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FF Discussion Navigation Nexus

Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Zombie, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Zombie

    Zombie Black Philip Moderator DLP Supporter

    Apr 28, 2007
    As you may have noticed FF Discussion has went through some consolidation. Fanfic Extras is no longer. First and foremost I’d like to thank our Raven feathered overlord for his kindness and his efforts in organizing everything.

    In that same vein, I’m going through and cleaning up stickies that are here, and aren’t really necessary, because as you can tell, we have a few of them.

    I don’t want them to fall away into the ether to never be seen again, or searched for. So I’m going to take everything we’ve considered important at some point and document them here. These are subject to change, if you feel like there is something missing or needs to be added here, let me know. This isn’t a guide by any means, I just tried to go through and catch some relevant content for easier navigation. Some of the other stickies have remained, because they’re still current.

    If you find anything you want to add, message me by clicking my name (@Zombie) and starting a Private Conversation. I’ll get it updated as soon as I can.

    • Questions about YOUR FANFIC that doesn’t need its own thread
      • Here you can ask questions about your fanfic that you don’t think needs its own thread, its a great catchall for generalized questions. But if you have a more specific topic that you feel warrants its own thread, please feel free to start one.
    • How to Write Dialogue
      • Amerision wrote this a bit ago, just like Halt’s thread, its good advice from a (once) prolific writer of fanfic.
    • Better Writing: Oxford Style
      • Brought to you by Sin Saori. Another old guide that I felt like drawing attention to because its been with us forever.
    • Scrivener: For Writers
      • Just incase you haven’t heard of it, this is a thread about Scrivener. Several authors on the site use it, I hear great things.
    • Short Fiction Markets
      • Get published and sign up for some short-fiction contest. For those bored with FF and wanting to do their own thing.
    • r/Writing Prompts
      • I added this, since it was never a thread there, but it's good for a quick bit of inspiration. Consider it an extension for the Plot Bunny threads.

    DLP Inspired Content, Creation, and Misc.
    • DLP 5-starred and Featured Authors C2
      • This is DLP’s own Feat. Author C2. If you bitch enough, you get your name put in there.
    • Almost Rec Submission Archive
      • An archive of all the old Almost Rec threads. We’ve moved away from this, but if you wanna see what’s been posted, then check these out.
    • DLP Grimoire Discussion
      • We made some spells.
    • DLP Grimoire
      • We wrote down those spells.
    • Potter Law
      • We wrote some laws. Good for a laugh, and still pretty true today.
    • Purebloods and the Wizengamot
      • Considerations about the Wizengamot. Includes a complete list of purebloods.
    • New DLP C2 (antiquated)
      • I don’t know if have more to this, I say its antiquated because we might have more now? I know several people run their own for specific tastes.
    • List of Stories in DLP C2 (antiquated)
      • This probably needs to be updated, but it was a (then) current archive list of stories in the C2 and their DLP thread. This person had a lot of dedication, and I’d hate to see it not get any recognition.
      • To be updated later.
    • FFN Stats
    • Story Comps Forums
      • Test your mettle against the rest of the forum. Welcome to everyone, new and old.


    Other Fandoms
    • DLP Story Archive Sheet
      • @Halt has built a sheet comprised of a but of rec'd fics. Check this out if you're just looking to wet your whistle on something new to read.
    • Other Fandom's Needs You!
      • Putting here for posterity, the old Other Fandom Discussion no longer exist. Its now been rolled in. The message is still the same. If you can post in a mega thread, you can make a new thread. They're both minimal effort.
    • Worm Library
      • There used to be more worm sub forums. They are now integrated into the Fanfic Discussion Forum. If you find any worm content that isn’t covered here and needs to be covered here, please Start A Private Conversation with Me, (@Zombie) and I’ll get it added in.
    • Other Fandom Plot Bunny Thread
      • Other Fandom Plot Bunny thread, post them here. There are older versions. I’ll try and keep this link current.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2020