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Week 8- The Ring Goes South & Journey in the Dark

Discussion in 'DLP & Chill' started by Shouldabeenadog, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Shouldabeenadog

    Shouldabeenadog Death Eater

    Sep 3, 2010
    So there are are a lot of takeaways with the Ring goes south.
    we get great character development between the hobbits, and i take note that there is just very little banter between the characters. There are brief flashes of wit, and songs aplenty, but rarely do the characters do like so many fics say and have proper banter.

    Bilbo gifts Frodo Sting, and the movies left a great bit out, where Bilbo stabs it into the wall to show Frodo how it works. I'm imagining old 112 year old Bilbo jabbing a blade "with little effort deep into a wooden beam." I mean, these beams aren't cardboard, and while sting is sharp its still a hell of a flex.

    As mentioend last week, Gimli and Elrond get into it about the importance of oaths. Gimli argues in the Gallic tradition of Cu Chulainn, the more oaths the better to insulate yourself against a floundering heart. While Elrond goes for the very pragmatic idea of not restricting yourself in order to give yourself flexibility.

    Caradhras feels too real. I was reminded of the last time I had to plow my car and myself out of a snowstorm, and the driving snow of Cleveland. I really felt like he had a bad experience with a blizzard at some point to include this.

    Goodbye Bill, you will be missed.

    Moria. My version has a great illustration of th vaulted ceilings with a bright beam of light, and how small the party is. It really adds a level to the grandeur of the place.

    Next week we listen to the Drums and cross the bridge, and then meet more elves. Chapters 5-7.
  2. Nazgoose

    Nazgoose The Honky-tonk ~ Prestige ~ DLP Supporter DLP Gold Supporter

    Mar 16, 2011
    High Score:
    Chapter 3: The Ring Goes South
    • Huh. It was in question if Gandalf would join the party. Did not expect that.
    • Huh. Aragorn and Boromir were off to Minas Tirith, and just with them for as long as the roads were the same.
    • Also Andúril is forged from the start, and is Aragorn's only weapon
    • I love that Bilbo goes on and on about his book and wanting to write Frodo's, he's such a bookworm
    • Huh. Aragorn was the guide not Gandalf, and the role of pushing for Moria is Gandalf's instead of Gimli's
    Chapter 4: A Journey in the Dark
    • I kind of dislike that it's not Gimli's idea as we get into the convos that lead to Moria. He's had no real role yet at all and I love him in the movies, which I've watched a lot more frequently than the books.
    • Huh. It's Boromir that disturbs the pool in the book. I like this, poor Pipin gets too much blame
    • Ayyy being stabbed gave Frodo darkvision. That's pretty cool lol

    Overall thoughts, it's interesting the changes that were made when adapting to the movies is what keeps tripping me up. The big departures (such as the big time gap between Bilbo's party and them leaving the Shire) are very clear in my memory, but the small stuff keeps taking me by surprise.