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Gandalf hires Konoha ninja to form the Fellowship Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by R. Daneel Olivaw, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Ched

    Ched Da Trek Moderator DLP Supporter

    Jan 6, 2009
    I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but... I've been assuming that the power levels would have to be adjusted a bit for a story like this to work. I just sort of took that as a given, but apparently it's not.

    I.e. If you are going to insert super-humans (Narutoverse Ninja) into Middle Earth, which is comprised of carious non-super-beings along with a handful of BAMFs who mostly stay out of things, you need to bump up the Middle Earth baddies.

    You could just do it without saying anything, but you could also handwave it and mix in the explanation with how Gandalf ended up in the Elemental Nations. Sauran/Saruman/Someone managed to access some Chakra and started pumping it into the Orcs/whatever-else, and now they're a bit more badass than the ones seen in LotR. Gandalf sought out the source of this mysterious energy and ended up in Konoha.

    Or whatever. But meshing the worlds a bit more and adjusting power levels to prevent a curbstomp is fairly common in fanfic.

    You can do it without that (and a few people have suggested ways to go about it), but it has its own issues (also mentioned in depth in this thread).

    I'll go on record as preferring a pre-timeskip Naruto though. Hell it'd be fun to even make this cover some of the time period during the timeskip. Have him go off on this quest instead of off with Jiraiya. Maybe he can start to learn new techniques to keep things fresh while he's in Middle Earth, and so on.

    My point is that there's loads of potential here and a few ways to bring it out. The thread just seems to be getting caught up in the minutae of power levels and whatnot. It's important, sure, but story trumps it in my opinion. Write a good enough story and people will read it and deal with some suspension-of-power-level-disbelief.
  2. R. Daneel Olivaw

    R. Daneel Olivaw Groundskeeper

    Mar 14, 2013
    Yuen Long
    @DrSarcasm- You really get what makes LoTR so special. Good on you. I would hope someone who understands the underlying conflict in Rings would take up the challenge and do the Middle-Earth setting justice. That's why I emphasized the attempts of the ring to tempt Naruto/the other ninja in the rules part.

    Cheddartrek is 100% right that there needs to be some kind of adjustment and allotments made for differences in power levels--at least in a serious story.

    But there is a reason for avoiding massive disparity, like putting Sage Mode Naruto into the mix. Some readers are willing to let go of their notions of what characters are or are not for the sake of allowing a narrative work, but the bigger the gap between their perception of those characters and what is presented in fanfiction, the harder it is to take. 1000 Uruk-hai as a credible threat genin Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke is a lot easier to swallow than that same threat to Sage of the Six Paths Tailed Beast Naruto, Incredible Hulk mode Sakura, and Susano'o Sasuke.

    Not that there still isn't some gap, but that it's easier to suspend disbelief with less of a power difference.

    And you do have to accept some degree of PIS, otherwise LoTR would be something akin to:
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  3. DrSarcasm

    DrSarcasm Unspeakable

    May 16, 2010
    Or more likely: this. (Warning: this page is fine, most other comics on this site are NSFW).
  4. Republic

    Republic The Snow Queen Prestige DLP Supporter

    Sep 1, 2010
    Germany occupied Greece
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    This has some pretty solid gold nuggets. Thanks for the link.
  5. Mutton

    Mutton Unspeakable

    Feb 20, 2011
    Man, there are people who haven't been introduced to Oglaf yet? When it's not GoT/Madmen season, that's the only good thing about Sundays for me.