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Official DLP Nuzlocke Run

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Mindless, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Seratin

    Seratin Proudmander Prestige DLP Supporter

    Oct 14, 2007
    Dún na ngall
    High Score:
    The Weedle line is common in Red and the Caterpie line is common in Blue. They aren't version exclusive but it's like a 90/10 split.

    Also, Rattata is great against Dragonites so you may want to look after Seratin.

  2. MonkeyEpoxy

    MonkeyEpoxy Heir DLP Supporter

    Aug 11, 2011
    Specifically, Caterpie has a 5% encounter rate in the forest in Red compared to 50% in Blue. Vice versa for Weedle.

    Anyway, have fun. Going back to gen 1 is always entertaining. The dark times, before the special -> sp atk and sp def split and before the special/physical split.
  3. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    Yeah, I don't know why I thought Red had Butterfree and Blue had Beedrill. I'm paying for it now, but I think if I can get past Brock, I'll be okay. Eventually. Somehow. One day.


    At the very least, the thin line of hope escaping from the clouds is that Geodude and Onix only have normal attacks (pretty sure). So this is doable. As long as my Pokemon don’t die in the battle, then eventually I can kill them. But the means all three of my Pokemon has to survive to at least that battle, because by god, I can’t catch anything else until I beat Brock.

    I must have hope. I must believe in the heart of the cards.

    Before tackling Viridian Forest, I need to get my team of three to at least level six. So off I go, venturing into the dangers of Route 1, ready and prepared. LT the Kakuna has no attacks, but I’m sure it won’t be hard to level it with my other two helping.

    After Otters the Pidgey gains a level, I lead with Seratin the Rattata. Context: I don’t go to the Pokemon Center between these battles. Otters is in red (or gray). A level four Pidgey pops up. I can do this, I think. I consider using Tail Whip, but nah. Pidgey begins with Gust, doing under a third, and Seratin tries a Scratch, doing a quarter. We trade blows until Seratin is just over a third of health and needs to make one more hit to win.

    I’m not stupid, of course, so I reach into my bag for a Potion.

    I find nothing.

    Okay. Um. Otters is in red and can’t be switched in. LT has no attacks. I don’t have any other options, but I can probably live the next attack. I mean, I’m eyeballing the HP, but it looks pretty livable.

    I use Scratch. Pidgey goes first with the Gust.

    Seratin dies.

    I hold my head in my hands. Ahhhhh.

    Otters finishes it off and I deposit my dead Pokemon in the PC. My Brock strategy isn’t looking too good.

    I heal my Pokemon and head back into the grass. Another Pidgey pops up, and this time, Otters is in the lead. They trade blows and somehow, I end up in the same position with Otters a hit away from death and moving second.

    I remember that I forgot to buy Potions after Seratin died.



    I can run.

    Why am I…?

    I run away from the battle.

    omg I could have done that to save Seratin.

    Maybe I should quit being a trainer, I’m obviously not fit for service.

    Viridian City Mart is revealed to have no Potions. Meaning I have to go through Viridian Forest with only Antidotes. Goddamn.

    I train Otters to Level 7, and LT to Level 6 (which took ten minutes, fucking hell), and enter Viridian Forest. Instead of giving you the blow by blow, I’ll instead give you some facts:

    1. Going back to the Pokemon Center after every battle is awful.

    2. I’m blowing through my Antidotes like money in a candy store.

    3. These Bug Catchers are paying me 70 cents per win.

    4. The one Potion I find is way too late to make me feel better.

    I make it to the other side, finding grass… Another catching attempt? Oh my god, oh my god-

    No. I check the Map and I am 90% sure this is just Route 2: Part 2. Whatever. I heal up at Pewter City and make my resolutions for the year.

    LT must evolve into Beedrill so I can Twin Needle or whatever move I get at Level 10. Otters should be at a decent level. I have a plan, but I need both Pokemon for it work.

    So, with LT in the lead and Otters as backup, I enter Viridian Forest.

    The first Pokemon encounter is a Metapod.

    My eye twitches.

    Literally one hour later, after killing every Kakuna in that damn forest, LT the Kakuna floats up and hatches into a beautiful Beedrill worthy of my hard work.

    It learns no moves.



    After slamming Serebii open, apparently Beedrill will only learn Fury Attack at Level 12 and NO FUCK YOU. I’m done. I’m not wasting my time. It can be a sacrifice and be happy about it.

    Otters, you and me will win this battle on our own.

    We don’t need anyone else.

    Current Team.

    Otters the Pidgey. L12. Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack.
    LT the Beedrill. L10. Harden. (USELESS).



    Rest In Peace.

    Seratin the Rattata. L3. FUCK.
  4. Seratin

    Seratin Proudmander Prestige DLP Supporter

    Oct 14, 2007
    Dún na ngall
    High Score:
    Well shit. For the record if this helps you get a potion in your house PC, one from the store clerk in route one, one from the cut tree in Viridian city and one in the eyeline of the last trainer in Viridian forest in the tile directly in front of him.

    Also remember that in Gen 1 crits are based on speed so if something outspeeds you crits are way way more likely. It's actually broken as fuck.
  5. Vira

    Vira Order Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    Good to know. <_<

    With only a Pidgey and a sacrifice in my corner, I enter Brock’s gym.

    The gym trainer locks eye on my, and LT the Beedrill is suddenly up front against a Diglett. Whoops, forgot to switch. IF ONLY LT HAD MOVES. I switch in Otters the Pidgey, who gusts the Diglett away, and both my Pokemon get a good EXP boost.

    Hmmm, I think, Maybe I still can level LT?

    But then the next Pokemon dies with LT around, and LT doesn’t level to level 11. Meh. If he did, I’d consider grinding him to 12, but I’m done wasting my time.

    I heal up, buy a couple more Potions, and challenge Brock to a fight.

    No more play time. Otters is ready to go, and begins with a Sand-Attack. Geodude Defense Curls. My sand continues. Geodude responds. I go -6 accuracy, crack my knuckles, then command Otters to fight. No fight as of yet as ever been such a one-sided grind as Otters dodges everything, doing 1 HP a turn, until he finally slivers away the last bit of Geodude’s HP.

    Onix is sent out, and immediately uses Screech, which misses. Plan Attack Sand is a go, and two Sand-Attacks in, a Screech lands and I yank Otters out for LT. This strategy proves to be a winning one, because every time a Screech hit, or Onix used Bide, I switched out and sometimes healed. Two minutes later, LT the Beedrill was squished, and Otters the Pidgey finished off the Onix and flew victorious.

    I toss Brock’s Bide TM, heal up, and race through the trainers blocking me from Mt. Moon. Otters evolves into a Pidgeotto, and when I make it to the grass after the trainers, I rub my hands. As long as it’s not a Pidgey, I’m A-OK, and I prove to be when a Spearow pops out.

    L6 Spearow vs. L18 Pidgeotto. Nah.

    I throw balls instead of attacking, and two balls later, Chaos the Spearow joins the party. After, I go into Mt. Moon and my first contestant is a lonely L10 Geodude. Charmander death, yesssss. No need to worry about fainting it, and I welcome Zenzao the Geodude to the fold.

    I take my two new darlings, and together we beat the trainers I left on Route 3, or at least, Otters waits patiently in the background to take over when things get tough.

    Mt. Moon is next.

    I would like describe all that happens in Mt. Moon, but the bloodbath is too violent for this humble thread. In the first part, after racing the Pokemon Center after every battle, I basically put Otters on the bench because he wasn’t needed. I have to offer a congratulations to Zenzao, for being a rock-type and tanking basically everything. Chaos always led, and when things got touch, I could switch to Zenzao to finish the Pokemon off. My infinite Potions were also handy, but my god, this guy.

    I exit Mt. Moon stronger than I left it, pick up the Mega Punch TM, hit Cerulean, then enter the grass beside it.


    Meh. I name him Seratin V2 and keep him in the party for an emergency sacrifice.

    There’s not much else to do but go up, so I teach Zenzao Mega Punch. Honestly, I don’t remember this move past Gen One. It must exist, but I haven’t seen it. I only remember it from this TM, and I don’t know the power/accuracy or anything.

    I wander up to Gary’s hideaway, and challenge him to a fight. On my shoulder, Otters the Pidgeotto is waiting.

    Gary responds with his own Pidgeotto. Same level, same attacks, but not as smart. I lead with a Sand-Attack, and take the crit Quick Attack with a gentlemanly aloofness. Then it’s Quick Attack-Quick Attack-Quick Attack vs. Miss-Miss-Sand-Attack.

    Pidgeotto died good.

    I switch to Chaos for the Abra, absorbing dat good free EXP, and kept him in for the Rattata. Rattata led with a Hyper Fang. CRIT.



    I throw Chaos far away from the battle and have Zenzao finish off the Rattata with some Tackles. A ping sounds. Zenzao levels up. He wants to learn Rock Throw. I let him learn Rock Throw.

    Game: “Gary is about to use Charmander. Do you want to switch out?”


    The Charmander dies.

    It was good.

    Current Team.

    Otters the Pidgeotto. L20. Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack.
    Chaos the Spearow. L15. Peck, Growl, Fury Attack.
    Zenzao the Geodude. L16. Tackle, Defense Curl, Mega Punch, Rock Throw.
    Seratin V2 the Rattata. L8. Tackle, Growl.



    Rest In Peace.

    Seratin the Rattata. L3. FUCK.
    LT the Beedrill. L10. You were useful, congrats.
  6. Oment

    Oment The Betrayer

    Apr 11, 2011
    It’s been a while, but I’m feeling the Nuzlocke, so… Guess we’re back. In Sinnoh, with a randomised run, because I can probably break the regular games in half if I don’t put in some form of challenge. Plus, after last time and some fun involving Palkia on Cycling Road and Arceus on Route 215 (and bonus Dialga on 210, which was apparently one-shot), how can I not like the insanity of randomisers?

    So, what did I toy with? A lot.
    Starters are fully random (and my rivals don’t carry them, but that’s because said feature is kinda buggy from my recollection.) Trainer Pokémon are completely random and will involve forced fully evolved Pokémon by level 35-ish because I don’t want to be spammed with Weedle in Canalave. Trainers can have Legendaries, but they are off in the wild. Meaning I’m not getting any, ever. As per usual, Pokémon are randomised, so who knows what I’ll find anyway. TM and Move Tutor moves are random, but compatibility is unchanged. Wild Pokémon hold random items, and all items are randomised, so that can always lead to some interesting things.

    In the quality of life department, bad items (i.e. mail, berries) are banned as well, evolutions that would otherwise be impossible are available provided certain conditions are met, and of course, the catching tutorial is random. I’m also allowed to catch (but not use in battle) Pokémon that can use essential HM moves if I’ve somehow not found something that can use them. (This includes corpses.)

    Apart from the above-mentioned technical details, we’re talking standard Nuzlocke fun: first Pokémon you see, you catch, duplicate clause on Pokémon you own and are alive, nicknames on everything… The usual. So, let’s begin.

    After the usual fun of getting bumped into by Barry and trying to not look like we were about to do something stupid, it’s Pokémon choice time. I’m… Just going to let a shittily edited screenshot do the work for me.

    (Top is the left Pokéball. Yes, I’m pretty sure I set it to random starters, not forced two-stage Pokémon.)

    Yeah, we’re doing the stupid thing.

    Beldum get.

    Nickname later. First, Barry battle, in which I find out that unchecking the ‘Rival Carries Starter’ tab means that he’s got completely random Pokémon, so instead of a Totodile (as, I think, the Piplup to my Beldum-Chimchar), he gets a freaking Caterpie.

    Here’s an alt-universe, though. Doesn’t count for the Legendary counter. Squirtle would've faced a Girafarig.

    On to Sandgem, nearly die to a level 2 Mawile… Eh, ‘sall fine. Give the nickname Anduin to Beldum, get some more info, yada yada, run back, yada yada… Realise you didn’t buy any Pokéballs yet, return to the mart, buy some and find… Alexstra(s)za the Tropius. (10 character limit…) on Route 201. Level 2, naturally. Zappyboi Zekhan the Manectric joins at Lake Verity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have Fire Fang because that’s the first move in the set, but eh…

    Capture tutorial with a Chatot, miss my Route 202 catch because Anduin crits the Muk… I’m also running from every single one of those because Poison Gas. Let’s see if I can one-up my last run where trainer #2 had a Giratina.

    The answer is ‘no’, but Ampharos isn’t a good Pokémon to see and I’m left running back because Static and because Electric is one of those types that Beldum’s neutral to. I’m feeling very glad that I didn’t impose healing restrictions now. At least I got very decent experience. The other Trainers aren’t anything to write home about, thankfully, nor are those in the Trainer School. On towards Rival-2.

    Okay, Barry, we have got to talk. Caterpie in Rival-1, sure, but now a Weedle to start out with? And a Feebas for your ‘starter’? Dear Arceus, you need help.

    Windsor the Bulbasaur is the next catch on Route 203, named thusly because of his escaping prowess and his royal pain-in-the-butt status. (Ah, old Alliance Onyxia attunement quest, how I do not miss you.) Seriously, 2hp, paralysis, and still no shakes on two balls.. It’s also at this point that I remember that there’s a whole bunch of Trainers to the north and a route to the west to explore for experience, so… Bullet dodged with that Barry team.

    Route 204 is a wash because Pupitar gets critical’d, and Route 218 is a wash because Lance is hacking again and has now spawned level 5 Dragonite to fish up. Like hell I’m going to catch those. Good experience though. I try for Ravaged Path, but Mantine have a really shitty catch rate and doesn’t want to play ball.

    Mt. Coronet finally bites, though, and I find Moira the Aron. Probably too slow for a Nuzlocke of this kind, but if nothing else, cannon fodder. Has Rock Head, doesn’t get Take Down for an age. Would’ve preferred a different Pokémon – Lumineon and Sandslash are also here. (As are Salamence, but I’m not catching that. And yes, we've had four available pseudo families show up by now,)

    And, in true fashion for this first bit… Oreburgh Mine has a Shiftry, and they know Whirlwind, and I think you know where that went. Not that I’d want one anyway, because I’m pretty full on Grass-types as-is.


    Anduin the Beldum, L11, Take Down.
    Alexstra(s)za the Tropius, L11, Gust, Razor Leaf, Growth, Rock Smash
    Zekhan the Manectric, L7, Tackle, Thunder Wave, Leer, Howl
    Windsor the Bulbasaur, L11, Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip
    Moira the Aron, L6, Tackle, Harden



    Legendary Counter: 0

    Right now, I'm really hoping Roark doesn't come with some kind of Fire-based ace, because that'll end the run. Luckily, I have a mine to crawl through and experience to get, so... Eh? I'm also amazed at the lack of, well... Anything good on enemy Trainers. The Ampharos have been the most annoying with Static so far, but that's it.