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thisperson's challenge No. 1

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by thisperson, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. thisperson

    thisperson Denarii Host DLP Supporter

    Oct 29, 2006
    Challenge No 2.

    Basic Rules:


    Horcrux’s do not exist.

    Ideas from any of the canon books may be incorporated.

    [Before Harry Potter]

    -Dumbledore was only able to conquer Grindelwald by using the Dark arts and wreaking havoc amongst all of his supporters, the leader of the light was not as white as everyone believed him to be.

    -Lily will be a snake animagus (Nagani) For she is still alive in some way…yes I had no other idea for using that cliché.

    -The Tom Marvolo Riddle we know will have died after coming out of Hogwarts. But in some way he is still alive during HP time (will be explained)

    - Memories of Dumbledore were all held within a silvery instrument in his office. (I WANT TO SAY PENSIEVE, BUT IT WOULD BE A BIT DIFFERENT)

    [During Canon]

    -Scene from OotP, where Harry smashes Dumbledore’s mysterious silvery object. Must be included in the beginning since the story basically spins off from there.

    [The Fanfiction]

    -Sirius will leave Harry the Black fortune, when Harry goes to check on the money there is nothing there, as if he had made a withdrawal.

    -Constantly throughout this beginning part of the fiction Harry should experience conflicting views, be it through dreams or small actions he wishes to take.

    -Slowly the dark memories of Albus Dumbledore shall begin to sway him towards darker tendencies.

    -Dumbledore shall at first not know what is actually going on with Mr. Potter.
    (As my explanation I used that, Dumbledore locked the memories away from himself, having McGonagall ‘obliviate’ him any time he had to store more in the Silver instrument, so he would not remember all the heinous deeds he had performed)

    -Potter will essentially become the ‘Dark Dumbledore’ and Dumbledore will try to grab his memories back once he is informed of all the occurrences, to protect Mr. Potter.

    -You can take however long you wish on the Dumbledore aspect of the story, the gist being that in the end Harry will not have had the memories removed, and he is still a being free of all other influences other than the memories.

    -Mr. Potter is forced into a confrontation with Lord Voldemort (all a grand scheme performed and plotted by Lily Potter)

    -During their short battle, Mr. Potter is blasted into the time stream and pops out when Voldemort originally died (I suck at making up new concepts, so of course, the time travel will have to be done using your own methods)

    -Once in the past a darker Harry Potter takes up the newly relinquished title of Lord Voldemort.

    -In some way Harry is to meet his mother, I originally had her become his greatest accomplice, I’m not too sure on the canon timeline for when Voldemort acquired Nagani.

    -Now this is where I really began to struggle, I mean the story is basically zilch on original since it has been done multiple times with the Dark Lord’s memories, but Harry Potter is to continue on the same path as the original Voldemort. (Seduced by the darkened thoughts of Dumbledore [think Deathly Hallows joined up with Grindelwald Dumbledore] and trying to carry on the legend of blood superiority, whilst trying to fix all that is wrong with the wizarding world)

    -After meeting Lily, Harry was to have created his own self once more. (yes incest, although I got put off by the idea since I did not want to write smut [read: I wouldn’t know how]

    -Younger Harry or Harry(2) was to be raised whichever way you deem appropriate, raised by the Dursley’s once more and so continuing the original timeline, sired by Potter the first as an heir, or etc.

    -Harry (now Voldemort) is to basically be fighting a ‘war’ against an opposing body, the main idea being that he comes very close to accomplishing his goals but is thwarted and killed before doing so.

    -Story would end there, with a fallen and pitiful being once called Harry James Potter. But it is all being re-told in his POV

    [Other Small Notes]
    -The story holds numerous plot holes (Making the Universe of canon compliant with the new universe of Harry/Dumbledore/Voldemort), I was unsure how they would be explained, once more another aspect of the story that put me off from writing it. [I lack a lot of creativity]

    -Since Harry (LV) had no horcrux‘s, yes he did in fact die…but I had planned of having him ‘alive’ someway in the end by being retained in this plane of existence (so yes I guess he did have a horcrux) with his ‘son’ or himself…another plot hole which I could not explain.
    Having fathered himself, technically there existed two Harry Potters…yes paradox in the time line…For even the original Harry Potter was fathered in the same way as he(2)

    -The story is to include in there, small clues about the existence of a still alive Lily Potter…(She was the one who originally took all the Black money out of Gringotts) one thing that I had thought of was during the time in which Voldemort ‘disappeared’ or as canon says, to study dark magic, Harry could have been posing as James Potter and living with Lily in Godrics Hallow.

    -The entire ‘Voldemort killing The Potters’ is to have been an elaborately fabricated lie, by whom? Still unsure, but James is to have died, much like Voldemort.
    So when the bodies are discovered by Dumbledore and Hagrid, the bodies may have been faked through magical means. Remember: this Harry holds not only the knowledge acquired by the Dumbledore in ‘Marauder Time’ but also that of the Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter’ time.

    -During the entire story Harry is to have hot flashes, in which he experiences Dumbledore’s memories, he is to re-enact it all within his dreams and actually experience the emotions coursing through Dumbledore at the time of the scene.
    (I felt guilty about this bit since it felt way too much like ToaD, but I found no other way of doing it…and numerous fanfics have done it that way…)

    -I want to make this part very clear, Harry is to appear delusional borderline insane at times in the fiction, 150 years worth of dark arts have plagued his young mind, it seemed only reasonable)

    [Final Note]

    -Not everything I said above is in timeline sequence, this was originally a story I had planned, and then turned challenge once I realized I wouldn’t be able to write it (so many of the notes you see were originally for my benefit…I edited my document to have them make a bit more sense though.

    -I got put off of writing this simply because I wrote about 2k words during the last few days of summer, then stopped once school rolled around and I realized that:

    a. My writing sucked

    b. I had too much schoolwork

    c. I ran out of ideas

    Hopefully someone will take up this challenge. They don’t have to stick with my ideas, I’ll be happy as long as the general concept is stuck to (Harry having dark!Dumbledore memories)

    Another route I had thought of was leaving Harry in his own time, but then I realized that I wouldn’t know how to write the by-play with his friends very well. I have some conflicting views regarding the Weasleys and Granger that would have ruined the fan fiction. Plus I would have never had any ideas for the Harry Potter timeline to have continued it so, the whole point of the time travel was to allow myself some wiggle room for errors since everything has already happened and it is a bit hard to fuck up something that has already occurred…just IMO.

    Tell me what you think, and I hope someone can pick it up.
  2. ip82

    ip82 Prisoner

    Nov 14, 2005
    As far as I see, there are two separate (good) ideas in this mess:

    - Dumbledore had artificially turned himself into a good guy by storing his bad memories.

    - Lily is trapped in her animagus form of Nagini. She might have masterminded Voldemort's fall.

    Everything else (Harry being possessed by evil memories, some sort of time travel, incest, angst, death), I think you can do without.

    As to how to connect these two together... well, that'll be a bitch. You should probably try to keep Harry himself and have Dumbledore's memories possess someone else; if it's Tom, then you can go with misguided!Voldemort, where he was only trying to reform the world until Dumbles turned him bad. If it's Lily, than this could be the reason behind her meddling with the killing curse.

    In both cases, you can have Dumbledore be the mastermind behind the infection, for whatever reason.

    Meh, IMO this sounds more trouble than its worth.
  3. thisperson

    thisperson Denarii Host DLP Supporter

    Oct 29, 2006
    As IP82 has said, the story would be a lot of trouble.

    Still though, I liked the idea.

    Would anyone be willing to take it up?

    I could even give you the short amount I had written, fat load of good it would do you though...seriously...any takers?
  4. Chime

    Chime Dark Lord

    Aug 22, 2007
    As much as I like this idea... how does this work? Is Lily a horcrux? How can Voldemort not recognize differences in his own familiar?
  5. thisperson

    thisperson Denarii Host DLP Supporter

    Oct 29, 2006
    Well that idea is completely ip's...I thought Lily could have been in cahoots with Voldemort thus the reason she was his familiar.