be a very fun read, if a bit close to canon chronology. It’s true that you changed some things to make it interesting enough to want to read, I did however find myself skimming some parts though.

    Book Two
    Don’t really remember all that much about book two except it was a fun read, but bordered pretty close to canon timeline again except in a few points. Harry being abused worried me again, however yet again he didn’t let it get to him much. The Harry Tonks interaction was fun to read, and it was very refreshing to have their relationship fleshed out so much. One thing I thought that was a great addition to the story was the finding of the Nest, I’m not sure why but this really added an interest to the story for me.

    Book Three
    The start of book three actually annoyed me because yet again Harry was getting abused by the Dursley’s, however almost killing Marge makes up for it and more; one could only think of how great it would have been if she did actually die. Anyways book three is where it really started to get interesting for me. We get to see Harry start to break away from canon!Harry. The Harry Tonks relationship continues to get better as the story goes along, and having Luna being close to Leon is very fitting in a completely ironic sense.

    The parts of book three that show Harry starting to get darker are some of the best parts of the series I think, having Harry pinning Terry to the wall with railroad spikes is by far one of my favorite parts of the series, and the fact that it is only in third year gave me hope that Harry was going to become a kickass fighter by the time the series was over.
    The end of book three was very well done. Having Harry not kill Wormtail because he would rather have him suffer is the way it should have been done from the beginning; and while I didn’t get my wish of Sirius actually being free, at least he later turns out better and isn’t hiding in caves eating rats.

    Book Four
    I’ll start off saying that it severely pissed me off that Harry had to put up with the Dursley’s for so long, yet again, despite Andi Tonks saying that she would rescue him relatively quickly. That being said most of the rest of my review for book four is nothing but praise. I loved Boris, and despite being wary about him in the beginning I feel he became a great addition to the story as you gave him his own character and background instead of just having him be some cool object. Having Harry blast apart the Minotaur like that was quite awesome, even if it did cause him to be knocked out for a long time.

    Introducing Harry’s subconscious for lack of a better of a term was something I had not seen done before. At first I was very put off by this idea because it just seemed weird and unnecessary to me. As the stories go on however I began to like it more and more. It was very interesting to see how it transform as Harry begins to get darker. Having Tom control his own figure within it was also something of interest to me. Your characterization of him is radically different then Voldemort. If this is how you imagine the young Tom, I’m all for it. It is a lot like what I picture a great Harry to be.

    Something that really bothered me is the Pit. I suppose it’s possible that there are rooms completely unknown to anybody in Hogwarts, but Harry being able to find the perfect room seems unrealistic to me. Add onto that the fact that none of the teachers or students raise a huge fuss about the fact that Harry and Tonks are both sleeping down there all the time doesn’t seem realistic to my mind. However something as minor as this is easy for me to overlook in the grand scheme of things.

    Book four also included a lot of fluff, something that I really enjoy; however at times it felt like it slowed the story down to much. The Yule Ball was a very well written scene for those of us who enjoy overly sappy romance, and having Pansy flip out was interesting. This did lead to a problem in my mind though as Harry seems to be incredibly smart most of the time yet he wasn’t able to figure out Pansy liked him despite the most obvious clues. I can see why you wrote it this way, Harry never having been loved before yada yada yada, however it still rubbed me the wrong way. The ring was another thing that seemed a bit off to me at first. Having a 14 year old giving a ring that expensive seemed a little weird, however when I thought about it more it does make sense since he really doesn’t have anything better to spend it on then making people happy. Having Tonks put it on here left ring finger and state that she knows what it means does seem a bit unrealistic to me. Having never been anything close to their position however it doesn’t bother me overly much.

    As for the tasks themselves, I thought they were very well written. The first task really served as a wake up for just how powerful Harry was, and it was made all the more interesting by the fact that it is done in public. The second task was pretty standard, however I got a huge chuckle out of Boris not telling Harry the side effects of the spell. The final task was very well done. I really liked having Cedric tortured to death. It is I feel something that really helped Harry on his path to becoming a darker wizard. Something that I really have trouble believing however is that Dumbledore wouldn’t know that Moody was a spy for all those years. It just doesn’t seem possible to me since I fully believe that he is a brilliant person as well as a strong wizard. Having Harry about to blow Moody apart was full of win however.

    Overall I felt that book four was excellent, and it was the spark that started what is one of the greatest series.

    Book Five
    Book five starts off to an awesome not with Harry threatening, and truly wanting to I believe, to suck out Vernon’s soul. Then having Dudley get his soul sucked out was just great. There were many more things that I liked in the first parts of book five, however I don’t have it in me to go into detail about all of them so I’ll just list a few I liked. Harry and Mrs. Weasley fighting, blasting apart the painting, Sirius not being a complete idiot and following Harry to the train station.

    Some of thing that I wasn’t as fond of is Boris being able to teach Harry basic occlumency in a week? Doesn’t seem right to me, that could be me just thinking about canon to much however. Andi Tonks being ok with Harry and Tonks sleeping together also seems a little weird, but I suppose with all they’ve been through she’s more understanding then the average mother would be.

    Onto the meat of the story, I’m jumping ahead to where everybody is alienated from everybody. I’ll start off by saying it seemed very rushed and forced to me. While I kind of like the way you skipped a lot of angst by getting to the point it seemed a bit like a short cut to me. The aftermath is actually quite good compared to what I was expecting however. The angst actually wasn’t bad and it allowed Harry to delve deeper into the realm of darkness since he was borderline insane at the time.

    Having Harry get together with Pansy seems like a questionable thing at best to do. While I can understand that he needs to sleep better, and the ultimatum he gave was perfectly rational, I do not get why it makes him sleep better; nor do I get why he is so forgiving of Leon and Tonks later. This is one of the few flaws in your characters I think.

    The ending of Book five is incredible, and also where things start to completely deviate from canon. Blowing apart Bellatrix like that was awesome, even if I hated the fact that you had Sirius die. Seeing Harry battle Dumbledore was also quite a treat since it seems like there will be quite a lot of conflict between them in the future. While I found Harry raging at Dumbledore normal at this point, later on in the story it begins to get confusing as to why exactly Harry has mood swings regarding him.

    Harry having split personalities is an interesting turn of events, especially since when they work together they are extremely powerful. Overall a promising end to book five, though it did worry me that there was the potential for more abuse at the hands of Vernon.

    Book Six
    *Just a not about my review for book six, the review parts will not be chronological because my thoughts are just flowing from point to point.* Yet another book off to a very promising start, especially with Harry torturing Terry to death. The potential for a dark Harry with the split personalities is enormous; and it only grows as Harry successfully manipulates the new minister. Harry starting to forge out on his own is a good start to him becoming stronger and more self dependent.

    A point that is related to Harry manipulating the new minister is Harry being bipolar around Dumbledore. This is one of the few things that really bugs me. At times Harry is ready to try and kill Dumbledore, and yet at others he sees him as something of a grandfather. While he has reasons to do each, I’m not a fan of him flip flopping back and forth . On a completely different note is Harry’s special armor. An idea that I think has some real merit to it, especially since it is dangerous to Harry so it isn’t to overpowered.

    The Gauntlet of the Magi on the other hand does seem like some dues-ex-machina. While I can’t quite figure out if it’s going to make Harry stronger or weaker, I’ve never been much for ancient artifacts playing huge roles in stories, and it does worry me that a lot of the story seems to be focused around Harry getting it so he can beat Voldemort, and not just Harry being stronger then Voldemort. The part where Harry keeps having dreams of the gem also gets annoying quite quickly since they seem very repetitive and dry, this led to me just skimming these sections quite often. On the other hand the interaction between light Harry and dark Harry has become very interesting, and the compromises and deals between them are beginning to push them closer and closer together. I can see only good coming from Harry becoming darker.

    Shifting around school seems a little to close to the commonly used cliché of Harry learning house elf magic, however it is far enough from it that it doesn’t bug me that much if I don’t think of it that much. It does provide a realistic way for Harry to practice holding his armor however, so in that regard it was quite a well thought out idea. Following that line of thought, I haven’t made up my mind about how I feel with Harry being able to kill dementors, and altered, by using his armor and spell. I do have a question about how in the attack on London regular people are able to kill dementors even though there has been no previous evidence that anybody but Harry is able to do so.

    I’ve been wondering if there was any more point to having Demetra at Hogwarts then a small side plot. So far there doesn’t seem to be, aside from maybe making Harry’s life a little harder, as well as Leon’s. It’s possible that there will be a bigger part to it in the future or I’m missing something; however at this point it doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose except to give them something else to do. Another thing that runs along the lines of this and being a dues-ex-machina are the beholden. Something that there has never been a mention of, and seem to be very powerful. While I like most of the original content you have added, this one makes me wary.

    Harry blowing up the Forbidden Forest was certainly an interesting twist, and one that I had never seen done before. I am of two minds about this. I think that it is great that his darker side was able to test out how powerful they can be, however I don’t like the fact that Harry got overpowered that easily by his darker side. However I do think that it was something very helpful to your story since it seemed to make the two Harry’s confront each other.

    Now on to the main bits, namely Azkaban. Really quite an intriguing idea, while I’ve seen Azkaban turned into a fortress for Harry I’ve never seen Voldemort manage it. The attack on it was very well written, and I really don’t have a whole lot to say about it that wouldn’t be rabid fanboy praise. I will say that I’m interested in seeing how Harry turns out now that he has accepted the merging, and I really can’t wait to see how his policies on life turn now that it has happened.

    Overall I believe that book seven is looking very promising, but it seems like its about time for it to be over. Everything looks to be ready for a nice conclusion, and all those little strings can be tied together.

    On a completely random note I would like to say that the death of Boris made me very sad. I would also like to know where the hell Tonks and Harry are in their relationship. You seem to have left it up to the reader to imagine them being at whatever stage they want, aside from a reference to putting on clothes, which is ambiguous, and a joke by Tonks about Harry not liking to be on top.

    I can see that my review is rambling so I’ll wrap it up by saying I look forward to book seven though I’m not sure if I’ll wait for it to be finished first or what. Keep up the good work.

    My rating for this series is 4.5/5 since a lot of times the grammar is terrible and Regulus desperately needs a beta. However if he completes the series I'd be willing to overlook it and give him a 5/5 since a series this long being completed is rare.
  6. Ledivin

    Ledivin Squib

    Jul 3, 2009
    Just started reading through book 1... so far it's damn good. Tonks and Harry are among the most well-written children I've seen.
  7. mknote

    mknote 1/3 of the Note Bros. DLP Supporter

    Apr 14, 2009
    Melbourne, Florida, United States
    Back in my introduction post, I made a comment about the R-Series. This series is brilliantly written, with good characterization, an interesting plot, and kick-ass action scenes. It is long (a large plus for me) and one of only two fics that I know of that actually go through all seven years of Hogwarts (the other being Lightning on the Wave's Sacrifice series), and of those two, the only one I've read. In several ways, it is one of the best series out there.

    It is also perhaps the fanfic that I have the most virulent hatred for.

    Why? Because, despite all of these things going for it, which should make it one of the best series out there, it fucks up big time. In short, the R-Series Harry Potter is more evil than Voldemort, and deserves to die, yet is given a happy ending. And it's portrayed as though he's in the right!

    Harry kills with absolutely no remorse. He wipes out every Death Eater on Azkaban without a second though simply because he was angry his friend died. He committed Voldemort to an eternity of horrific suffering, an action that was far worse than anything Voldemort ever did. Why? Because he's an evil sadistic prick who's angry that Voldemort killed his parents.

    The other screw-up Regulus did was Dumbledore. Harry believes that Dumbledore is evil incarnate (projecting much?) for... no real reason, seeing as how Dumbledore acted in everyone's best interests. Yet we're supposed to agree with Harry. Sure, he suffered, but one kid versus an entire society? The wizarding world is more important than the needs of Harry Potter, and he should learn to accept that.

    I could go on for hours on why I think that this series sucks, but the primary point is this: the main character is completely unlikeable, and by the end of the series, I was actually hoping Voldemort would win, because he's the lesser evil. If that was Reg's mission, job well done, but I somehow doubt that's what he wanted his readers to feel. My rating is 2/5, +1 simply for being interesting.
  8. Silens Cursor

    Silens Cursor The Silencer DLP Supporter

    Nov 23, 2008
    The other side of reality
    I figured I'd finally drop my review of this series here, considering, after Harry Potter and the Fifth Element (Bexis) and Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time (Joe), this was the series I invested the most time in reading and rereading. That's also why I consider this series much like canon - with fantastic bits and pieces, but otherwise crammed with more filler than necessary and with some extremely low points.

    First few books I hold as excellent. Honestly, I could read past the fluff, and the realistic transition of Harry into a darker persona was done excellently. I will say - quite vehemently, actually - that segments of those flashbacks in either the second or third book never showed up, and that really pissed me off. The middle and later books... well, I'll get to those later.

    I hold the introspective look into Harry's changing personality as one of the most interesting and developed in fanfiction. I'm not going to lie when I say that there was massive segments of it I didn't like, but for his creation of a dark!Harry, I'm going to give him props. The sequences between Harry and Terry Boot remain some of the best I've seen in fanfiction, and when he does some sick-ass stuff to Bellatrix... well, a dark!Harry like that is impressive and one I truly enjoyed.

    As a fellow Honks author, I was very interested in how he managed to set up the relationship. In my opinion, the relationship was actually better back in the earlier books, as the two were more alike and they had more chemistry. Later on, that chemistry blew up in Harry's face, and Tonks' personality seemed to diminish as the series continued, and I genuinely was disappointed by this. The ending sequence between the two of them felt very much like the ending sequence of Great Expectations, and like that ending, I was hoping for a little something more.

    Other characters... well, I think Regulus wrote some of them quite well, and others... not so much. Luna was done excellently, Pansy as well. I could stomach Ginny and Hermione's characterization, and while at times OOC, Draco's personality wasn't terrible. And I still hold the portrayal of Fred and George up as one of the best in fanfiction. I was genuinely moved by their final scenes in the last book, and I guess that's saying something.

    But other characters I think I can comfortably say he did NOT do as well. Dumbledore, I found, was very schizophrenically written. It was almost as if Regulus was unsure of whether he was trying to write a truly manipulative Dumbledore or not, and I think that really hurt the characterization. I'm also going to add that I think Regulus did a ludicrously bad job writing Snape, primarily because of how disappointing that segment of the story turned out to be. And call me a fan of Snape if you want (I'm a fan of a well-written Snape, which unfortunately there is very few), but I was disgusted by his death in the final book. Exceptionally disappointing.

    I think Regulus did both good and bad things with the OCs in this story. Solieyu was one I actually liked, despite his vampirisim repeatedly getting in the way. I think his death in the sixth book was one of the highest points of the series, because he went out like a fucking hero, and even though he was revived (sort of) in the last book, his passing there was at least written well. And much to my own surprise, I actually really liked Boris as a character, and his death was genuinely sad. I liked that snarky little serpent - who, might I add, had some great one-liners.

    Demetra, on the other hand, was an OC I genuinely wished we could have seen more of. There was so much fucking potential there, and it never culminated properly. Same with the lich in the last book - once again, a wealth of potential there, but disappointing that we didn't see more of him. Introduction earlier would have been better, particularly for the plotline.

    Now, the middle and later stories. I found the fourth story to be frustrating for me, because the tone was inconsistent. It wasn't that it was hard to follow, but the shifts between fluff and darkness was not clean, and despite everything, the Snake Pit really didn't add anything to the story. I wish that it had not been included, because it made things easier for Harry in a way I didn't appreciate. The fifth story started very well, but then it felt extremely rushed, and the Harry/Tonks/Leon triangle was unbelievably frustrating. Honestly, I thought Harry would have figured things out by that point. There were high points in the story, but too many low points to truly call the story a good read.

    It is in the sixth and seventh stories, I find, are the biggest problems with the R-Series, and much of it has to do with the magic that Harry's experimenting with. Admittedly, it might be extremely powerful and extremely awesome and capable of doing obscene things, but to utilize it, Harry has to brush - and then go - completely insane to use them. And this makes Harry not only extremely unlikeable, but also ridiculously hard to relate to. I honestly found myself liking Draco more than Harry in the last story. In those two stories, I think that Regulus' writing, while at its strongest, cannot match the sheer consistent power that he had in the earliest books of the series, probably because he can't maintain a consistent tone. The romance feels haphazard and incomplete, and it doesn't fit with the rest of the work. And you know what? The ending of the series dragged - badly. The last book dragged out the climax for too long, and stooped to the level of serious melodrama, which I really, really didn't like.

    Now, before I sound utterly hypocritical here, because I've got a bit of a reputation for writing an 'unlikeable Harry' (see Renegade Cause, Countdown, Silence Game, etc.), I found Harry later in the R-Series on the verge of reprehensible, primarily because his unlikeability and the way it is written makes it impossible to sympathize with him, particularly after his personalities reunite for the finale. For being a Ravenclaw, he's a hell of a lot like a Gryffindor in the last books, and his intelligence seems to wane with every book. Where is his cunning? He might have balls, but balls without intellect is just fucking stupid - and that's more of what I see, particularly in the last book. Harry's got power, and he abuses it, but there's no intellect in his actions, and his reasoning, to put it as politely as I can, blows chunks of gangrenous horse intestine. Subsequently, the reader can empathize a lot more with somebody like Malfoy (of all people) or Luna, and not Harry, which really saddens me, particularly as I really liked what Regulus was doing with Harry through the first four (and most of the fifth) books.

    I'll save one last remark for the ending of the series- as dragged out and horrendously melodramatic as the last book was, it ended... well, not particularly well, but there was closure. I was happy to know that the series was finally over.

    So, a score? I find the series distressingly similiar to canon in my analysis of it - with amazing high points, resounding low points, and overall an epic feel that I don't quite feel that the story deserves. I give Regulus kudos for finishing the series, in all its perverted glory. Bravo to him for that, I can at least admire somebody who churns out enough words of cognizant story to create this sort of saga. The writing's not at Joe's level, and neither is the epicness, and the combat scenes, while very strong, leave a little to be desired, particularly late in the series, but I enjoyed it enough to score it as a 3/5. Points are given for some excellent and memorable awesomeness and wit, but removed for intolerable melodrama and the fact that he's writing a sequel series.

    Final score: 3/5, and going down every chapter of the sequel series. Good authors need to know that when a story ends, it's over. Regulus, unfortunately, has not grasped this.
  9. Red Aviary

    Red Aviary Hogdorinclawpuff Prestige DLP Supporter

    Mar 25, 2008
    New York (State)
    High Score:
    Who cares? They were the enemy. You want him to have mercy? It's kill or be killed, and the Death Eaters weren't going to hesitate to kill him. Even if Solieyu hadn't just died, he probably would have had to kill a good number of them just to get off the island (though I haven't read Citadel since it was finished, and my memory may be fuzzy on that).

    I'm so fucking glad that he actually went and did it, myself. Voldemort's killed many more than just his parents, too. Add violating the bodies and souls of the dead and killing several of his friends to the list, and the fucker deserves it.

    That said, I do agree with Silens on many points, especially with the sequals he's doing.
  10. Stenstyren

    Stenstyren Groundskeeper

    Jan 9, 2009
    Ok, everyone seemed to like the first few books so i thought i would give it a try.

    It sucked. Hard.

    I came to the tenth chapter or so and i have to ask you if ANYTHING will happen in this story? The whole thing is in the same tone with no ups and downs. Everything´s just so bland and it was a real chore to read this for me.

    The dialogue is quite awful and this plot (which seems half-arsed) has lot´s of small mistakes in it (Harry was told his parents died when people broke into their house and later he was told they died in a car crash).

    The promise of a half-arsed dark harry 600k words down the road does for some reason not excite me.
  11. liquefry

    liquefry Squib

    Jul 1, 2015
    I can't add a lot to the later reviews of this book series. Like others above, I found the first five books readable, and the last couple a bizarre mess of original ideas. My guess is that this is because all the main plot points in the first five books are small twists on canon rather than new ideas, with enough originality in there to make it enjoyable. Leon is written well and Leon/Tonks/Harry trio approach situations differently to the canon trio, albeit with the same results. Draco and Pansy are pretty interesting as well, if nothing like canon. In fact the characterisations throughout the book were pretty much completely OOC. Understandable for Harry as this is the setup of the book, but this version of Tonks bore little resemblance to her canon self. I can't think of any characters that were actually consistent with canon really. Certainly none of the majors.

    I didn't like the last two books at all. They were a complete mess of bad plot points, unnecessary angst, and insanity. The characterisations are ridiculous across the board and not even consistent with the first five books. The authors increasingly annoying notes at the end of each chapter explaining the plot and insisting that his story would be way better than canon didn't help.

    But the reason I'm posting this review years after the last one is that I think the book is not in the right category. It is not a Romance. Perhaps the first five books could be called a slow burn romance, if you can call any books featuring kids a romance. But the romance, such as it is, is basically Harry being oblivious to Tonks as a romantic interest for several books, followed suddenly by a quasi-engagement and professions of undying love. And then a bit of angst but no real romance. By the last two books the focus is on the story, Harry's insanity and struggles with darker magic. Harry doesn't even interact with Tonks all that much. There are a few, token, scenes with Harry/Tonks/Draco/Pansy mucking about that were cringeworthy and had more implied Harry/Draco than Honks. Seemed to be written more in response to reviews at the time than story or character progression, based on the author notes in those chapters.

    So it's a failure as a romance. As a Honks romance it's even worse. Kid Tonks in book 1 is fun. But by the time the supposed romance starts up, she has become GenericFemale#1 rather than Tonks. This Tonks is an OC, not Tonks as we know her. She's a minor character in the last couple of books, and by the end there is nothing vaguely resembling Tonks in it - there's nothing unique and engaging about her actions, dialogue or even appearance. Her metamorphmagus abilities are not even mentioned by the end.

    I'd put this in General rather than Romance. Maybe even Dark Arts for the last two books. As a Romance it was a complete disappointment. I read this thinking that it would be a decent and epic length Honks based on its spot in the library here... didn't get that at all.